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Comments by Ivan_Dobski

The Imperial Inn, Gloucester

Two years on from Mr Monkfish's visit I can confirm that the beer still tastes like vinegar.

14 Jul 2017 08:10

The Boat and Railway Inn, Stoke Prior

Manky tasting beer - has a musty quality to it that makes you think they pump it straight out of the canal.

21 May 2017 18:53

The Boat and Railway Inn, Stoke Prior

Manky tasting beer - has a musty quality to it that makes you think they pump it straight out of the canal.

21 May 2017 18:53

The Plough Inn, Hereford

Recently refurbished. Pleasant interior and had decent pint of Otter beer when I went in there the other week. Will visit again.

20 Sep 2014 18:46

Cotterall Arms, Hereford

Closed. Probably going to be redeveloped for housing.

20 Sep 2014 18:45

The Buckingham Inn, Hereford

Closed. Now a Tesco convenience store.

20 Sep 2014 18:44

The Marlbank, Welland

Nice pub with good choice of guest ales. Rather spoiled by morbidly obese gobshite local at the bar mouthing off at the top of his voice to nobody in particular.

20 Sep 2014 18:43

Bar Spirit, Hereford

Name changed but licence currently under review after glassing/bottling incident. Saturday Night's all right for fighting.

7 Jun 2014 23:02

The Chase, Upper Colwall

Gone to the dogs since Andy left. Beer more often than not tastes like vinegar. Duncan-whats-his-face needs to get his act together and sort the place out.

7 Jun 2014 22:55

The Wyche Inn, Malvern

While the landord's commitment to guest beers is admirable, his concentration on pale ales to the exclusion of all else is rather baffling.

27 Oct 2013 11:46

The Bramley Cottage, Callow Hill

...and the assistant manager can't pour a pint to save his life.

23 Jun 2013 21:30

The Red Lion, Redditch

More than a whiff of the dog blanket about this pub, popular with banjo playing inbreds from Astwood Bank and the rural fringes of the 'ditch.

6 May 2013 17:41

The Bramley Cottage, Callow Hill

Scouse landlady prefers collecting glasses to serving customers.

6 May 2013 17:36

The Bell Inn, Bosbury

Excellent choice of ales. Nice local pub.

5 Jan 2013 17:35

The Red Lion, Stiffords Bridge

Now run by Andy from the Chase and his staff. Very good beer.

5 Jan 2013 17:33

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

Continues to be vastly over priced for what it is.

10 Nov 2012 22:37

The John Baird, Muswell Hill

Went in here for the first time the other week when the Man U v Arsenal Game was on. Had a couple of pints of Doom Bar - both as flat as a witch's tit. Shame really as it looks like a decent local pub as opposed to all the gastro-places that infest this part of London. Whoever's in charge needs to get someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to serving proper beer.

10 Nov 2012 22:34

The Morgan, Malvern

A welcome resurrection for the old "Calvary Arms". Good beer, nice atmosphere. Also does the occasional gig.

22 Jan 2012 19:15

The Railway Inn, Malvern Wells

Refurbished recently, but doesn't seemed to have changed much inside. Not a bad pub but something just not right about it. Could be the seating layout or the fact that the beer choice is very limited. Just Banks' bitter (pish) and the one guest ale which seems to be indifferently kept. Gets through more than it's fair share of landlords (on the market again as I write this) which is a shame. Could be a really nice local pub. As it is I'd rather hike up the hill to The Wyche or The Chase for a drink.

15 Nov 2011 11:19

The Bramley Cottage, Callow Hill

The partial revamp which created separate dining and drinking areas is an unmitigated disaster. Dining section rarely even a quarter full, while anyone just wanting a pint is squashed up into the other half of the pub. Noticeable drop off in custom the times I've been there. Place was perfectly fine before. Ember Inns must want their heads examining.

11 Jul 2011 20:49

The Grapes, Hereford

Quite nice since the refurb. Good range of beer, pleasant bar staff and clientele don't seem as pikeyesque as previously.

1 Apr 2011 15:56

Game Cock, Hereford

Closed and about to become a Tesco Express.

31 Mar 2011 17:08

The Kings Fee, Hereford

Bog standard city centre Wetherspoons. Good range of beer but the east european barman can't pull a pint to save his life. Try and get one of the other staff to serve you if you can.

31 Mar 2011 17:08

The Full Pitcher, Ledbury

Re-opened a few weeks ago.

5 Nov 2010 11:22

The Archers, Headless Cross

This was a good local back in the mid-1990s until ruined by a totally inappropriate revamp. Now seems to be an Indian restaurant.

1 Nov 2010 16:30

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

Nice country pub in a pleasant location but...lacklustre Palmers beer and take care the bar man doesn't short change you.

8 Jul 2010 15:09

Crown Inn, Colwall

Bit of a variable beer choice, but on a good day they'll have Black Sheep and Spitfire. Highly efficient and charming Hungarian girl behind the bar. If you're from the area this is a boozer that deserves your support.

10 Apr 2010 22:50

The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford

Nice pub, nice beer, Andy the Landlord is a top bloke.

12 Mar 2010 14:46

The Fox and Elm, Tuffley

Clientele are your typical Gloucester pikeys: Rude, crude and ugly. The bar staff may serve you, if they can be bothered. Don't hold your breath.

21 Feb 2010 18:52

The Wyche Inn, Malvern

Do a good pint in here. Worth stopping at if you've been walking on the hills. Food is of the pub grub variety and reasonably priced.

13 Aug 2009 15:11

The Coach and Horses, Harvington

Nice setting but...the worst choice of drinks I've ever seen in any pub anywhere.

8 Aug 2009 20:02

The Herdsman, Hereford

Pikey pub. Smells too.

5 Feb 2009 15:36

The Victory, Hereford

Crap beer. Nice Spaniel puppy though.

27 Oct 2008 20:34

Bar 28 (Merton Hotel), Hereford

Went in here last night as had some time to kill before getting the train home. Pleasant bar with a slightly old fashioned feel. Had two good pints of Butty Bach, only two quid each as it was happy hour. Will probably visit again.

9 Oct 2008 09:15

The Red Lion, Great Malvern

Crap beer, crap prices. Well worth avoiding.

30 Sep 2008 17:27

The Volunteer Inn, Hereford

Old fashioned local pub. The beer is good and so is the food.

19 Sep 2008 22:40

New Inn, Storridge

Far as I can tell the place has been closed since last year's floods.

6 Sep 2008 18:12

Lamb Inn, West Malvern

Like travelling back in time to 1977. Not necessarily a bad thing but...the outer bar smells of cheese, the beer is uninsipired and, as noted below, the Landlord is a complete tool.

3 Aug 2008 07:32

The Bald Faced Stag, East Finchley

Been tarted up. Now a clone of the Old White Lion down the road. Only more expensive.

19 Jun 2007 12:23

The Chase, Upper Colwall

Nice little pub in an out of the way location on the hills. Probably deserves to be better known. Friendly staff and a good choice of ale, usually including a couple of guest beers.

2 Jan 2007 14:58

The Salmon Inn, Hereford

Local pub which does a roaring trade towards the end of the week with its lunch deals for pensioners. For everyone else there's the beer which is well kept, particularly the Brains brewery Rev James. Don't have too many of those lunchtime if you have to go back to work.

9 Nov 2006 15:21

The Eagle, Crabbs Cross

Grim. Under new management now though so hopefully will improve.

30 Oct 2006 15:09

The Star and Garter, Crabbs Cross

Closed down, then knocked down. Replaced by a development of new build flats (which aren't selling). Never my favourite pub, but sad to see it go.

30 Oct 2006 15:08

The Bramley Cottage, Callow Hill

Typical Ember Inns chain pub. Reasonable choice of beer. Quite often features guest ales. Not a bad place for a drink during the day. Can get busy at night, particularly weekends when it's popular with a young crowd. Currently being refurbished - no idea what the new incarnation will be like.

27 Oct 2006 11:33

The Windsor Castle, East Finchley

I always like to drop in the Windsor Castle for a few pints when I'm in Finchley. Yes, it is old school but none the worse for that. The staff are pleasant and seem to know what they're doing. Interesting variety of clientele from local "geezers" to solitary pub intellectuals with their nose buried in a book. A fair few ordinary people as well. Place get busy on Thursday which is quiz night.

10 Oct 2006 12:36

The Cambridge, Norwood

My mate lives in Norwood, and when I visit him for a drink or five a visit to the Cambridge is always on the itinerary. Unpretentious local pub, with a definite character of its own, especially with its unusual triangular shape. Even better since they spruced up the bogs.

11 Aug 2006 15:28

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

Malvern's best pub. Admittedly there isn't much competition, but this is a very nice boozer with a constantly changing menu of real ales and excellent service.

11 Aug 2006 15:21

The Great Malvern Hotel, Great Malvern

They do a good pint in here, but the landlord's manner leaves rather a lot to be desired. If you're just in there for a pint rather than to eat he seems to regard you as some sort of inferior species. Personally I prefer to give my money to the The Nag's Head down the road.

11 Aug 2006 15:17

The Hornblower, Newport

Used to go for a pint here whenever visiting Newport. I'm quite partial to a bit of a metal and they had a good choice of real ales. But...went in here a year ago with three mates and it was vinegar city. We all had duff pints, regardless of what we were drining. Could have just been a bad day I suppose, but not been back since.

11 Aug 2006 15:13

Godfrey Morgan, Newport

Not bad for a Wetherspoons. They keep a good pint of Brains and the service is pretty good by and large. Good place to get some grub to line your stomach before going out on the town. Clientele can be a bit chavvy though, but it's a Wetherspoons so it goes with the territory.

11 Aug 2006 15:09

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