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Comments by Lem

The Star and Garter, Bromley

NOW NOW NOW>./..... this opub needs to be revisted!"!!!!!! it has been taken over by AUSIES,.. and had had a major REVAMP!!! id say go here for a laugh with ur mates it is getting a back its good reputation and is gettin rid of the old BAD repution. having a laugh in this place come naturlly. a MUST VIST!!!!

23 May 2005 19:46

1st Avenue, Bromley

THis place is ok,.. that is it,.. nothing special and nothing exsiting,.. you get over hot downstairs and seeing as my best mate lives on top on the place and gets kept up by the noise( and the noise isnt even that good) id say waste ur muny sumwhere else,.. like walkabout or greyhound,.. this place is open till 1 but greyhound is open till 12 and you get much better music(i shuld no i date the DJ, lol and im not being biest) i'd say keep ur muny or go walkabout where the music is the best in bromley, then about 10.15 head off to greyhound,.. then onto bibas or delano's!

23 May 2005 19:43

TP's, Bromley

RIGHT,.. WALKABOUT, like all pubs has its fair share of truble, BUT, it is the ONE desent place to go in bromley till about 10.15 at night then i recomend going to the greyhound opersit the odean.(if u go greyhound b there b4 10.30 as the doors get shut)
I love this PUB(walkabout) it has wicked atmosphere and the booze is cheeper then the bell. They have a good D.J(which is hard for me to say when im dateing the greyhounds D.J) but it is true. lol. THE Q is abit long, so get there at about 7 for garenteed entry! overall, WICKED PUB!!!!

23 May 2005 19:39

Sky, Bromley

The bell used to be known as "Head Quarters", but,.. and there is a big but, it has gone down hill alot, it has taken over greyhounds nick name of "youth club" and has alot of 'kids' in there. The music has gone down hill too, once it used to be wicked in there and now its full of slapper and pimps. NOT a place for the young educated people of bromley. of and they have put their prices up in there too. my advice go 'walkabout' till 10:15 at night and then head over to the 'greyhound' till 12,. make sure you go to the greyhound b4 10.30 as the doors shut!

23 May 2005 19:31

The Greyhound, Bromley

Well,. the greyhound used to be known as the youth club of bromley at night-time, BUT, and there is a BIG but, since they have had new bouncers it has got ALOT, and thats a hell of alot better in there, And now it is the Royal BELL, which has taken ovr the name of 'YOUTH' club.
The bouncers I.D Most people now as they walk in,and if they see any1 which they think may be under age inside they ask those too.Also they have a nononsence aproach to fighting and arguing. The music has got better,. with a little help from the public TELLING the D.J what they want to be hearing. With its late night licence of 12 and its wicked atmosphere, i recomend the 'Greyhound' to anyone who wants to start the night off from 10-12 then go off to a night club!

23 May 2005 19:26

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