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The George Hotel, Bridport

First of all, disregard all previous reviews of the George, because it is under new management after a thorough refurbishment, and reopened in December 2013.
Locals feared that Palmers would spend a fortune on ruining the place but in fact it has been well remodelled and enhanced without spoiling the pub's unique atmosphere. The management have listened to their customers and understand what makes the place work.
The ale is all Palmers, with Copper, IPA and Tally Ho! on tap. Bar space has been reduced with the coffee machine now on the counter, but there are plenty of tables and stools at the "drinking end" with the extended "dining end" having a good atmosphere, and the kitchen is still open to view. The food is excellent and reasonably priced - ranging from sandwiches and simple pub grub to restaurant standard dishes. There is still a separate "snug" which can be a haven on busy nights, and the place hasn't been as busy or as popular for ages. A great start for Julian and Annette and their staff.

17 Jan 2014 20:53

The Victory Inn, Brighton

On our first visit to Brighton recently this was the first pub we visited and became our "local" for the rest of our stay. Despite comments in previous posts, we found the bar staff very friendly, and the range of beers excellent and well kept. I got stuck in to the Pin-up Milk Stout and Sarah went for the Citra - both dangerously drinkable. Proper ciders too, and a good menu - the "Famous Fish Finger Sandwich" was delicious and filling, so much so that we had to postpone our planned meal out that evening. The pub is nicely unspoilt, with a panelled public bar and a larger area with more comfy seating. Well worth a visit.

10 Nov 2012 09:28

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I remember this pub many years ago as a charming old-fashioned 30s style pub with wood panelling, jugs of Bass and pickled eggs. It still has some of that pre-war feeling, but is now an ale-lover's paradise, with umpteen hand pumps and excellent beer. I'm reliably informed the food is first class too - my friends bought a couple of the home-cooked pies to take home. The pub even has a loyalty discount scheme!

2 Oct 2012 02:41

The Goat, St Albans

First pub I found in St. Albans that I could park near while passing through the town a week or so ago, but a pleasant surprise. Beer well kept, although I've forgotten what I had. Nice omelette for lunch in the sun-trap garden. Friendly staff and dog. Would seek it out again if passing that way.

2 Oct 2012 02:32

The George Hotel, Bridport

I'll declare an interest - I've known this pub for thirty years or more, and despite several changes of landlord it has always been a bit special to me. So much so that I changed jobs and moved house to be able to spend more time there. In all that time, it has hardly changed, right down to the cracked glass in the corridor, badly altered shelf behind the bar and dodgy painting of reposing sheep.
The current landlady took over earlier this year (2012) and understands the soul of the place well. There has always been a careful balance here between a drinkers pub and a place to eat, with neither aspect dominating, and despite a couple of false starts, the food side is now set to pick up again with the return of the former guv'nor as chief cook.
The pub may be amiably scruffy, but the kitchen is spotless so have no fears about that. If you want a sanitised space with anonymous uniformed bar staff and cook-chill ready meals, Wetherspoons is nearby.
Occasional live music by the likes of Jim Reynolds, Custer's last blues band and other locals.

2 Oct 2012 01:54

The Ropemakers, Bridport

Apart from the slippery wooden bar stools which are much too easy to fall off, this is one of the best local pubs in the Palmers estate. It is quite large, but subtly divided into distinct areas to stop you feeling like you are in a barn (or an old supermarket converted into a 'spoons). Quiz night (Tuesday) is popular, and yet there is still room for people to sit at the bar or play pool without being disturbed by it. Regular live music is also well attended, although sometimes you have to be content with hearing and not seeing!
The full range of Palmers beers is on tap, along with a variety of ciders and I've never had cause for complaint. Food is available and is good "pub grub" with a range of smaller dishes for those who don't want to use up too much valuable beer space. There is piped music, but it is based on John and Geraldine's quirky taste, which suits me down to the ground.

2 Oct 2012 01:28

The Masons Arms, Teddington

Rae runs a great pub here. Good beer, good atmosphere unspoilt by TV or inappropriate music. Love the Quadhop, and the garden is nice too, if a little small.

2 Oct 2012 01:01

The Abercorn Arms, Teddington

I used to be a regular here until moving to Dorset some years back. All our old buddies now drink in the Mason's round the corner, so the wife and I dropped in to have a look to see if it was as bad as we had been told. I'm pleased to say it wasn't.
The decor has certainly changed, and we found it a little gloomy on a sunny day compared to the old scheme (I was one of the aforementioned hideous caricatures dear readers...). On the plus side, the rear of the pub has been opened up really well, the staff are very friendly and helpful and the beer was top class, even if it is not really "Youngs" any more.
A little tweaking to the decor is all it would take to make this a really good pub. Certainly worth a visit though.

2 Oct 2012 00:52

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

An old-fashioned, friendly and unpretentious back street local with welcoming staff and a good range of well-kept ales at reasonable prices.

2 Oct 2012 00:40

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