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The Brown Lion, Birmingham

I went into this pub last night for the 1st time since it reopened, I was disappointed to note that it had NO real ale on even though the Two Towers website still lists this pub as selling their beers.

14 Apr 2013 12:04

The Posada, Wolverhampton

Another one of my favorite pubs in Wolvo. It didn't have the usual choice of real ale that it normally has but the Doombar was different. It could do with a lick of paint though but apart from that it's an unusual little pub in the heart of Wolverhampton.

18 Nov 2012 13:57

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

An absolultely brilliant no frill's pub. The Holdens special was top draw yesterday. It was doing a healthy trade yesterday but wasn't to packed because Wolves were away.

18 Nov 2012 13:54

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Went there last night and whilst it was busy it wasn't packed like its sister pub The OC's which is rammed every Saturday, the Shakey has changed a lot since I used to drink in there in the early 90's, 8 real ales on and all apart from the Jaipur were under �3 where a pint of real ale in OC's is �3+ . Another good thing is that it feels like a proper boozer where sometimes OC's feels like an overpriced wine bar, out of the 2 I know which one I'll be frequenting now.

27 Mar 2011 12:33

The Harp, Covent Garden

Been to this pub a couple of times and was very impressed on both occasions, the Harveys is excellent its a bit snug but that's party of its charm, i wish there was a pub like this in Brum

28 Feb 2010 12:10

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

I like this pub, purely for the fact its one of the only basement bars that we have in Birmingham good to go in if you want to watch football or rugby plenty of screens around the bar, real ale wise doesn't seem to great but nevertheless i like to pop in this pub

28 Feb 2010 12:06

Windsor, Birmingham

Its now a Samuel Cooper's freehouse and apart from that its pretty much the same, 5 handpulls on last night, Bitter and Twisted went down a treat, on the downside it has very loud dance music blaring out of the speakers even though there was hardly anyone in the place.

28 Feb 2010 12:03

The Posada, Wolverhampton

The 1st time i went into the Posada about 12 years ago a fight broke out between 2 punters who had had a little to much to drink but that didn't put me off the place. A Proper old fashioned pub in the heart of Wolverhampton, too many pubs today have style but no substance and the Posada isn't one of them and that's probably why the alcopop crowd never go in there which is definitely a plus point, yesterday they had on London Pride, Black Sheep, Old Speckled Hen, the Old Speckled Hen wasn't settling so the bar maid happily changed it for a pint of London Pride which was very nice.

20 Dec 2009 12:43

The Britannia, Upper Gornal

The bathams in the Britannia is always top notch, a very homely type of pub its always worth a visit if you are going to the Beacon in Sedgley as its only a short bus ride away

20 Dec 2009 12:32

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

This is an excellent pub and one that i don't visit as much as i would like, the ruby mild is superb and goes perfectly with a cheese and onion cob, staff are friendly and serve you as quickly as they can, can't wait to visit this pub again

20 Dec 2009 12:26

The Red Lion, Hockley,jewellry quarter

Went in there today, excellent beer a bit dead at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon only 4 people in the bar but well worth a visit

16 Dec 2009 20:55

Holly Bush, Cradley Heath

Went there on the 28/11/09 at 1pm and it was shut, no sign of life

29 Nov 2009 15:28

The Black Country Arms, Walsall


15 Nov 2009 17:10

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Superb pub hidden away down an alley, it was packed last friday so i just had a half, the beer was nice but nothing special, i always visit this pub whenever i'm in Edinburgh

29 Oct 2009 22:14

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Went in there last saturday during my weekend in Edinburgh, it's a no frills pub and very popular, it was packed as you would expect for a saturday and the beer i had was nice but not exceptional it was just called number 3. went back on Sunday night and it was completely different, including the bar man there was only 4 people in the entire pub and 2 of them were english and one was a canadian, the only Scot was the barman, the tradewind ale was like nectar went in for one ended up having 3.

29 Oct 2009 22:11

Kay's Bar, Edinburgh

I went to this twice last week during my trip to Edinburgh, fantastic small pub, the interior is red and the back room is filled with books, beer was great just the sort of pub you'd want as a local

29 Oct 2009 22:00

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

I shall be visiting this fine establishment next saturday, i've never had a bad pint of bathams bitter in this pub and i also understand the mild is top notch, the cobs and pork pies are also very nice and very reasonably priced.

3 Oct 2009 12:49

The White Swan, Digbeth

Great pub, staff are always friendly and remember your face even you haven't been in there for months, the guinness is probably the best in Birmingham for me, always very popular on a Friday night, i've even seen Carl Chinn in there on a couple of occasions so if its good enough for him then its good enough for me

3 Oct 2009 12:39

, Digbeth

Another of my favorite pubs even though i sometimes feel that the quality of the real ales are not the greatest, there are plenty of continental beers and bottled beers on selection, i enjoy the openess of the pub, the landlord Gerry is always friendly and makes the effort to talk to you even if some of the bar staff's attitude leaves a lot to be desired, the jukebox has a great selection with every style of music you could wish for but the music can get a bit loud on Friday nights, its a bit pricey but it is an Independent pub so its the price you pay for a pub has unique has this

3 Oct 2009 12:29

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

i've never enjoyed any of my visits to this pub and haven't been there for sometime but even 3 years ago they were charging almost �3 for a pint of cider, whilst the decor is stunning and the exterior and interior are top notch, i personally don't think the place has got any atmosphere and that could be because of its vast size. I never liked any of the real ale either it always seemed to cold. Thumbs down for this pub from me i'm afraid

3 Oct 2009 12:16

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

This pub used to be a right dive that i used to avoid like the plague but every since they renovated the OC's i enjoy popping in everynow and then, its got a good range of real ales and lagers like Amstell its a bit pricey but its nice to have a pub like this in Birmingham that doesn't have loud pounding music making conversation difficult and there's no TV's to distract you either. i agree with Slake the fruit machines should go

3 Oct 2009 12:09

The Old Royal, Birmingham

I love this pub and spend most saturday evenings in there, i love the exterior and the interior, the beer price is very reasonable, the staff are always helpful and polite and are very quick at serving you. On a Saturday evening you get a lot of Aston Villa and West Brom fans if there at home and it can get a bit crowded and very noisy but apart from that this is a cracking pub in the Centre of Birmingham, in fact i think i'll be paying the Old Royal another visit tonight

3 Oct 2009 12:00

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