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Comments by JdsNW3

The Florence, Herne Hill

Nice pub inside and nice crowd. They need to get more staff on a Saturday... had to wait a long time to get served when I went. You also can't order drinks from the waiters even if you have ordered food.
Table service for food and drinks would be great.

7 Jun 2010 15:33

The Torriano, Kentish Town

This is a great pub - it's like sitting in a good friend's lounge. Really friendly people.. great crowd. I don't care if it looks tatty around the edges.

4 Jun 2010 12:03

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

This place has turned in to a nightmare... i said that I wouldn't go back for food but I did last week. That's certainly the last time I do.
The service was very slow and it's not surprising that the staff don't ask how your food is.
I guess that this pub is right by the Heath so they get tourist and weekend traffic who aren't local - they will go once and not go back!
It's totally over priced. Such a shame...

4 Jun 2010 12:01

The Stag, Belsize Park

This is a great pub with a really nice outdoor space. The best thing about it is the table service... the staff are always friendly, calm and very attentive. The food is also very good but it's getting very busy on the weekends so the quality can slip slightly.
I hope they can keep up the service and food standard.

4 Jun 2010 11:58

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