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Comments by KingsizeSilvers

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Good atmosphere, the yellow glow from all the brass takes a bit of getting used to but maybe I was just too pissed!

2 Mar 2007 13:34

The Rose, Bexleyheath

I liked it in here, proper boozer.

2 Mar 2007 13:30

The Rat and Parrot, Bexleyheath

This aint a pub, its a big empty space where they serve alcohol. No character, few seats, just lots of standing room so the idiot masses can be crammed in and spend their money.

2 Mar 2007 13:29

The Park, Tottenham

Only been in here on matchdays, seems alright, nothing special.

2 Mar 2007 13:25

All Bar One, London Bridge

If you genuinely like this place do yourself and the world a favour and kill yourself.

Seriously the world will be a better place without corporate hell holes like this and the sheeple that infest them.

2 Mar 2007 13:12

Beehive, New Eltham

The problem with this boozer is the people of new eltham, all the people with even half a brain leave. Whats left is your standard idiot chav, playing shit r'n'b on their mobile, along with a few old regulars.

They really should do something to regenerate eltham and new eltham, like build a motorway right through it.

2 Mar 2007 12:51

The Prince Albert, Plumstead

Used to be great before it got took over.

2 Mar 2007 12:42

The Old Mill, Plumstead

Decent pub, best in plumstead by a long way.

2 Mar 2007 12:40

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Some nice stuff on tap, EXTORTIONATE prices and full of trendy little ponsey psued wannabes called tarquin and tamara who think because the pub is in blackheath its ok to talk like you're choking on the vicars cock.

Nice sitting on the heath in the summer tho.

2 Mar 2007 12:31

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