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Comments by London_Bombardier

Ardleigh and Dragon, Hornchurch

One of those pub/Thai restaurant combination places, which very rarely works. In this case it still doesn't. No real ale and just the standard boys drinks on tap. A real shame.

20 Mar 2011 20:51

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

We stumbled across this place while on a random pub crawl around Cambridge and were lucky enough to walk right into the middle of their German beer festival! It was easily the best pub of the day (and there were a few that day!) with an excellent range of beers and some good bratwurst to go with it and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

30 Nov 2010 18:39

Prince Arthur, Old Street

An excellent pub, tucked away between Pitfield St. and Old St/City Rd. with a nice selection of Shepherd Neame beers on tap. Dixie, the guv'nor, is a real gem and a very gracious host. I hope this place stays around for many more years and doesn't go the way of so many other local boozers in the area.

30 Nov 2010 18:35

Golden Lion, Romford

I really, really want to love this place....the beer is usually decent, although it frequently runs out and the selection is up and down, the staff are mostly amiable enough and the interior is lovely with old beam work and two open fires on the ground floor for those cold days (like now). They have a blues jam night on Thursdays, live entertainment of a weekend and the crowd are usually pleasant enough. The only onion in the ointment? The price. It is a little on the high side although you'd expect that to be able to drink in such nice surroundings, but that price should stay the same...not change three times in one evening for exactly the same round!

30 Nov 2010 18:27

The Royal Steamer, Chelmsford

Found this pub on a gray, rainy day, tucked away from the crowds. Had a couple of very good pints of Bombardier and the Missus had a couple of equally good pints of London Pride. I found it comfortable, hospitable and an all round pleasant place to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Perfect!

30 Nov 2010 18:12

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