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Comments by Klaude_Martner

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

They do have an intersting range of beers on, I don't really like the panelled glasses, might seem a small thing but I swear beer never taste as good out of them. Due to the proximity of large multinationals this place is almost always full to burtsing with suits, so if you don't like a side of self-importance with your beer then your much better off in the welly.

11 Jun 2009 16:33

The Newhampton Inn, Whitmore Reans

Best Pub in Wolves, there isn't really anywhere else worth drinking. I'd prefer they had some more micro's on rather than Theakstons/Fullers but that's just my preference, the Landlord has always been spot on. The interior and garden are both great, nice place to be....

11 Jun 2009 16:04

Victoria, Birmingham

Cool pub, good mix of people, there are better places for choice of beer, but in terms of environment/atmosphere I think this is as good as it gets in Brum. A similar sort of things as the Fighting cocks in Mosley or the Hare & hounds in Kings Heath.

Apparently the same people now own the Jekyll & Hyde up near Snow Hill, which can only be a good thing.

11 Jun 2009 11:48

The Canalside Cafe, Birmingham

Hours seem to be more regular of late, beer selection was very interesting last time I visited - Aston's pride from ABC, True Grit from Millstone and Stumbling Badger from Sadlers. I particularly like Sadlers & Millstone beers and they're both pretty rare in brum from my experience....

Lovely place / location also.

3 Jun 2009 14:51

Wateredge Inn, Waterhead

A beautiful lakeside location (reflected in the beer price, but that's to be expected), lovely deck and garden area for when the weather's good.

The interior's a bit posh for me and it is more of a Restaraunt that serves beer, rather than a Pub that serves food. That said the bar area is nice, they lit the fire each evening, the Consiton Bluebird and Watermill Collie Wobbles were both excellent and I really enjoyed every pint I had here.

Very handy for Waterhead hotels/b&b's and the Ambleside YHA if your overnighting.

3 Apr 2009 12:30

White Lion Hotel, Ambleside

I couldn't fault the pint of hawkshead I had in here, girl behind the bar was friendly, but the place itself is a typical PubCo hole with the usual nauseating interior and staple evil eyed tracksuit locals. You will probably get a decent pint, but you might not want to finish it...

3 Apr 2009 12:02

The Golden Rule, Ambleside

I would agree this is the best pub in Ambleside, but from my experience that isn't saying all that much.

It is a nice cosy little place, I found the staff were friendly on a couple of visit's, I wanted to like the place, it was really just the Robinson's beer that let the place down. I tried 4 out of 6 of the beers on offer over two evenings, having found them all pretty unpleasant I was forced to throw the towel in on this one.

3 Apr 2009 11:04

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

I won't review at length as many I'm sure have said it better, but just to add a brief 2 cents......this place is bloody bostin ay'it!!

A warren of some of the best preserved traditional interiors I've seen in any pub. Almost a living extension of the nearby black country museum and one of the finest examples of our pub heritage. The black country is oft much maligned, but I think this establishment gives testament that the area is not without charm. And, yes the beer is very nice too.

3 Apr 2009 10:37

Old Moseley Arms, Balsall Heath

Friendly Pub, Pretty traditional interior with a cosy lounge and a rowdier bar. Beers on last time I was there were Enville Ale, Purity Ubu, Black Sheep Bitter and Caledonian Deuchars. Not easily found, but well worth seeking out if you live locally.

3 Apr 2009 10:11

Saracens Head, Worcester

Not an outstanding Pub, but not a bad one either. Good range of Ales (up to 6), usually Deuchars IPA and often something from Malvern Hills, more of a national selection than a local-micro. Back room's cosy, Staff / Locals have always been friendly, can't understand why it's not in the Good Beer Guide to be honest.

25 Mar 2009 17:30

Miss Monroes, Worcester

No Real Ale, but sometimes get some interesting bottled lagers, Coopers, Tusker and some others I'd never heard of. Quirky Interior / Layout, open really late and you can usually get on the pool table.

25 Mar 2009 17:21

The Cardinals Hat, Worcester

A wonderfully unique pub, beer is great, rare to find this kind of range in the UK, it's not cheap, but still worthwhile I think.

25 Mar 2009 17:02

The Cap 'n' Gown, Worcester

Very bright (not in a good way), PubCo feel and one of the only Pub's in Worcs where everyone seems to stare at you on your way in, unless your really a fan of the Hook Norton beers I think you'd be wasting your time.

25 Mar 2009 16:58

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Possibly a bit fancier than it needed to be after the new refurb, but its very comfortable, Bathams Bitter and HPA generally always on, fresh doorstop butties are under 3, there is a lot too be said for this place.

2 Mar 2009 16:47

Postal Order, Worcester

Not a bad Wetherspoons, I ususally find a quiet corner (with some exceptions), the beer range is good and at 1.75 a pint its cheap, even for a Wetherspoons!

2 Mar 2009 16:33

The Bush Inn, Worcester

Seems to change owners almost weekly at the moment, used to have a great interior, but now looks like its halfway through being decorated most of the time. Had to ask to change my Teme Valley beer last time I was in there, the only other choice was Adnams!

Shame couple of years ago i'd have scored this an 8 easy...

27 Feb 2009 16:11

The Swan With Two Nicks, Worcester

Good beers, HUGE whisky selection (there's a printed list available on request). The sixties inspired bar upstairs gets busy, but downstairs is usually fine and it stays open later than any other Real Ale pub in Worcester (not counting wetherspoons).

27 Feb 2009 16:06

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

My Brighton local, it never dissapoints.

27 Feb 2009 15:55

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

Wonderfull pub, my favourite in Cheltenham by a street! Good mix of young and old punters, really varied well kept beers and probably the friendliest pub I've ever been in!

27 Feb 2009 15:45

Plough, Worcester

Worcester needs more pub's like this, well actually, everywhere needs more pubs like this!

Centre of town 10 mins from station, near the river, decent outdoor space in the summer. Often get the Ludlow beers in here which you don't see much elsewhere in Worcester as a well as local Barbourne Cider made within a mile or so, very sharp mind!


27 Feb 2009 15:42

Cricketers, Worcester

A good little pub, although it might not be that enticing from the outside and it's not in the best part of town.

That said I've never had any trouble of the locals, in fact i've found this to be one of the friendliest pubs in Worcester. Landlady has always been lovely, the Landlord even showed me around the cellar when I was last there, so I can accurately attest the beer is very well kept!

27 Feb 2009 15:16

The Aboretum, Worcester

ohhh, you don't wanna go in here. Even the landlord drinks elsewhere

27 Feb 2009 15:10

The Bell, Pensax

A traditional Pub dreams are made of.....great beer, great hilltop location, cosy in the winter, bright & airy in the summer, a wonderful place to be whatever the season, I can't wait to go back, I'm hope someone else is driving.......

27 Feb 2009 14:57

The King and Castle, Kidderminster

Interesting place to have a pint, beer very good, price's very reasonable, hop off at Kiddermister if your passing with a thrist.

27 Feb 2009 14:50

, Digbeth

Only popped in twice, but on both occasions I've been served a suspect pint in a filthy glass with a scowl from the barmaid, seems somehwhat bizzare given its generally glowing reputation amongst local drinkers.

Does have a great interior, but I've never convinced myself to give it another try.

27 Feb 2009 14:41

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

The best pub in the region for my money and you'd struggle to get a bettr pint anywhere. Beer range varies, but generally you might see Cannon Royal, Millstone, Pictish etc and what you get here is often unique to the area, including their very own 'Little Ale Cart' beers which are well worth a trip.

If you like a pale and hoppy bitter, then you'll wonder why you ever went anywhere else.

27 Feb 2009 14:26

The Wellington, Birmingham

A Birmingham Institution and long may it remain so.

The choice of beers is hard to compete with anywhere, you get the odd one that's not quite right, but that's too be expected from a pub that keeps 15 beers on handpull. I've never been and not found a good one.

I have heard people say it's expensive, which is rubbish really. As far as I'm aware, they price by ABV, so some stronger beers top the 3 mark, some of the even stronger ones may top 4 but most of the session beers are priced as you'd find them in your corner local and lets remember this is a city centre pub, 5 mins from the main train station.

Sometimes its smells a bit, sometimes it's too busy, but well, it's a pub and a bloody good one!

27 Feb 2009 14:16

The Queens Arms, Birmingham

Inoffensive Pub, Decent well priced food, doesn't get as busy as a lot of other Pubs on Newhall Street.

The beer is never good though, anyone who tells you different is either lying or daft.

27 Feb 2009 12:51

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