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BITE user comments - Jim_The_Beer_Man

Comments by Jim_The_Beer_Man

Loch Ness Inn, Lewiston

Doesn't look much from the outside but good food and very good selection of beers. Friendly staff and the locals seems to hang out here, which must be a good sign. Good lunch stop on your travels.

3 Nov 2010 08:56

The St Johns Tavern, Archway

Nicely decked out place. Agree with comments that the food is good, but perhaps slightly overpriced. Pretty reasonable selection of beers too. It was quiet on Saturday afternoon and the service was very good and 'the Pirate' more Will Turner than Jack Sparrow.

Crowd is surprisingly pretentious, not Sloaney/Hoxton pretentious for perhaps relative to "up and coming" Archway...

23 Aug 2010 21:32

Bar Kick, Shoreditch

Great concept bar. Shame there is no tap beer though, but maybe that is because of the table football.

Staff were quite friendly, in spite of the bar manager who was incredibly rude and patronising. It was enough to put me and my friends off ever going again.

23 Aug 2010 21:21

North Nineteen, Holloway

A hidden gem. Good selection of ales, top draw food, friendly staff.

14 Mar 2010 18:31

The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, Hoxton

It is with no grat pleasure that I attach the claim to this bar as 'worst bar service in London'. It is a great Saturday night venue with a nice chilled out vibe mixed with a great dance room. However, the bar is significantly understaffed on a Saturday night, and the staff that are there seem more interested in how they look as well as chatting and drinking between themselves to put any conscienous effort into serving clientelle. Perhaps the management are concerned with keeping overheads down during these cost-cutting times, however the investment of 1-2 additional bodies surely would not be much to ask? If you think you'd do well on 'Ration Day' at the Harare Market, then this is the drink purchasing test you've been looking for! Good luck!

31 May 2009 22:38

The Star, Highgate

I agree with AliceM's summary. The Star has the potential to be a great pub, but the staff let it down. The overly-gastro menu wasn't totally to my taste, however it would have been nice had the staff informed us when we ordered and took our money that they weren't actually serving food from the main menu, only the Sunday BBQ. We found this out via chance, overhearing another conversation 15 mins later. We were then told the BBQ had run out, only to see 30 mins later more food come out. If the owners/managers can sort out the shambolic service we might return.

31 May 2009 22:21

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