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Comments by Lemontop

The Globe Inn, Wilnecote

Must agree with yam69 the guinness is great, the only reason it is not trendy is the fact that it is perched on the old A5 and does not have a car park. Friendly staff good beer what more could you ask for. (a car park!!!!)

26 Jul 2005 19:57

The Queens Head, Wilnecote

A country style pub in an urban village, once a locals pub but has now been sacrificed to profit and tends to fill with the younger set on weekends, still has a bar which is a plus but same price charged as lounge which is a minus.Absentee landlord, but staff (ever changing)are generally friendly. Beer (usually) shows a high standard of cellermanship (if there is such a word)

26 Jul 2005 18:51

The Prince of Wales, Wilnecote

I only use the "Prince" a couple of times a week but the staff are friendly and attentive, a true locals pub, but willing to accept the odd newcomer. The opening hours are a bit odd to say the least, but the beer is well kept and is always worth a visit if you are in the area.

26 Jul 2005 18:40

The Belper Arms, Newton Burgoland

Beautiful Country pub,(reputedly the oldest in the county. Good selection of guest ales and fabulous food (get there early the specials board empties early evening. Realy worth a visit especially in the summer when the gardens are at there best. This pub has been a "best kept secret" among my friends but deserves wider recognition.

26 Jul 2005 18:21

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