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Comments by Longshaft81

The Royal George, Folkestone

This pub is ideally located right by the harbour and has plenty of seating. I did not try the food but the selection of beers is dire, very basic. Im an ale drinker and ended up having a Stella! It seems ok very rough and ready so if youre not used to that it might take you back, fortunately im from a south east London council estate so it didnt bother me. All in all nice location but very basic pub when it comes to their selection of drink.

14 Aug 2016 23:04

White Cross, Sidcup

Checked out a few times this year and is back on form, good beer and good food. Back to being a great little place!

8 Sep 2015 10:19

O'Neills, Bromley

Staff are friendly and beer is ok but have eaten in here twice and both times its taken an hour to get food when the place has been near on empty. Not bad, but dont order food unless you have a lot of time to spare.

8 Sep 2015 10:18

Seven Stars, Foots Cray

Ok I paid a visit to this newly refurbished, revamped public house and it still is a public house, as much as they going down the emphasis on food route. This was a Friday evening and there was nobody else in there (an ominous sign considering it's surrounded in offices and work places), so it was hard to rate service. I had a pint of black sheep, was ok nothing to right home about. There was another option on draught, but that was it for ales. A few lager pumps, but I never take notice of the lager. My wife was with me, for a pint and a coke it cone to over £6! We ordered some food, now considering this advertises itself as having a Michelin chef I was expecting something good...Especially for the price...Oh dear, tasteless minced beef and onion pie with Luke warm Smash potato and my wife had a tasteless pulled pork wrap, lacking any pork that was pulled. So I will say overall, if this pub is still open this time next year I'd be shocked. I wouldn't visit again that's for sure.

19 May 2014 08:16

The Abbey Arms, Abbey Wood

Tried again, sorry, still a cess pit and I can't believe this pub has a higher score than Danson Stables, which has really turned it self around. This pub should be demolished, its like a pile of crap attracting disease and flies.

24 Jan 2013 17:38

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

This pub has really turned itself around. I went there the other day, staff very friendly and efficient, had some good beers on the pub, I had the Doombar and that was brilliant. My wife and I had a bite to eat, nothing amazing about the food, but certainly a cut above the usual Weatherspoons style serving and was well priced. Overall, very impressed, well done, this pub is a little gold mine and hopefully they can keep it going now.

18 Jan 2013 10:14

White Cross, Sidcup

I have to say, I didn't think I would be posting this comment following on from my review a few years ago. However, having had many a lovely Sunday lunches in this pub, I went there recently and I was shocked. The food was very ropey and when I questioned the Landlord on my pint being off, he said it was fine, even though it was clearly off! I have also heard that this pub has gone a bit downhill from other regulars. It's a shame as I once regarded it as one of the best pubs in the area, but may be the success has gone to their heads and the standards have gone to pot. Not good! I give it a two, pub itself having a cosy ambience, everything else is one!

18 Jan 2013 10:10

The Metro Bar, Sidcup

The Metro attracts a certain crowd, either you love it or hate it. If you like loud bashful/bashed over head places then the Metro is the place to be. Even with scanners, it doesn't really make much of a difference. The drinks, to match the clientele, are simple. Lager lovers will be happy, so too will the alcopop lovers, but don't expect much more. The Metro still serves its purpose, to suck the riff-raff of Sidcup in to its malicious orbit.

28 Jan 2010 16:45

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

I ventured in here after a rubbish pint at the Market Porter. From comments made I can imagine the service with food isn't too great on busy days, judging from what I saw. I will also add that the barman needed a personality, he was like an android serving, not even a smile was given! However, the Meantime pale ale was fantastic! It was also served in the old pint glass tankard! Never get that anywhere! I think at weekends it would probably be a nightmare, but for weekday drinks its perfect.

28 Jan 2010 16:10

Albany Hotel, Albany Park

I agree lol but I have to show loyalty - kind of! Oh and I doubt it will be gone in three years, it has covenant on the premises that states it has to remain a pub regardless. Sorry guys, we are stuck with it! lol but agree it could be so much better.

13 Nov 2009 17:25

The Abbey Arms, Abbey Wood

I cannot give this any score other than zero. For the first time in my life I am going to say that this is actually a pub that should be closed down! Absolute grot and scum is attracted to this pub! Never go near this dump, ever!!

26 Sep 2009 09:47

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

I have never had service like this, there was nobody at the bar except me and it took them ages to serve, by which time about 7 people were waiting! No good beer at all either. It is a shame as it is a nice place situated on nice grounds.

26 Sep 2009 09:42

The Bull, Horton Kirby

Long overdue review of one of the best pubs I have ever been to! Great beer, great bar staff and a great little place to have a nice drink. Had a selection of Meantime beer with the Stout when I was there, I had the Stout and it was fantastic! It's such a shame that it is quite far away, but no venture is too far when one find what he seeks! This pub is well worth the visit!!!

17 Aug 2009 15:43

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

In the Bexley area, it is hard to find a good pub that has good beer and good atmosphere without screaming and shouting riff raff! This is one such pub that joins The White Cross as the best of what the Bexley area has to offer - but the best is right up there with the best of the best!
This pub is not too small, but not too big - it reminds me very much of a country pub. The couple of benches outside, you walk in and you're pretty much at the bar - walk around either side to seating or walk out back to lovely little area to sit, with pleasent lantern lighting and a water feature. The pumps are impressive, the landlord gives you a list of what is on - at the weekend they had Canterbury Jack, Doom Bar, Harvey's Sussex Best and a few others that I forget now. I had the Canterbury and boy was it good! One of the best pints I have had! It gets pretty busy on a Saturday night, but all good people and a real haven for an ale drinker that is for sure. Even if you have to travel quite a way to get there, if you appreciate a fine beer and a fine pub - then this really is an oasis in the desert.

17 Aug 2009 12:45

The Tigers Head, Chislehurst

I like this pub, I know alot of people want a "Bar" nowadays or have sofas sprawled across everwhere and those people, along with those places, I tend to avoid like the plague, but this is a nice pub/restaurant and certainly emphasis on the restaurant side. Speaking of which, the food was quite below par last time my girl and I went here, really did put us off eating there again. However, it does have Speckled Hen of the pump as well as Adnams and light lunch is nice there. Unfortunately, my girl has moved to Abbey Wood so not sure how often we will be visiting Chislehurst, but one thing is for sure that the area is a wonderful area to go drinking in, no trouble whatsoever. Also, here is a plug for Chislehurst caves, check it out!

6 Aug 2009 16:03

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

I think they were trying to tidy up Bexleyheath by closing Lloyds as it went from nicest town, to Hell in about ten years that felt like ten minutes. Closing Lloyds (along with Yates) and opening a regular Weatherspoons was the start of the clean up operation and the best thing they could have done - the next best thing would be to stop the bus routes from going as far as Deptford and Thamesmead. Anyway, this pub is a nice place to drink - they always seem to have some good quality, well looked after beers. Everytime I go there, the place consists mostly of the 30's+ generations which suits me fine. There is not much difference between one Weatherspoons and another really, but bloody glad Lloyds is gone!

6 Aug 2009 15:24

The Tailor's Chalk, Sidcup

Typical Weatherspoons but have been impressed with Weatherspoons beer range as of late/this year. Nice and friendly inside, friendly bar staff and you can relax on your own...Please be aware that I didn't go on a friday or Saturday though, so not sure on how it stands then...being a Weatherspoons and being on Sidcup highstreet...

6 Aug 2009 14:46

The Black Horse, Bexley

Nice pint of Landlord, average pub inside decor wise, quite small and had a quiz night when we went so was a bit cramped. Not a bad pub, one of the best in Bexley Village for beers that's for sure!

6 Aug 2009 14:40

The Crown, Chislehurst

It gets default average for just being a good Shepherd Neame pub! However, its mainly a place I would go to for food more so than for a drink, even though it is a Neame pub.

6 Aug 2009 14:24

White Cross, Sidcup

This is one of, if not my favourite pub! I love this pub, it has a warm country feel inside and is nicely located for a Summer stroll through the park on warm days...For me anyway. The food is second to none! Fantastic food, well worth the price! You feel like you have had a meal after you have eaten, unlike some pubs. The drink selection is impressive! Directors always on the pump and also on my last visit they had Speckled Hen, two of my fave beers - Also Doom bar as well as the usual and a selection of lagers. Great locals, great service, great landlord, great pub! The only minus point for me is its on a dual carriage way...but you don't hear anything inside as its not massively busy plus I'm just being a cynic at pointing that out!

3 Aug 2009 17:03

The Yacht, Bexleyheath

I used to drink in this pub ten years ago, I didn't mind it - but being a late teen early drinker - appreciating pubs wasn't really my thing at the time. Although I did start drinking Smiths here. Anyway, have been here twice as of late - to be fair, its not really bad but definately below average. It doesn't have a good atmosphere, obviously down to personal perception, but to me, it really doesn't. Whether its the locals or bar staff, nothing really makes me think - this is a nice pub to be in. I don't want people popping open Champagne, I don't like Champagne! However, it is very much a feeling of if your face fits. It has the usual beers and lagers, nothing to write home about. The food is the usual, probably on par with Weatherspoons, same kind of selection and quality. Overall, not bad, but not a place I'd drink in even if it was convenient.

3 Aug 2009 16:33

Albany Hotel, Albany Park

I do have to put a high rating/above average, as it is my local and minutes from my door. First of all, its not a bad pub - even I used to slate it, but its not bad. The bar staff and locals are very friendly (never any trouble), the pub, although in need of redecorating out of the 70's, is big, spacious and pleasent to sit on your own in. The beer pumps are limited to Smiths, Pride and Courage Best (obviously with usual lagers) - The Best has been off before when I've had a pint, but usually everything is ok. Many of you may question my 7. As I said it is my local and there are far worse pubs in the surrounding areas. Its nice to drink in and with pubs closing every day and the government hell bent on closing what little social interaction we have, I'm all for standing up for pubs that are the safe average. This is pub is average, but not to be frowned at.

3 Aug 2009 16:19

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