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The Red Lion, Preston

Excellent, traditional country pub. Good range of beers and all well kept. Landlord and landlady very civilised. The occasional jazz evenings are well worth a visit. No louts.

29 Nov 2015 17:21

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

Great range of beers and they are all well looked after but have found the atmosphere a bit cold and cliquey. Especially after the nasty sounding reports of abuse we tend to go to the Red Lion in Preston, which is a bit of a pain as I have to take turns driving with the missus as she likes her beer too.

29 Nov 2015 17:17

The Bull Inn, Whitwell

Unfortunately, this is very disappointing as our only village pub - a cross between something out of The League of Gentlemen and Straw Dogs.

A visit here is irredeemably blighted by several toxic locals. On the one side is an ever present drunken Northern Irish guy who seems to have been quite understandably 'retired early' and spends his days drinking and getting in people's faces. Then there is some aggressive, lumbering halfwit who arrives in a Stagg plumbing van that is also used to swerve home and who spends the intervening period glowering, jostling people and attempting to intimidate or start a fight. Don't Stagg have a policy regarding the use of their work vehicles? I certainly wouldn't use them if they employ idiots like that. The landlady complains that the locals don't use the pub. Is it a surprise? It is a real shame. We make the journey to the Red Lion in Preston so we can have a civil drink without being harassed by knuckle-draggers.

26 Nov 2015 14:17

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