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Comments by Ihateskimmers

The Royal Naval Arms, Keyham

Finally closed after a long death. Mainly due to the extortionate prices.

17 Sep 2015 11:00

The Clifton, Greenbank

Popped in after a year. One ale on at an extortinate price. No JD, No Vodka, No Gin, One lager off. Barmaid tried to shortchange three customers in half an hour. All gave her a tenner and were given change from a fiver. Luckily all noticed. Another pub being run down before being turned into flats. Steer well clear

1 Mar 2013 20:00

The Clifton, Greenbank

Went in tonight for the first time in ages. Five beer pumps and only an indifferent Adnams Broadside available which had a tang of bleach. Only person in there with the (extremely fit) barmaid putting stools on tables at 2240. Had a pint and left.

8 Feb 2012 23:34

The Clifton, Greenbank

Fine when Landlord ot Landlady are working behind bar. If not be prepared to wait for a pint. Young girl behind bar seems to think that she is only there to play the locals at pool whilst the other barmaid on a midweek night spends all her time talking to her friends, on her mobile or outside behind the pub for some reason.

10 Apr 2010 23:57

The Thistle Park Tavern, Plymouth

Have just opened a Thai restaurant at the back. Good if visiting the National Marine Aquarium as jsut a few yards from the car park. Live music most weekends

8 Apr 2007 19:17

The Royal Naval Arms, Keyham

Used to be a great boozer. Came back to Plymouth after 2 years and it seems to have become a typical matelots pub. Poor service, overpriced beer, surly staff.

8 Apr 2007 19:08

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