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The Sun Hotel, Coniston

Nice big boozer, full of tired souls rubbing legs and wounds after a trip up the hills. Good place to recuperate after getting a battering off the Old Man.

11 Mar 2014 20:24

The Golden Rule, Ambleside

Good place, made better by the quantity of games in the back room. Get in there and enjoy some brain exercise on Connect 4 or Scruples, or get physical with Kerplunk.
Beer ok, punters friendly, toilet tested, all satisfactory.

Do people not have jobs in Ambleside, why was the place still going at 12pm on a Sunday. Will have to move there, and drop out.

11 Mar 2014 20:21

White Lion Hotel, Ambleside

Fairly ordinary big pub in the town/village centre. Watch out for the party theme on Saturdays (lots of old blokes plus 80's music), and the quiz without questions on a Sunday.

11 Mar 2014 20:15

Tweedies Bar at Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere

Nice, good food, better than average pub nosh. Wide range of beers, do a paddle, better then getting stuck with a whole pint of something unpleasant.
Don't recommend Fletcher Christian hoppy beer, tasted like it had five tablespoons of salt in it, sure that was one just to keep the bar staff entertained.

11 Mar 2014 20:11

The Olde Vic, Stockport

The pub that time forgot. Been past several times and not been sure if it's open or close. Once in, you're surrounded dust, decay and 1980's police memorabillia, old stoves, the list goes on, there's something odd in very corner. Bit like an very odd junk shop the serves beer.
Excellent place.

3 Jun 2012 10:58

The Audley, Mayfair

In a very posh bit of London. Full of people you'd like to meet and lots of people hoping to meet them. Mind you don't spill anyone's drink, might be some Indian steel magnate 1946 Chateau Petrus.

25 May 2011 19:46

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Nice old interesting boozer.
The cat was on the bar in it's lawyers outfit, and was drinking out of the sink. The pubs has some of the steepest wobbly steps up to the bog.

25 May 2011 19:39

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Looks ok from the outside, but not very nice or clean. Pub crawl here probably means insects.

15 Mar 2011 20:06

French House, Soho

Great place, makes being an alcholic and wearing a cravat respectable, and you'll be in good company.

15 Mar 2011 20:03

The Royal Oak, Fishguard

Not a bad boozer, bit of French Invasion history but a bit tatty, friendly locals and quiz on Sundays. Don't bother trying to get a taxi home Sundays though, either get ready for a long walk or prepare to take out a second mortgage if you have to get one to come over from Cardigan.

15 Mar 2011 19:41

King William, Wilmslow

Imagine the excitement! You're going out to meet one of your old friends. You've not seen them for few years, and wonder how they'll look. Have they aged well, will they still have their old charm? You think you see them from from a distance, and walk towards them. Then you start to get confused. Gone has the old charm, the good looks, the taste. You're disappointed!!!

Enter the King William.

Not what it was, gone are the old plane photo's, the tasteful pub decor, the pub you used to like. In comes the orange paint, the plastic flowers, the pretend cheap Spanish pub!

Or put it another way. You're enjoying you pint, someone pours some cheap Sangria in for a laugh. You don't.

30 Apr 2010 19:05

The Riflemans Arms, Wilmslow

Update, another new landlord. Regularly runs out of beer, furniture. BYO.

29 Apr 2010 18:51

The Slug and Lettuce, Wilmslow

Very Wilmslow, get your big sunglasses on and 3D eyelashes.
Expect to see Wazzer and Colleen.

29 Apr 2010 18:46

Swan Hotel, Wilmslow

Not nice, only stop if you're desperate for a quick fight.

29 Apr 2010 18:43

The Honey Bee, Wilmslow

Looks ok from the outside...
The Sunday roast for 4.95 was really worth 4.95.

29 Apr 2010 18:41

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Nice place tucked down a small passage. Don't try looking for it if you're already leathered.
Expect to see Charles and Sebastian teasing Mr Samgrass.

29 Apr 2010 18:37

The Bear, Oxford

Quaint old pub, expect to see Lord Snooty doing a gin.
I've heard there are 4500 ties on the walls / ceiling.

29 Apr 2010 18:35

The Riflemans Arms, Wilmslow

Update, another new landlord. This one trying hard with a few tribute acts, Joh Lennon, Billy Idol etc. Heard the Sex Pistols are coming next.

9 Mar 2009 20:49

The Horse and Jockey, Wilmslow

Old pub tucked away from the town centre in the south of the town. Quiet half with fireplace, noisy bit with telly and pool tables. Wide range of drinkers, old americans, boozy out of work estate agents, gay men dancing to Abba etc.

9 Mar 2009 20:47

The Oakwood, Alderley Edge

Now closed, refurbed, and become a Loch Fyne.

6 Oct 2008 21:53

The Riflemans Arms, Wilmslow

A large pub, probably too big for its location. I think it was built when a main road was supposed to be being built, but it never happened. Had (another) recent change of landlord, who seems to be trying to get things off the ground. Most football matches on the telly now. Very good busy quiz on Thursday and Sunday, but may be very quiet outside these days. A good place to take your tee-total mother-in-law, you're not likely to see many hen/stag parties here.

6 Oct 2008 21:48

The Farmers Arms, Wilmslow

You'll probably either love or hate this one. A small four room pub, likely to packed on football days (five tellys), or with a very drunk OAP singing and stamping along to Frank Sinatra. Usually lots of boozing, lots of noise, lots of smokers outside, very 'in your face' type of place. It's the sort of place you go for a quick drink in the afternoon, and find yourself still there at midnight. Can also sometimes be bewilderingly quiet, but more usually fantasically lively, and nothing much in between. Maybe it's just the times I go in?

6 Oct 2008 21:42

The Samuel Finney, Wilmslow

Now closed, a probable victim of the smoking ban. Sadly, someone was killed outside here a couple of years ago, a very unusual event in this part of the world. Just about to re-open as a 'Revolution', wait for the weekenders piling in.

29 Sep 2008 22:13

Boddington And Dragon, Wilmslow

Big pub on the outskirts of the town, now called the Boddington and Dragon. Impressive car park, thai food thing going on at the back of the pub. Not a local's pub, more of a 'driving through and thought we'd stop and see what's it's like' kind of pub. Bit dull.

29 Sep 2008 22:08

The Coach and Four, Wilmslow

Fair sized town centre pub serving grub. Usually pretty busy, and was done up a few years ago, probably due another do up now. Beer is ok (Hydes I think). Next door to Sainsbury's, so good for taking your mind off the shopping.

29 Sep 2008 22:03

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