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The Butchers Arms, Herne

Some great cheese tossed about today so what with a few drops of Leviathan and the odd pistachio it was the dog's bollards. Hoping to see me old mate Jack for a quick bite too but you can't have everything. I was doing my ordinary rounds and missed the ends of Farewell, but the Citra and Coppertop deserved a good licking. You can't beat this pub for a lively atmosphere and for once I don't get patted on the head which is always most annoying. By the way. Whose got my ball?

21 Apr 2013 19:42

The Butchers Arms, Herne

I pop in at least once a week now. Gavin keeps a bit of cheese back for me and even treated me to half a pint once. I feel at home so the least I can do is a bit of cleaning up around the place, keep trouble outside and meet and greet the punters. It's the friendliest pub I know, full of fantastic aromas and even the odd traditional pub ball game when Martyns not watching.

28 Nov 2012 15:09

The Crown, Islington

I've been popping in the Crown since before the windows got smashed in all round. I liked it then, and I like it now, but only because the beer is ok and I have good memories of the place. Very up itself now. I go elsewhere for a proper pub. Thank goodness the beer is ok.

24 May 2012 17:26

The Amhurst, Hackney

I miss this pub...

24 May 2012 17:14

The Butchers Arms, Herne

I like this pub a lot. Good beer, good conversation. No irritating distractions. No silly customer care policy. Always someone interesting to talk to and the cheese is great. What more do you want?

24 May 2012 16:35

Free Trade Inn, Sileby

There's not much choice in Sileby. This is one of them. It's alright.

24 May 2012 16:30

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

The Ship's reputation brings visitors from outside the area and for good reason. Excellent beers, a fine mild for when only a mild will do. Great service and it's hard not to have a smile on your face. If you're visiting Whitstable, then make the Ship your first choice for a break from all the folksy whimsy of Whitstable in season.

24 May 2012 16:25

The New Inn, Whitstable

Excellent corner local, one the friendliest in town and makes the best of Shepherd Neame beers (somewhat over-rated brewery). Changed hands since I was last in but new landlord seems to have kept and grown the custom. An easy going no-nonsense local that's happy to have dogs provided they are well behaved.

24 May 2012 16:14

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