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Comments by Jo984

The Unicorn Inn, Hanley

I wasn't in this pub for long but its very cosy, quiet so that you can hear each other speak and I love all the brass decorations on the walls and ceiling.

Would like to go back for a longer session.

16 Oct 2006 16:58

No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

Cool pub, they do nice food. Can get a bit crowded sometimes but the clientele are ok.

Has pool tables and screens if you are in a sporting mood.

4 Oct 2006 16:30

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Unfortunately the only experience I had of this pub was going in, trying to order a meal and being told that the kitchen had run out of food!

I may venture in here again, in the hope of getting some grub. It looked nice enough though.

4 Oct 2006 16:27

The Black Horse, Brighton

Popped in for a drink before heading across to the Brighton Dome. Got served quickly, was quite busy but we got a seat next to the window so it was good to people watch.

3 Oct 2006 16:00

The Bath Arms, Brighton

The pub wasnt too bad - got in there just before last orders. Johnny Cash was playing which was cool. Seemed pretty chilled in there but then, it was the end of the night.

3 Oct 2006 15:58

Karma, Brighton Marina

I thought the decor was funky and it wasn't too bad when it was empty. But then it started filling up and the music was turned up and it got too much. Had to leave and find a more chilled out bar.

3 Oct 2006 15:55

The Queensbury Arms, Brighton

This is a wonderful little pub - you wouldnt know it was here unless someone recommended it to you.

I think a lot of actors come in here after their shows but we werent lucky enough to see anyone that night. Wished we had spent more time in there as it was quiet, the clientele werent lary or anything and a great place to talk and chill out.

3 Oct 2006 15:52

The Druids Head, Brighton

This pub was pretty cool, nice and airey, music was playing but not so loud that you couldn't talk. Nice little pub and would go back there again.

3 Oct 2006 15:47

The Lord Napier, Ilford

Been in there a few times but quite a while ago. The live bands were cool - playing Metallica. I seemed to recall they did kareoke but not sure if that's still the case.

Predominantly more of a young crowd go in there.

Drinks are reasonable. Nothing out of this world but its ok.

28 Sep 2006 15:39

Standard Bearer, Ilford

Been in this pub a handful of times - tends to be smelly, smokey and not very friendly at all. I know Weatherspoons are meant to be more of the budget-type pubs but this is a let down.

28 Sep 2006 15:37

Cauliflower, Ilford

I think this is a quality pub. The drinks are reasonable and the bands that they have on are great!

Keep it coming!

28 Sep 2006 15:36

The Pelican, Addlestone

Very random having this in the middle of an industrial state but handy seeing as I worked there at one time.

Food is average, nothing special but its edible and fairly cheap.

Nice to sit outside in the nicer weather looking out onto the river.

28 Sep 2006 15:30

The Barley Mow, Tilford

I have never sat inside this pub for a drink - always taken them outside onto the green so cant really comment on the atmosphere....or food.

But the old barman seemed friendly enough.

28 Sep 2006 15:28

The Mill at Elstead, Elstead

I love this pub - lovely food, generally quick service and beautiful to sit outside in the garden overlooking the water.

Very chilled out and they always have some lovely specials on the menu. Game Pie anyone?? Delicious!

28 Sep 2006 15:26

The Spotted Cow, Lower Bourne

Lovely food, not sure how you would know its there unless you were told about it as its easy to drive past the sign.

Food was good and nice homely atmosphere.

28 Sep 2006 15:25

The William Cobbett, Farnham

This is a cool pub, a lot of students come here so can get packed but there is a garden out the back and pool room upstairs.

Nice chilled out atmosphere.

28 Sep 2006 15:23

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

This pub is great. You get good hearty food and they do a good range of ales (well, according to my male friends anyway!).

Nice garden at the rear to sit outside in sunny weather, can tend to get a bit smokey inside.

I think its just novel to have a pub in the middle of a roundabout!

28 Sep 2006 15:21

Sway Bar, Holborn

I did find this place a bit poncy really - but then I am more into your traditional pubs so wasnt keen on being dragged there by my work colleagues in the first place!

Got to have a good boogie on the dancefloor downstairs so that was cool. Bloody expensive though.

28 Sep 2006 10:50

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

I used to work in the offices above this pub so it was very convenient.

The TV does make it a bit hard to talk to people though. But its cheap(or cheaper than other pubs) as you would expect.

28 Sep 2006 10:48

O'Neills, Richmond

It's not too bad but I wouldnt make a habit of going there. Gets too cramped and smokey for my liking.

28 Sep 2006 10:45

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

This pub has a good location. Not eaten here but had a few drinks and it was pleasant enough. Never felt the need to go back though!

28 Sep 2006 10:44

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Didnt realise this was a Lloyds bar now, doesnt seem to be any improvement made!

As usual, good for cheap drinks but the people are nothing special and its cramped. Have a few before the clubs and then move on out!

28 Sep 2006 10:42

Bar Eivissa, Kingston Upon Thames

Not really a pub I dont think. More of a bar. The music is usually good but its expensive and you get some weirdos in there!

Good for a dance with your mates though.

28 Sep 2006 10:40

Bar Casa, Kingston Upon Thames

Not really anything special, drinks are ok but never eaten there. Nice to have a few and move on.

28 Sep 2006 10:38

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

I have always had good food here but for some reason you cant drink outside unless you eat as well?!

Been in a few times for pre-club drinks but wouldn't bother now as you just get the same tw*ts in there all the time.

28 Sep 2006 10:38

The Worlds End, Camden

I love this pub, you get so many different characters. Great for people spotting and big and airy enough not to get too cramped or smokey.

28 Sep 2006 10:34

The Purple Turtle, Camden

I like this pub, it plays good alternative music and I like the decor. Nice and dark! Rock on!

28 Sep 2006 10:33

Oh! Bar, Camden

It's better during the day when it's quiet and more chilled. Have been in the evening as well and it was rammed and hectic.

28 Sep 2006 10:32

The Royal George, Euston

It's handy being so near the station, never eaten here but the drinks are reasonable and the atmosphere is friendly enough.

28 Sep 2006 10:30

The Tabernacle Bar & Grill, Old Street

Sat outside and had a drink here so can't really comment on the atmosphere inside. Although it didnt seem very chilled when I popped to the bar to buy drinks.

Wouldnt go there again.

28 Sep 2006 10:27

The Yard, Old Street

This place does lovely food, the decor is quite trendy, waiting staff are pleasant.

The only fault would be the fact that there has been a problem with the food everytime we have been there. In that, we have either waited ages for it, or on one occasion, never got a dish we ordered at all!

Apart from that, its cool.

28 Sep 2006 10:26

The Litten Tree, Old Street

This isnt too bad for a Weatherspoons pub (I will duck before someone throws something at me!). Its big, got TVs/music, never been too rammed when I have been in there.

The only annoying thing is the flies which hover around your drinks all the time - or maybe they are hovering around me!

Cheap and convenient - what you'd expect from JDWs.

28 Sep 2006 10:24

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Typical Weatherspoon really - floor was sticky, not enough bar staff. The toilets were like a broom cupboard - not enough room for more than 2 people at a time.

But then if you want a quick drink while you wait for your train, or a goo few drinks while your train is severely delayed then its convenient and cheap.

28 Sep 2006 10:21

The Phoenix, City Of London

Even though I am a smoker, I didn't mind having to step outside for a chuff. It's nice to be in a pub where you don't have to fight your way through the nicotine fumes!

Nice big pub, good atmosphere. Wasn't too busy when I was there but that was a good thing.

28 Sep 2006 10:17

Barcadia, Kingston Upon Thames

The music can be hit and miss but generally its good for a dance.It's just so cramped in there, they could do with some more space!

Tend to get people who are a bit "up themselves" but as long as you dont upset any of them you should be ok!

28 Sep 2006 10:12

The Banbury Cross, Banbury

They do nice lunches and they're better if you can sit out in the garden.

Went there in the evening as well and they were playing good music but it was a bit too smokey in there (even though I am a smoker!).

People in there can be a bit chavvy.

28 Sep 2006 10:10

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

If you can ignore the builder-type blokes that go in there then you will be fine. Better to sit out in the beer garden if the weather is good.

The thai restaurant around the back is lovely and the food is excellent. They do good thai food as part of the bar menu as well.

28 Sep 2006 10:07

The Prodigal, Brighton

I dont have any objections to this pub. The only thing that lets it down is the clientele, although a month ago I saw it was being refurbished so the name may have changed by now.

You usually get a good deal on drinks but you get a lot of hen/stag parties in there and it can get a bit rowdy.

Good to get a few cheap drinks in and then move on somewhere else I reckon.

28 Sep 2006 10:05

Molly Malone's, Brighton

I really like this bar - more for the decor than anything else. I love the huge candles they have at the front.
They decor is quite dark but I like the funky leather sofas and chairs, although I do agree and the sofas are quite difficult to perch on with a drink.

I dont think I would stay in this place all night but its nice to go for a couple of quiet drinks before the crowds come along in the evening.

28 Sep 2006 10:03

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