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Comments by I_Love_Rugby

Orange Tree, Richmond

Ghastly refurb inside. Drab colours, mismatched furnishings that clash. Food is expensive and not justifiably so. Decent range of beers and lagers in good nick usually. Pricey.

26 Oct 2011 12:17

The Old Ship, Richmond

Very expensive, even by Richmond standards, and feels rather grimy and claustrophobic. There are better, cheaper, nicer places to get a decent pint within walking distance: Prince's Head, Waterman's Arms etc.

15 Dec 2010 16:57

The Dukes Head, Putney

3.95 for a pint of Kronenbourg? Good lord, Youngs have lost the plot...

2 Oct 2009 15:52

Bar Estilo, Richmond

Still closed, must be a hefty refurb...

17 Jun 2009 17:33

The Dukes Head, Putney

They seriously expect you to pay 3.90 for a pint of lager? Served in a plastic glass? You're having a giraffe...

31 May 2009 13:59

Old Orleans, Kingston Upon Thames

Closed, unit is up to let.

2 May 2009 14:19

Bar Estilo, Richmond

Undergoing a refurb at the moment, posters in the windows say it'll re-open under the same name, but we'll see what happens...

27 Mar 2009 15:38

Orange Tree, Richmond

If you go into any of the big pubs in Richmond on an international rugby day, you expect loud crowds and plastic glasses. Get a grip.

Although I do agree with you on the Tree's prices. Far too pricey.

14 Nov 2008 12:46

The Coat and Badge, Putney

Nice to hear the former Page manager is now here. Should see the C&B take a swift upturn.

5 Sep 2008 17:12

The George, Twickenham

Hellish. People in there actually looking for a reason to kick off. I can imagine the only reason it's still open is to concentrate the undesirables in one venue and make it easier for the police.

1 Aug 2008 16:34

The Duke, Richmond

Good food, but VERY expensive given the portion sizes. Decent enough bar choice, but it's not a pub, it's a pretentious restaurant that happens to have a bar inside.

29 May 2008 17:30

The Clubhouse, Twickenham

Closed, being refurbed. Probably another gastropub on the way... :-/

10 Mar 2008 17:14

The Duke, Richmond

Black armbands all round. Fingers crossed, the new owners will see sense and bring back what made the page so great, but I'm not holding my breath.

23 Oct 2007 13:01

The Dysart, Petersham

Went past on Sunday 30th September. Still closed with boarded up front door. No pub sign outside either.

2 Oct 2007 13:34

The Dysart, Petersham

Appeared top be closed when I passed this week. Anyone know if it's a refurb or a closure?

21 Sep 2007 13:21

Birdcage, Chiswick

Food & Fool do it again, take a pub with a history, atmosphere and good vieb and plough it into the ground with another cookie cutter gastropub. Hope they go bust, soon!

17 Aug 2007 16:59

The Duke, Richmond

Really really good pub, but I'm very worried by the news that the new oweners are getting rid of the band nights, the thai kitchen and the screens.

So what was a great place to get good food, hear live music and watch sport, is going to become yet another bland soulless gastro-pub. :-(

16 Aug 2007 10:54

Essence, Kingston

Popped in, to see what it was like, having been able to remember the RB.

Club/bar hybrid, not my cup of tea music-wise so didn't stay long. Seems a bit superficial but might last. Standard drinks available prices a little high but not earth-shattering.

7 Jul 2007 13:28

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

Hurrah! It's now been rebranded as "The Bull" and is a different concept inside, kind of like The Bear in Twickenham. Hopefully they'll get better door staff, bar staff and clientele now...

7 Jul 2007 09:55

The White Swan, Richmond

The new barmaid, Sam, is fantastic, totally gorgeous and great service. :-)

3 Jul 2007 18:33

The TreeHouse, Barnes

Terrible atmosphere, people there to be seen at a "trendy" bar, rather than actually to enjoy being there. Beer overpriced but the Spindrift is rather good and at 4.30 a pint, it ought to be!

Food lacklustre and expensive. Staff are adequate without being anything special.

18 Jun 2007 16:41

Steins, Richmond

Magellan, was that her bra size or was she eastern european? If it's the former, I'm SO going there tonight!

30 Apr 2007 15:26

The Cricketers, Richmond

The Gents bathroom is pretty swampy too. You'd think that A) they'd be able to have them redone and made usable and B) keep them in better order.

30 Apr 2007 15:23

The Penny Theatre, Canterbury

First rate, ever since the current landlady took over. Run like clockwork and deserves much success. :-)

19 Apr 2007 14:01

The Crown, St Margarets

Maybe if they tried to remember this is a pub, not a daycare centre, they might attract responsible parents who can teach their children to behave and not tear around screaming ALL the time.

Food's been iffy on the two occasions I've had it, but I might have just been unlucky.

13 Apr 2007 15:26

One Paradise Road, Richmond

Beer is bottled, over-priced standard brands. No draught to speak of. Service leaves a lot to be desired, there seems to be no effort given to serving the longest waiting customers. Gets packed out with suits, the kind of people who should be in an All Bar One but think it'd be too common for them.

16 Feb 2007 16:30

The Slug and Lettuce, Putney

Slug & Soulless more like.

Draught ws dodgy on the three visits I've had, the service is sullen and moody and the clientele seem to be the kind of people you'd prefer to avoid.

There's really nothing to recommend about the place. Sadly, Putney seems to be nosediving in terms of decent bars and pubs.

12 Feb 2007 16:22

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

Shouldn't this ropey cattle market be renamed the Slut and Mattress?

3 Aug 2006 12:53

The Gazebo, Kingston Upon Thames

Great place. Barstaff are spot-on and rather pleasing on the eye too.

Prices good for a river pub, beers fantastic and it's a great location. Well worth a visit!

10 Jul 2006 11:08

The Plough, East Sheen

Live locally, try ir generall yevbery 3 months or so, I have NEVER had a decent pint of lager in there. Either the lines have never been cleaned or the glasses haven't. Not sure which.

Staff have seemed surly on more than one occasion as if I was putting them out by ordering a round drinks. Hello? You're paid barstaff, thats what you're there for!

Does seem like a country pub nestled in the heart of suburbia which is a nice change from souless Slug and Firkins, or Allbarones.

9 Jun 2006 16:10

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Service is always terrible, unless you're known as a regular. Barstaff are, quite frankly, hopeless.

Food is adequate if pricey for what is fairly basic pub grub.

Ales are ok, lagers so-so, wines have a good selection but as with everything here, you're paying extra to be on the river.

Worth a shot, it's bit like marmite, you'll either love it or hate it.

9 Jun 2006 16:04

Bar Centro, Richmond

Well, it's closed already. Apparently becoming a deli.

3 May 2006 12:32

Bar Centro, Richmond

It's Cafe Rez, under a new name. Full of the same chavs that frequented it before, with the same thuggish bouncers.

If you liked Rez, then you'll like Cenbtro.

If you hated Rez, then you'll hate Centro.

31 Mar 2006 13:59

The Black Horse, Sheen

Oh joy(!) the Pit has relocated to Hounslow...

31 Mar 2006 13:36

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Nice. Been in on a mate's birthday. Good selection of Ales and seemed fairly laidback.

21 Mar 2006 17:05

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

It's a Lloyd's Bar. It's exactly what you expect. White trash people, listening too RnB, drinking naff drinks and trying to pull/look cool. Avoid like the plague.

21 Mar 2006 17:03

The Black Horse, Sheen

It's still open and still runs a decent Rock Night on Saturdays. Mostly dead the rest of the time though.

22 Jun 2005 16:22

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Excellently run pub. Rick does a fantastic job, and has even managed to get this lager-man drinking real beer.

Food is basic pub grub, but is cheap and good quality. BBQ on summer weekends are great. Pool table's nice and the sport's nearly always on. Despite there being a football-over-rugby bias.

21 Jun 2005 12:44

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

It's a Slug & Lettuce. If you like that sort of thing, you'll love it. If however you actually have ambition to be more than a wannabe sloaney, try a real pub.

21 Jun 2005 12:26

The Pig and Whistle, East Sheen

Possibly the worst pub I have ever been into locally. Dark, dingy, hot and the food isn't up to much. Traditional naff pub microwave specials!

21 Jun 2005 12:18

The Lofty Turtle, East Sheen

Food is over-priced, and average at best. Found the service was ok, and the music & singing is a nice touch, but there are better restaurants if you want to eat, and better venues if you want to listen to live music and singing.

Tries to be be both and suffers a result IMO

21 Jun 2005 12:11

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

Chav, chav, chavvy-chavvy, chav, chav....

Oh my god, how does this place stay open? Their solution to a recent cracked window pane was to put a poster over the glass. Genius! The bar service is not terrible, but the general attitude of the punters is just shocking. Everyone is looking for trouble!

Full of scum, most of whom should be sterilised before they bring any further scum into the world. Probably conceived in the bathrooms here!

21 Jun 2005 11:05

O'Neills, Richmond

Useless staff, too hot, bouncers who can't do their job properly, a landlord who's never ever seen to be working there and endless queues of drunken idiots clamoring to get in there.

Still, at least it's better than Edwards.

21 Jun 2005 11:02

The Duke, Richmond

Awesome band on Sunday night (19th June) and the air-con made it far more pleasant!

Shame that it's probably the most expensive bar in Richmond though.

21 Jun 2005 11:00

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