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The Franklin Tavern, Brighton

Update - Being refurbished as, a pub! Looks like a fair bit of money is been spent too.

8 Sep 2014 12:44

The Albion Inn, Brighton

Dull and with all the pubs in the adjacent Southover Street why bother?

1 Aug 2014 13:54

The Franklin Tavern, Brighton

Currently closed and the builders in.
Probably going to be a Tesco Metro... as there is already a Spar next door and a Co-op and a Morrison's opposite.

23 Jul 2014 13:15

The Hub, Brighton

Closed and now demolished - which can only be an improvement.

23 Jul 2014 13:10

The Newmarket Arms, Brighton


23 Jul 2014 13:09

Lectern, Brighton

Seems to run out off beers and ciders a lot...
There's always 'a delivery due tomorrow'
Big garden.

23 Jul 2014 13:08

The Dover Castle, Brighton

Went in on Friday night.. looked like it was closing down.. Only half the lights were on, the curtains have gone (taken by the previous landlord I was told) Sad because it used to be a nice boozer.

26 Aug 2013 16:01

The Shepherd and Dog, Fulking

Could be renamed The Wasp & Dog.. been in on a couple of Sundays in summer and the garden is always plagued with wasps. I know it's the countryside/nature, but the amount of wasps makes it very unpleasant. Won't be back.

26 Aug 2013 15:52

The Pub With No Name, Brighton

Now the Souhtover.
Totally refurbished.

28 Mar 2013 12:34

The No Name Bar, Brighton

Long closed..

28 Mar 2013 10:55

The Pressure Point, Brighton

pub and venue both gone. Now a 'backpackers' hostel.

8 Oct 2009 17:00

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Lovely. Small and unpretentious.

8 Oct 2009 16:56

The Duke Of Beaufort, Brighton

Very cheap happy 'hours' during weekdays.
Kronenberg 2.30
Strongbow 1.75
John Smiths 1.25

Trying to shake off the 'old' image

Down to 1 pool table now.

29 May 2009 14:04

The Walmer Castle, Kemptown

Excellent News James - Hope to see you soon.

13 Apr 2009 09:48

The Walmer Castle, Kemptown

Now up for sale by the brewery.
They've no longer got any interest in it.
No great surprise.
In the pesent climate - it could be end of a pub on this site.

19 Feb 2009 11:55

The Cross Keys, Renfrew

Lovely - Yes its full of locals.
and, no I'm not one of 'em.
totally real scottish pub.

10 Dec 2008 13:59

The Kings Head, Roehampton


25 Nov 2008 13:24

The Sussex, Hove

like a (rather grand) travel inn lobby.

10 Nov 2008 10:59

Neptune, Hove

Excellent old world pub.

10 Nov 2008 10:57

The Red Lion Hotel, Clovelly

Ah! So they have a public holiday the day before the rest of us - I see.
Still wouldn't go back. Looks wondeful - but rubbish service

6 Nov 2008 13:25

The Pressure Point, Brighton


27 Oct 2008 12:30

The Walmer Castle, Kemptown

new owners - banjo in window... code for something?

the FONZ has gone

the smell of dogs has arrived...

24 Oct 2008 16:51

The White Hart, City Of London

White Hart in the Movies...
Run by Bernerd Cribbins - in the Alfred Hitchcock movie - Frenzy.

15 Oct 2008 13:08

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

Haven't been here for about 20 years.. but judging by the picture and comments, its still a wonderful pub.
Spent many days watching the world go by, drinking the 'Brown.
Used to have an excellent juke box.
I must get back before it disappears.

18 Jun 2008 13:44

The Kings Head, Bayswater

lovely pub (pre fire)
Used to drink here whilst working at Tower Records in Whiteleys.
Small gents (toliet, not customers)

14 May 2008 17:11

The Gladstone, Brighton

lovely nosh.

9 May 2008 11:59

The Cuthbert, Brighton

Now re-opened as 'Hemingways'
Painted white throughout.
New seating.
Same garden.
Ran out of most beers over the bank holiday..
but put this down to an early clitch.

8 May 2008 08:54

The Cuthbert, Brighton

currently closed

18 Mar 2008 08:45

The Victoria Tavern, Isleworth

bit rough n ready - but good, friendly, little pub.

20 Feb 2008 13:02

The Hawley Arms, Camden

up in smoke

10 Feb 2008 08:25

The Colonnade, Brighton

quiet pub, excellent for reading the paper.
A door up the stairs leads into the theatre - but is locked out of use.
Can get cold - a policy of permantly having the door open until 4.30!

3 Feb 2008 11:51

The Red Lion Hotel, Clovelly

Could be so much better. Wonderful location.
Visited on 31st Dec 07.
Of the two bars, only the snug bar was serving. (if you're only going to use one bar, why use the smallest?)
Long Q to get served. poor selection of beers.
Small measures. The childrens glasses were 3 inches tall!
2 thirds of the snug, reserved for a party of 10. Leaving those that were lucky enough to get food, to have to stand and eat.
Most of the menu sold out very quickley.
Shame really, because, it really is a lovely setting.

2 Jan 2008 11:11

The Brook House Inn, Castle Cary

also visited whislt waiting for a train to london.
Had a quick drink , then another...Never got to london - spent a very nice night in the Bear Inn @ Street.

23 Oct 2007 08:36

The Greys, Brighton

Nick Lowe was outside yesterday.

Excellent pub. food now back on.

8 Oct 2007 13:59

The Royal Barge, Kingston Upon Thames

Used to be run by an ex army man, Carl.
He'd tell the wife he was going to the loo and dash along to the Outrigger and neck either a bottle or two bottles of Holsten pils.. depending on how long he thought he could gat away with. He was never in the Outrigger more than 10 minutes.
The Barge was pretty souless and won't be much missed.

8 Oct 2007 13:37

The Yew Tree, Arlington

Wonderful, Sat outside the front, yesterday and read the papers. Watching horses, trot past. Bit hairy when 4x4s come round the corner. Big garden out the back for the faint hearted.
Big climbing frame in the car park.

8 Oct 2007 13:28

The Bat and Ball, Brighton

it maybe a lot of things, this pub- but it ain't full off 'hommos'
drunks and over 50's mainly.

24 Sep 2007 13:33

The Anchor, Barcombe

Lovely location - but you need to be there half an hour before it opens on Sunny weekend to get a table.
And then que for a drink when it opens.

6 Aug 2007 08:43

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

It really is rubbish.

23 Jul 2007 13:33

The Greyhound, Keymer

Rather dull.

16 Jul 2007 13:05

The Pub With No Name, Brighton

Ben's leaving folks! - this could be the end for this bozzer.

6 Jul 2007 14:03

The George, Hammersmith

Won't be missed. A terrible pub.

6 Jul 2007 14:01

Lewes Arms, Lewes

A gem.

2 Jul 2007 13:14

The Setting Sun, Brighton

The view does include the sea! and lots of it.
new owners very keen to win back customers. Very good food.
Bar service is slow (they seem to be new to the pub game)-but then behind the bar there is only room for one!
If they can get that sorted- they're onto a winner.

19 Jun 2007 13:49

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

Its very camp - but, no - not gay.

5 Jun 2007 13:00

The St James Tavern, Brighton

Excellent Pub. Got home to find I'd lost my wallet. Went back and there it was behind the bar, with all my money still intact. One of the locals had handed it in. He'd only take a half in reward.

31 May 2007 13:51

The Kings Head and Dive Bar, Chinatown

Although not actually demolished. Only the facade remains. The entire building was gutted inside. The stairs down to the Dive are now an Air Conditioning outlet. Very Sad. (rating for when still open.)

10 May 2007 16:54

The Evening Star, Brighton


10 May 2007 16:50

The Prince Albert, Brighton

Lovely. Unspoilt. Rough round the edges. A fine Pub.

19 Mar 2007 13:55

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

Always pass in on my way to the station.
Often miss a couple of trains.

12 Feb 2007 12:32

The Pressure Point, Brighton

Sorry - On closer inspection, it is open. But empty.

9 Feb 2007 08:38

Inigo, Clapham

Can be dangerous -
I woke up on a market stall in Brick Lane after a night here...

6 Feb 2007 11:35

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

er. riverside.

2 Feb 2007 15:32

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

Racism aside (and I've never witnessed it here).
This is a lovely reverside pub.

2 Feb 2007 15:31

The International Bar, Dublin

Down at heal - and all the better for it. Old school pub.

31 Jan 2007 08:49

The Pressure Point, Brighton

Appears to be closed at the moment.

15 Jan 2007 12:52

The Sloe Bar, Victoria Station

Even grimmer now - they've blocked out most of the windows. And, yes Steve, the toilet code is now out of date. You have to ask permission now!!

15 Jan 2007 12:09

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Shame. A wonderful pub ruined for corparate greed.

13 Dec 2006 12:43

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

Booked a table for 10 on Sunday here on the previous Friday... Actually watched it been written down in the 'diary'
On arrival on Sunday.. we were told there was nothing in the 'diary'. They did manage to seat us but the wait from ordering to the arrival of the food was far too long. A couple of us had the Pumpkin soup...judging by the 'taste',it was 1 pumpkin to about 100 bowls of soup. Food aside, it is a well positioned pub with a nice interior.

6 Nov 2006 13:22

The Rainbow, Lewes

Christ on a Bike!! Jordon & Peter Andre!!!
Hells Teeth it doesn't get much worse.
Mind you with all the Bonfire Society's in Lewes, I think we could come to some sort of an arrangement.

12 Oct 2006 13:56

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Was there for the Pea Throwing on Sunday 8th. Excellent day out.
Wonderful Pub.
A Pub as it should be.
Drank far too much.
I'll be back.

12 Oct 2006 13:48

Watergates, Chester

Great for slow Sunday Lunch with the papers (once your eyes have adjusted to the dark)

12 Sep 2006 13:08

The Anchor, Barcombe

Excellent Location.
Expensive food, prone to delays.
Boats for Hire.
Disused railway to the rear.

11 Sep 2006 12:53

The Havelock Tavern, Kensington

It's not the cheapest pub. But the food is excellent and worth a few pence more.
Only downside, they take a luddite approach to credit/debit cards.. its strictly cash only.

7 Sep 2006 14:17

The Pub With No Name, Brighton

Very friendly Pub.
Children in till 7.30
Dogs too. they can probably stay as long as they want.
Very mixed crowd, worth a visit.

6 Sep 2006 14:34

The Race Hill Inn, Brighton

Could almost be a film set - Seedy early 60's pub.
No sign of re-furbishment here.
Which is rare in Brighton & a welcome (no)change.
Don't make it you're final destination, but if you want to see what Brighton pubs were like 20 odd years ago.. here you go.

6 Sep 2006 14:26

The Bear Inn, Brighton

Just about as quiet as the graveyard up the road.

6 Sep 2006 14:20

The Caxton Arms, Brighton

Come on locals - lets keep it to ourseleves.
Review it as a terrible, rough pub.
(It's great though isn't it)

6 Sep 2006 14:16

The Royal Standard, Brighton

used to be run by Cliff. Gone up market & down hill since his departure.

6 Aug 2006 09:19

The Juggs Arms, Kingston

Asked for a pint of diet-coke.
Was told "we only sevre pints of coke in 16m glasses."
"Well that's not a pint. I'd like a pint please"
"I can only sevre it in 16m glasses.."
"But you've got pint glasses & the coke comes through a tap?? - can't you just fill the pint glass?"
In the end it appeared there was no key on the till for a pint of coke. So I had to go without.
Sloppy customer service.

24 Jul 2006 12:55

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

fine thameside boozer. it is a bit cramped inside, but that's because its an old pub. worth a stop off in a thames pub crawl.

18 Jul 2006 21:10

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Food OK. location excellent. Service average.

18 Jul 2006 21:04

Crown Inn, Tetbury

Friendly locals pub. Jet Black (of the Stranglers) used to pop in for pint.

13 Jul 2006 12:19

The Solid Rock Cafe, Glasgow

This used to be our local when we were fitting out the Tower Records store in Argyle Street. Many years ago.
Store now long gone.

10 Jul 2006 12:59

The Cornerstone, Brighton

not up to much as the sun. still not really got an identity. the flower shop opposite used to be public toilets

5 Jul 2006 13:44

The Cobden Arms, Brighton

Locals boozeer. Once got a quote on a plumming job here. I think by the price he quoted me - he must have mis-heard & thought i was after fitting 20 bathrooms.

5 Jul 2006 13:41

The Hanover, Brighton

lurid paint job.

5 Jul 2006 13:36

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Saw Jim in here there other week.
But that's not the pubs fault.
Great jukebox.

29 Jun 2006 14:22

The Market Inn, Brighton

lite on atmosphere. but clean & the beers looked after.

29 Jun 2006 14:16

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

Grungy, Loud, Big Rear, Sodden Old Boozers, Shmoozzers, Cut-price Shoppers, ex Bus Drivers.... and thats just the bar staff.
Where else would you hear the Cramps at 3.20 in the afternoon?
Rough interior. Wonky chairs. Pool table with a deep end!
A fine Brighton Pub.

27 Jun 2006 14:53

The Freebutt, Brighton

Rough n ready. Great Pub. Pot Luck with the music.
Saw Bowlrider there.. top notch.

27 Jun 2006 14:44

The Castle, Bodiam

Perfect for a sunny weeknd lunch / pint.
Terrace overlooking huge grass area down to the river, for kids to play on. Kent & East Sussex Railway on the other side of the river with steam trains up to Tenterden. Bodiam Castle next door. A great pub.

26 Jun 2006 08:57

The Cricketers, Brighton

I think there must be some confusion here. No self respecting Chav (that, I realise, may be a contradiction in terms) would drink in here.
Best during week days. Excellent decor.. although they cleaned it up a bit. Very ornate telephone booth.
Watch out for(and you really will have too)the dinky little barmaid, very freindly & if rather small.

23 May 2006 13:42

The Cricketers, Croydon

Many years ago, I was a local here. One afternoon one of the other regulars, who was rather a large gentleman, let rip, the most god-awful fart I have ever witnessed. It cleared the entire pub. Everyone including the bar staff had to evacuate & remain outside for 10 minutes!! That was over 6 years ago, so you're probably alright now.

19 May 2006 13:51

The Duke Of Beaufort, Brighton

Excellent Thai Food upstairs.

17 May 2006 13:59

The Wellington, Brighton

Locals pub - and all the better for it.
ex 'er white flight londoner'?

9 May 2006 13:21

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

No wonder the Bishop is out. No doubt he's found a better pub elsewhere. Great Location, souless pub.

9 Mar 2006 12:54

The West Quay, Brighton

Yes it's a chain pub & the staff aren't all that good.
But get a table in the area overlooking the marina & it's not half bad - We had lunch there last week, 4 adults & 2 kids for 35 - 2 steaks, pasta, chicken ceasar salad & 2 kids meals. All very tasty. I'll be back. If it's sunny you'll need shades.

2 Feb 2006 12:48

The Slug and Lettuce, Kingston Upon Thames

The Outrigger was Heaven.
This place is Hell - actually thats been a bit hard on Hell. Aviod.
Buying a couple of cans, sitting on the riverside and remembering the Captain & crew of the Outrigger is much more fun. (even if you never went there!)
Anybody want to start a 'I drank in the Outrigger Society'?

20 Jan 2006 13:45

The Old Parrs Head, Kensington

Just had the worst pint of San Migel ever, here. Clean the pipes...

30 Dec 2005 13:52

The Kings Head and Dive Bar, Chinatown

Pub now demolished.

13 Dec 2005 13:35

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Excellent Boozer. Worth a visit. Totally unspoilt.

6 Dec 2005 13:09

The Queens Head, Brighton

Three pubs are 'opposite' Brighton railway station.
Grand Central, this one & the Railway Tavern.
Try Grand Central first, than this one.. which is part of the Indigo chain. It's Ok, but just catering for passing trade. Avoid the Railway Tavern.

15 Sep 2005 13:46

Grand Central, Brighton

Best for meeting from the train, before moving on..
Re-furbished more times than Anne Robinson. But none the worse of for it. Gets crowded late afternoon as the offices spill out, and the poor sods who work in London nip in for a swift one.. before heading home.
Great roof terrace that is on the roof of a building 2 doors away! Gent's Loo's minimal. Wireless Internet.

15 Sep 2005 13:41

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

Lovely litte boozer - I used to drink in here with the girl from 'Where the Heart is'

14 Sep 2005 13:24

The Crown Inn, Lewes

Cracking boozer. Old wood panelled, log fire in winter.
Good hotel above. Great base for shopping.

9 Sep 2005 13:21

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