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Comments by HornchurchJohn

The Kings Head (Low House), Laxfield

Went here because we saw that it had won a national award. It is like stepping back into the 16th Century. No bar, just a tap room, which sold about half a dozen fine ales. I had the Wolfes, which was very nice. We had a contretemps with one of the staff because we were eating our sandwiches outside, fair enough I suppose, but we would have stayed longer had she turned a blind eye.

8 Sep 2019 16:21

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Went here with some mates as part of a crawl. They have a nice selection of beers, such as Fullers ESB and Seafarer. A traditional boozer. Prices are what you would expect in the West End, about £5 a pint. I had the Seafarer, which was well kept. We stood outside and experienced the sweet fragrance of the drains.

3 Jul 2019 17:32

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Popped in here on a warm summer evening as part of a crawl. The only place where you could get a pint for under a fiver. A busy, traditional pub. My pint of Adnams, although drinkable, was 'on the turn', not unusual in this warm weather. Other people's beer was okay. As the pub was crowded, we had to drink our beer in the piss covered, litter strewn alley outside. Not a favourite on mine.

2 Jul 2019 07:18

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

I hadn't been here for years, and went with some friends today. It has certainly had a makeover in the intervening years! There was a good selection of ales, such as London Pride and Wadsworths 6X and some I hadn't seen before - about 6 in all. The prices are typical City prices. Being a Friday lunchtime the atmosphere was good. We had the sandwiches and chips for lunch, which were quite good, although probably not worth 8 quid. Service was friendly and efficient. I am sure that there are worse pubs around. Worth a visit.

28 Sep 2018 15:52

The Bell, Walthamstow

We popped in here after the Old Rose and Crown. It is a bit of a hipster pub. I was not impressed with their £8 ploughman's lunch, which probably cost about a quid to produce. I think that minimalist is the word which describes it. Still. a nice selection of beers. We had the Ay-Up and Salopian, which is well kept.

24 May 2018 16:37

The Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

A lovely traditional boozer, which my mate Simon, who knows the area, took me to. No poncy food, just good beer. I had an excellent pint of Eton and Windsor Guardsman, followed by a pint of Woodforde Wherry. Both pints were excellently kept. The pub features bands and, in the room upstairs, comedians. Sadly, this type of boozer is dying out: Blame the smoking ban, cheap supermarket booze and the preponderance of non-drinking Muslims in the area.

24 May 2018 16:32

Windmill, Stansted Airport

We've stopped here a few times before flying out early from Stansted. It is a novelty being able to drink a pint at 5 o'clock in the morning. A nice selection: usually Doonbar and Hobgoblin on and reasonably priced. Despite appearing to be crowded, we've always managed to get a seat. There breakfast is quite good and quickly served (I suppose that it has to be), not cheap at a tenner but good quality. There always seems to be a group of Irishmen, obviously the worst for wear, supping Guinness before going back to the 'old sod'. Makes a change from the trendy, overpriced other outlets on offer.

19 Apr 2018 21:11

The Navigation, Ponders End

As others have said, it is a bit of a trek getting here as it is at the end of an industrial estate. Why a pub would be built here is a mystery. It is a Harvester, like any other Harvester. For some curious reason, the only bitter they sell is in bottles, although that is the excellent Adnams Ghostship. As regards the food, you cannot expect cordon bleu cooking for about £13 a mains. I had the bird, surf and turf: three breaded prawns, some steak and chicken with chips and sweetcorn which probably costs them a few quid to produce. The mixed grill looked nice as did the rack of ribs. Service was okay, considering that there were 20 of us. There were no small plates at the salad bar for your bread rolls. Place was popular, as all Harvesters seem to be.

21 Jan 2018 20:07

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

I met here with friends on a Saturday night. It was crowded at first but emptied out as the evening wore on. A good selection of real ales: Arundel mild, Deuchers, Abbot, Firefly amongst them. Service was quite good. Prices, around £3.50 a pint reasonable for London. I like the electronic timetable board, so that you can see when your train is departing. Not a bad pub, well placed for meeting up.

11 Jun 2017 17:17

The Adam and Eve, Homerton

I popped in here to watch the Spurs v CSKA match. I had no trouble getting a seat as the trendy clientele are mainly rugger and palates types. There is a wide selection of ales, some at a reasonable - for London - £4 a pint. I had the Five Point Brick Brown (?) which was pleasant and quite strong. It is nicely furnished in the traditional style, but, as others have said, it is very dark. I didn't eat any food, but it looked nice.

8 Dec 2016 11:40

King Harold, Harold Wood

Don't take any notice of the curmudgeons who 'dis' this pub. I remember the place when it was a REAL dive. Now it has been spruced up and has a modern, friendly atmosphere. My wife and I took an old friend in a wheelchair and the staff could not have been more accommodating. Disabled access was superb. We ate a very pleasant, reasonably priced Sunday lunch followed by tasty puddings. Okay, so they only have two real ales on, but they are well kept and the price is average for the area. I would go there again.

9 Oct 2016 18:19

The White Hart, Whitechapel

A very good, popular brew pub with a large selection of their own beers: porter, pale ale and a tasty temperance bitter. Reasonably priced, for London, at £3.60 a pint. The décor is in the old style - wooden flooring, chandeliers etc... which is nice to see. Staff were friendly and let us try before we bought. Much better than The Blind Beggar, a few doors down.

19 Jul 2016 08:51

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Some friends and I stopped off here on the way to Tayyabs. As it was a warm evening, most people were sitting in the open area, which looked quite pleasant. The building itself is quite nondescript. There are a few items on the wall documenting the pub's notorious past with the Krays. There was some not well kept Adnams Southwold bitter and their own watery tasting pale ale on the handpump. The prices, at just under a fiver a pint, are astonishing, even by London standards. I wouldn't bother. The pub a few doors down - The White Hart - is much better, and cheaper.

19 Jul 2016 08:43

The Lauriston, South Hackney

I popped in here to watch the England v Wales game. The place was rammed with bright young things drinking bottled lager, eating pizza (why pizza?) and pretending to be football fans. I sat at an empty table only to be told that I was in 'someone's seat'. It is not a great place to watch football, having a large screen where it is difficult to make out the action and a smaller screen. I had a pint of Wansbeck bitter - the only real ale on - which was pleasant if a little pricey. The atmosphere is probably more pleasant when football is not on, although by all accounts it is then full of dogs and kids.

17 Jun 2016 13:15

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

Friends and I went here before going to the Medieval Banquet nearby. I hadn't been in here since the Queen's Silver Jubilee (1977). Even then I remember thinking that the place was an overpriced tourist trap and things haven't changed. My pint of Souhwold Bitter - which was well kept - nudged a fiver a pint. Lager cost even more. The service was abysmal and I had to almost grab hold of a member of the bar staff. I am sure that tourists are enchanted by the pub's Olde Worlde charm, but this cynical real ale enthusiast was not impressed. Can't see myself rushing back here.

18 Dec 2015 10:41

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

I met a few old friends in here on Friday night. Needless to say, the place was heaving with hipster types - graphic designers, IT consultants, public relations people... you know the type. The décor is what you might call 'shabby chic'. The toilets were in a disgusting state, but that might be down to the clientele misusing them. The beers - which are very good - are all named after mythical characters: Sparta, Minotaur etc.. The Sparta was tasty. For some strange reason, pizza is their main food option. Some hipsters were very animated whilst playing bar billiards.Prices are what you would expect for London, nudging £4 a pint. All in all, a good traditional boozer.

7 Dec 2015 12:02

Aspen Tree, Collier Row

My wife and I were given a Greene King gift card. The nearest pub to us that we could redeem it at was The Aspen Tree so we went here late one Sunday afternoon. The pub was populated with the sort of 'oiks' you would expect to find in a Collier Row pub: loud, shaven headed louts watching the football; mums who had 'let themselves go a bit'; rowdy kids running around.
We ordered the mixed grills, After a while the schoolgirl waitress brought us up the wrong meals - which did look better than the ones we had ordered. Eventually we got our meals, which were pleasant. For some strange reason, they had 'run out' of tomato sauce. I had a pint of IPA, which was not bad, The cleaning left much to be desired. Needless to say, they did not get a tip and we won't be returning.

11 Nov 2015 15:23

Crumpled Horn, Upminster

One of the few - well 2 - pubs in central Upminster. I've always found it a bit hit and miss. I've spent some pleasant evenings here drinking with friends. On the other hand I've had some awful meals here. The last time here, my fish was overcooked and dry. Previously I had the fajitas, which were not bad. Beer can be a bit insipid. I don't rate the Marstons beers much and why they bother with the mediocre Banks, god knows.

13 Feb 2015 16:15

Williams Wine and Ale House, Hoxton

Met some friends here early on a Friday evening. Not the best time to meet as the place was heaving. We did get a table later when the place thinned out. Excellent choice of beers. I enjoyed the London Fields and Spitalfields bitters. Price is a bit steep at £4 a pint, but then this is London. The music was a bit loud at first but was turned down later. Service was good despite the place being packed. There appeared to be a nice selection of pies and scotch eggs behind the bar. Gents toilet was a bit pokey, but overall an excellent pub.

28 Nov 2014 23:52

The Hogshead, Hornchurch

Now called the Suttons Arms, and a vast improvement since the Hogshead days, when service was poor and they were always running out of beers. I went in here with some friends to watch the Man U v Spurs game. They was a good selection of ales - the Brentwood bitter was particularly good. Good service and reasonably priced.

3 Jan 2014 09:55

The Fatling and Firkin, Hornchurch

We went in here just before Christmas on a saturday afternoon. It was always a bit 'tacky' and threatening before but has now been refurbished and looks pleasant, done out in the popular dark wooden floors and fittings style. There was a nice selection of ales on and we watched the footie. On weekend nights, when the cokeheads get in, the atmosphere may be different, but it was gentile enough when we were in there.

3 Jan 2014 09:50

The Blue Boar, Billericay

In theory, all Weatherspoon pubs should be the same, but they are not of course. It is all dependant on how motivated and efficient the staff are. The staff here are efficient, which makes the Blue Boar one of the better JDW pubs. I went there years ago and since then it has been refurbished. The ubiquitous carpeting has been replaced in the family area with functional slate tiles and the furnishings have a modern, continental feel. We went there with my elderly in laws and baby granddaughter and had pleasant, good value meals, served promptly. I had the steak and kidney pudding - a favourite of mine - which came with lovely plump, hot chips.
Okay, I know that this is a beer drinkers site, so:
They had a good selection of ales, including a lethal 7.3% beer called Dragon and Butcombe American Pale Ale as well as the ever present Ruddles. I had the Mauldon Silver Adder, which was very pleasant and good value at £2.15.
As others have said, the Blue Boar is one of the better Weatherspoon pubs.

7 Aug 2013 19:07

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

A commonplace 'Spoons pub. Reasonable prices for Central London - around £3.30 a pint - although some of the poster prices are misleading: Where was the £2.69 pint? I had a pint of Jennings Sneck Lifter (?) which was pleasant, as was the London Pride. Good service as the pub was empty.

4 Jun 2013 14:49

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

A group of us met here last night. There is scaffolding around it, so they are doing something to it. As said before, it is a small traditional pub. We got a seat quite easilly and it did not seem overly crowded (customers were outside as it was a lovely evening). Service was good. There was a good selection of ales. I had the Badger, which was well kept and reasonably priced - for central London - at £3.30, although my friends lagers and Guiness were over £4 a pint. We didn't eat the food, but what went passed us looked good. A former civil servant friend pointed out the Division Bell - although why MPs would drink here when the beer is much cheaper over the road, God knows.

4 Jun 2013 14:39

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

To misquote the excellent 'League of Gentlemen', you do get the impression that this is 'a local pub for local people'. Walking in with assorted relatives, it wasn't quite like the Yorkshire pub in the film 'An American Werewolf in London' - but was close, with various local 'characters' monopolizing the bar.
The pub has a pleasant nautical theme, with assorted knots and charts on the walls. The range of Shepherd Neame beers was good. I had the Bishops Finger, was was tasty and reasonably priced. They even served my wife a cup of coffee! Although the landlord sneered when I asked if they served Latte.

16 May 2013 11:58

The Inkerman Arms, Rye Harbour

A group of us, ages ranging from 1 to 86, went here on Friday evening for a meal. We were thankful that we had booked, as the place was busy, even at 7 pm. The food, all reasonably priced at about a tenner a meal, was excellent. My wife and I had the mixed grill, others had the sausage and mash or fish and chips - all of which looked and tasted good. Service was efficient and friendly. The only real ale on was Hastings Best Bitter, which was well kept and tasted good. I would recommend this pub. 'Posher' than the neighbouring William the Conqueror.

16 May 2013 11:45

The Old Ship Inn, Heybridge Basin

My wife and I popped in here today, a freezing thursday. It was quite busy, with most people eating meals. I had a pint of Maldon gold, which was pleasant. The other ale on was Greene King IPA. It was reasonably priced. The staff were friendly enough. We shared a basket of chips, which were very good. I cannot understand the comment about the place being dirty. It looked alright to me.

21 Feb 2013 17:34

Mawney Arms, Romford

I went here recently on a Friday night as it was a colleague's leaving do. It was packed, which is nice to see. An Ember Inn, it sold a nice selection of well kept real ales such as London Pride at reasonable prices. There could have been more bar staff on, but I am sure that his is how they make their money.

15 Nov 2012 16:41

The Bull, Romford

This was the pub that made the front page of our local paper because it refused to serve squaddies who had just received the freedom of the Borough, so Ruben 123's unpleasant experience with the staff can be believed! For my part, I went in after work to watch the Poland v England qualifier. There was a good selection of reasonably priced real ales on and what food I saw being served up looked quite good. It being Romford market, there were a number of dodgy looking characters in there: a shaven headed 'bruiser' with what I assume were two loud, scouse 'toms'. The staff were pleasant enough to me though. I wouldn't take my maiden aunt, or even my wife, in there.

15 Nov 2012 16:33

Markie Dans, Oban

To be honest, judging by the customers standing outside, most pubs in Oban looked like they would cut your throat rather than sell you a drink. We went to Mackie Dan's as it was a few steps from our hotel. They sold a pleasant pint of real ale, named after McGaig's folly. The interior was quite interesting, with various items on the wall. Not cheap - London prices - but that seemed to be the norm for Oban. The machines in the toilets, selling everything from vibrators to viagra gave me and the wife a good laugh.

12 Aug 2012 21:04

The The Fen, Fenchurch St station

Ended up here at the end of a treasure hunt. The bar man, a friendly chap, asked if we were on the Monopoly crawl. It is a small pub and I would imagine that it does get busy at times, but being late on a Monday night it was quiet. I had some passable Green King IPA. The other ale was Speckled Hen. It is a bit of a trek to the toilet - a disadvantage for a man of my age. Prices are what you'd expect in the city, around 3.30 a pint.

3 Jul 2012 15:20

The Britannia, Monument

I am a little puzzled by the negative comments. I sometimes wonder if it is the attitude of the punter that alienates the staff. Anyway, a gang of us met here before embarking on a treasure hunt around the city. The London Pride was not on, but I had a lovely pint of Adnam's Ghost Ship (?). The prices, for a city pub, are reasonable, about 3 a pint. The food looked nice and reasonably priced. The place was nicely decked out with the Union flag.

3 Jul 2012 15:07

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Went here on Jubilee Sunday with my wife and elderly in-laws. Being a bank holiday it was packed with National anthem singing revellers, but we had no trouble finding a seat. There was a good selection of ales, I had the Woodforde Nelson, which was fine. Our food was adequate - the joy being that you know what to expect in a Weatherspoons pub. Mum in-law enjoyed her salmon, Dad in-law was amazed that he got 11 pieces of scampi, my Chicken Masalla was the same as it ever is. Service was prompt, considering that the pub was busy. I would never knock a 'Spoons pub. They've good it down to a fine art.

6 Jun 2012 16:07

The Kings Arms, Caister on Sea

Whilst looking for a pleasant pub to eat in in Caister, we looked through the window, and walked away. Looks a bit threatening and run down

4 Jun 2012 17:45

Castle Free House, Caister on Sea

Didn't actually eat or drink here. As most of the other pubs in Caister look like they would knife, rather than serve, you, this is a very popular carvery with the local holiday clientele. We went with my elderly in-laws early on Sunday evening and were told that there would be a 45 minute we left. I'm sure it is very nice.

4 Jun 2012 17:43

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Met some friends at Liverpool Street station. As the Hamilton Hall was packed to the rafters someone suggested this pub. Initially, here was also packed but it emptied out later on. Although six ales were on, three of them - the Tribute, Doom Bar and London Pride - were off. They did put the Pride back on. A pleasant pint. Prices were what you'd expect for the City, just over 3 a pint. Not a bad place, although it did have the crampest (is there such a word?) filthiest bogs I've ever come across.

11 Dec 2011 22:21

The Parrot, Canterbury

This pub was one of the stops on my son's Stag Night (yes, he is a student). It is an olde type pub, very old. There was a nice selection of mainly Shepherd Neame beers on. A lot of people were eating. We sat in the garden, playing Connect 4. Unfortunately, I was driving so could not sample many of the ales. I made my excuses and left just as they were dressing my son up as a woman.

6 Jun 2011 11:47

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Despite having visited the area many times, Saturday was my first visit to the Pride. Tucked away, just off of Brick Lane, it seems out of place among the tacky restaurants and cash and carries. The selection and quality of beers - Brewers Gold, Doombar and London Pride among them - was excellent and not too expensive for the area. The music, excellent though it was, was a little overpowering so we stood outside. As regards complaining neighbours, why live opposite a pub? We went from here to the excellent Lahore Kebab House, where, for the first time, we managed to walk straight in.

26 Apr 2011 14:22

The Gun, Shoreditch

Met a friend in here on Friday night. Place was heaving with 'hooray henrys' paying for a round with credit cards - sure, that speeds up the service - and loud music. They had a nice selection of real ales: the Deuchars was pleasant, as was the Greene King IPA, although for a suburbian lad like me 3.40 a pint is a bit steep. Quaint wood panelled decor. We did find a quiet cubby hole where we could chat. Left to eat in the excellent Lahore Kebab House (better than the rip off joints in Brick Lane).

14 Feb 2011 10:04

The Windmill, Upminster

I remember well the old Bridge House - the drugs, the threatening looking characters, the under age drinking. Never has a 'makeover' changed a pub so much. Now, The Windmill, is tastefully furnished, serves a nice, well kept selection of ales, good reasonably priced food, and attracts the right sort of person. No big screens, no music, just convivial conversation. Needless to say, the place is packed most nights. Well done Greene King!

25 Jan 2011 16:41

The Ferryboat Inn, Tottenham Hale

I used to go here a lot before it was taken over by a Corporate brewery. It was lovely then. About half a dozen real ales such as Sam Smiths and Marstons, plenty of 'lock ins' and full of eccentric characters like Frank the permanently pissed landlord. I had a dream that it was turned into a Berni Inn and, lo and behold, a few months later it more or less was. I drive past it now on my way to The Lane.

19 Oct 2010 16:48

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

This was the last watering hole during a walk with friends on a Monday night. We got there quite late, about half nine, and the place was empty. A few city types wandered in and out. The Youngs was quite good. The decor, with the spiral staircase and photos of Queen Mum and Chas pulling a pint, was interesting. I can iagine that it does get packed in here at times.

21 Sep 2010 09:26

The Counting House, Bank

Me and some mates, on an unofficial walk, popped in here. A friend explained that it used to be a bank and a security guard was unfortunately killed during a raid years ago. The decor is stunning, both the building and the female kind. A complete array of Fullers beers, all well kept. Prices of course are staggering, but I suppose that is to be expected. Quite busy, even for a Monday night.

21 Sep 2010 09:17

City Tavern, City Of London

Went here last night with some mates as part of an unofficial City walk. It was quiet when we got there. The Royal London ale was pleasant but the prices,well over 3 a pint, are staggering when compared to our locals in Hornchurch. Nice decor and clean. Pleasant barman.

21 Sep 2010 09:06

The Worlds Inn, Romford

I would agree with rpadam that it is a bit more plusher than the Moon and Stars two doors down, and tends not to attract the 'care in the community' crowd you get in 'the Moon'. Food is ridiculously cheap: friends and I had a reasonable steak and kidney pudding, chips and peas for 2.99. There is a larger, better kept selection of ales. Strongly recommended.

23 Aug 2010 10:14

Yates, Weymouth

We had a voucher for a free burger and chips, but walked in and straight out. The place looks 'scuzzy' and threatening. Very bland. Would be more in place in Romford than lovely Weymouth. Oh, there is one in Romford that looks the same.

25 Jul 2010 21:15

The Red Lion, Weymouth

We sat outside - I've never seen so many dogs outside a pub - and my dear wife immediately put her sleeve in some bird poo, which didn't endear her to the place, what with that and the 'dirty' toilet. I couldn't care less: It is a traditional boozer selling good ale. I had the Cotleigh's, which was nice.

25 Jul 2010 21:11

The Hogshead, Weymouth

We popped into the William Henry - as it now is - on a recent break to Weymouth. Both this Weatherspoon pub and the one down the road seemed to be constantly busy, and it is easy to understand why: I had a beautiful pint of Ringwood Old Thumper, which, at 2.05, was 90p cheaper than an inferior pint at a nearby pub. As it was Steak Night we had the mixed grill, excellent value at 9, including a starter (which they forgot at first, but nevermind). It is nicely decorated. The rainforest of leaflets outlining special offers can be a bit irritating, but all in all, excellent value and good quality.

25 Jul 2010 21:05

The Cheshire Cheese, Tower Hill

Being not willing to pay 3 a half at the Baverian Beer Keller, a group of mates and I went across the road to the Cheese. It has an Olde Pub sort of feel, which I relish these days. I had the Marstons at 1.99, which was ok. The London Pride was off - might be because of the hot weather. Yes, the bog was a bit gross. I wouldn't take my wife in there, but it was alright with the lads.

6 Jul 2010 15:57

J J Moons, Hornchurch

The low score for this pub amazes me. They always have large collection of well kept - note that for a Weatherspoons pub - inexpensive pints on, The food is not bad and good value. I've never seen any trouble in there but I suppose you can get some strange types in there. The police did come in once when some students were getting a little over boisterous, but they were no trouble really. I believe that it is in the CAMRA guide

22 Jun 2010 14:51

The Chequers Inn, Hornchurch

Let's give the pub the credit it deserves! Some friends and I went in to watch the ill feted England v. Algeria match. It was comfortable in there, not too crowded. You had a collection of noisy oiks imitating the vuvusela (?), but that's to be expected.
At half time the governor started bringing out plates of sandwiches, snacks etc..'There's food for you, lads', he said. Where else are you going to get a free buffet thrown in! They had well kept Youngs, Marstons and Abbott on. We had to numb the pain of England's performance by drinking copious amounts of beer and playing on the pub quiz machine. The governor even even gave us the winnings owed to us when the machine packed up. It's a lovely little pub!

22 Jun 2010 14:43

The Darby Digger, Wickford

It's actually one of the Crown pub chain - which I had never heard of. Some colleagues and I went after work. You line up for a ticket. The meal was quite good: I had a piece of each and there were plenty of veg. Even lovely cauliflower cheese. Great value, we paid 6 for two courses. The pudding, although skimpy on portion size (that must be how they make their money) was quite tasty. Needless to say, the place was packed. Nice selection of beer, London Pride and IPA.

22 May 2010 17:53

The Ship, Gidea Park

I cannot believe that nobody has reviewed The Ship! It's only been there for about 400 years. I use to go there during my misspent youth, drinking and smoking dope in the back bar. I went back there recently and it has changed. The back bar is used for dining. The oak beams are still there but the carpet has been replaced with wooden flooring. There is a nice selection of beers, such as Adnams, which are well kept. I should imagine that the food is well cooked and good value.

30 Apr 2010 09:52

Liberty Bell, Romford

This is more of an eating pub than a boozing pub (although I did not quite merry the last time I was in there, it being a leaving do). The food is quite nice - the usual fayre - and good value. The service is attentive. They serve a couple of real ales, such as Adnams and London Pride.The pub has that corporate manufactured-horse-brass feel to it, but is still a pleasant place to while away a few hours.

30 Apr 2010 09:41

The Old Windmill, South Hanningfield

I must say that Paul's posting sounds like those description's you read in Holiday brochures, which bear little resemblance to reality. Still, the Old Windmill is quite a pleasant pub. My wife and I went there last Sunday and sat in the garden at the front. We went there because we literally could not get a table at the Cafe on the Water by the reservoir - they had not put enough tables outside. There is a nice selection of ales. I plumped for the Adnams, which was well kept. The food looks nice, if a little expensive. My wife had a small bowl of chips which cost nearly 3. It is popular with diners and the staff were efficient and friendly.

21 Apr 2010 16:23

George and Dragon, Mountnessing

I notice that I commented in Sept 2008, giving the pub a favourable review. We went back yesterday for Sunday lunch. It appears to have changed management as it has been refurbished in wood and 'trendified'. The upmarket menu is expensive, I paid 15 for what was basically a small piece of sea bream on a bed of rice and 5 for a piece of Tirimisu. It was a rip off. The service was not that brilliant - 45 minutes for our mains to arrive. I much preferred it before. Luckilly I was not paying the bill. Don't think I will be rushing back.

8 Feb 2010 15:04

Essex Yeoman, Upminster

My octogenarian in-laws went in here one wet Wednesday (the Crumpled Horn being too much of a walk) and waited 45 minutes for their food - which, to be fair, was quite nice - in what was an empty pub. The barmaid was having a snooze in an armchair. So, yes, it must be a pub for drinkers and I can understand anyone's wife hating it..

7 Dec 2009 15:04

Bar:me, Romford

Yes, was closed for a while and has reopened as World's Inn (or End). I went there the other Monday night with some friends. We are all -er- mature. It was quite busy and had a good buzz about the place. Service was good. We had the steak and kidney pud. for 3.99 and a few pints of real ale - Stairway to Heaven, Ruddles - at 1.38 a pint. I was impressed. Different to the Moon and Stars in that I didn't see the usual 'care in the community' types you usually get in Weatherspoon pubs nursing a pint all night. I would recommend the place, although I believe that it is turned over to 'Yoof' at the weekend.

7 Dec 2009 14:47

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

This is an ideally situated pub, with plenty of room to sit outside and lovely views of the river. There was a good choice of ales - including Adnams and Sharps beers - I had a pint of Nelson bitter which was a mistake as it did not taste that good: a bit flat and watery. My companians did not complain about their pints, so perhaps I was just unlucky (or they were being polite). I would suspect that the beers are not well kept, which is a shame as this could be the perfect pub; but what the hell is a whitebait dinner? Don't sound that much to me.

7 Jul 2009 13:07

The Underwriter, City of London

In 1974, when the IRA were bombing London, we used to adjourn here every time Lloyds was evacuated. As an 18 year old the place was 'the Dogs'. Probably wouldn't be now. I'm surprised it still exists.

24 Jun 2009 15:58

The Globe, East Looe

I was a little disappointed: I expected to walk in and see five or six Cornish ales on. As it was they only served Betty Stogs and Cornish Knocker, which were quite pleasant. Obviously a favourite with the locals. A nice, friendly atmosphere. It wasn't at all like the pub in 'An American Weirwolf in London'.

12 Jun 2009 18:10

The Three Pilchards, Polperro

We popped into the Three Pilchards as the food prices seemed reasonable (unlike many restaurants in 'Islington on sea'). The fish and chips we had were quite good, and other customers food looked ok. I drank a nice pint of Doom Bay. Toilets were a little antiquated, but I suppose that adds to the charm.

12 Jun 2009 18:04

The Custom House, Romford

Went here for a lunchtime leaving do as it was a nice day so we could sit outside (although the outside area was in the shade). From the extensive menu - you know the sort of thing: 'prime succulant hand reared beef dribbled in balsamic vinegar etc.. - I chose the 'gourmet' burger. It was not bad, a nice big burger topped with bacon and cheese and a fair portion of chips. My colleagues were quite happy with their food. Reasonable price. There is no real ale here so I had a pint of Stella. The place was empty when we left at three.

29 May 2009 15:56

The Queens Arms, Walthamstow

Apparently the only pub in the Village that shows football, so it has its place. Was pretty empty when we went in there (Maundy Thursday night - they were all at the Castle quiz night) but had a poker game going on in the corner. Inexplicably for a warm April night the heating was on, which made it uncomfortable. Limited selection of beers. I had a nice pint of Pride before we moved on to the excellent Priya curry house in Hoe Street.

10 Apr 2009 10:02

The Nags Head, Walthamstow

Went here as part of a Village pub crawl. The best selection of well kept beers in the Village: Tribute, Timothy Taylor among them. The decor is a bit 'all over the place'. Can't decide whether to be an honest London boozer or a gastropub. According to my Head Teacher mate it is popular with teacher types.

10 Apr 2009 09:55

The Castle, Walthamstow

I don't entirely agree with some of the comments. We went there last night (Maundy Thursday) as part of a Village pub crawl. It was busy as it was quiz night. Yes the DJ/Quizmaster was a bit 'TonyBlackburnish' but there was a good selection of beers on (can't remember what I had by this time). It is a cavernous pub so needs to be full to create an atmosphere - probably good for bands.

10 Apr 2009 09:50

The Crown, Southwold

More interested in the wine and posh nosh brigade than your serious ale drinker. Good place to go to if you want a posh meal, although you'll probably enjoy the Nelson more.

19 Feb 2009 21:15

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

An excellent pub. Good beer and very good food. Does get packed, as others have said.

19 Feb 2009 21:10

The Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

Yes, I preferred the old version of the Sole Bay, we used to say that as it is the nearest pub to the Brewery it sold the best pint of Adnams - probably not true.
After visiting frequently in my bachelor days I went back recently with the family in tow and, yes, I was disappointed with the cafe style appearance ( although the missus commented on how 'clean' it looked). Never mind, I had a lovely pint of Broadside and we all ate some lovely fish and chips.

19 Feb 2009 21:03

The Village, Walthamstow

I went here on Saturday both before a wedding at the registry office and afterwards, before the reception. It is your traditional boozer, just one screen discreetly placed in the corner, friendly staff and a good selection of beers: Bass, London pride, Speckled Hen etc..The food looked nice. Eclectic mix of customers: us and the local intellegensia. Leave it as it is, shabby appearance and all.

17 Feb 2009 18:32

Thomas Ingoldsby, Canterbury

I went in here today with my student son - he recommended it -and wife for a lunchtime meal and drink. It was heaving, and unusually for a Weatherspoon's pub, not just with the usual crowd of 'care in the community' and social misfit crowd. I spotted tourists, families and even old couples.
I must say that the service was much better than I usually experience in JDW pubs. They cleared and wiped down our table immediately and our food - lovely mixed grills - came in about ten minutes. We were served at the bar immediately and I enjoyed my 99p pint of Greene King IPA. They had a good selection of other beers on, including Pedigree and Whiskey Ale (?) The best Weatherspoon's pub I have been in. No wonder my son and his student mates like it.

17 Feb 2009 17:42

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

A group of us attended a stag night here yesterday. There is a good selection of Milton Ales, unfortunately two of them - the Jericho and Icarus - ran out shortly after we arrived. Never mind, the remaining beers were good.
Yes, the pub does has the air of a library/church hall and there was a procession of weird customers - women with kids, a guy with his bike, CAMRA types - coming through, but all in all, we enjoyed it here, playing pool and bar billiards. Highly recommended for people who just like good beer and a chat.

8 Feb 2009 18:27

The Windmill, Upminster

Now called the Windmill and has completely changed following their - er - problems. Standing area and big screens gone. Plush seats put in. No loud music. Nice beer. Unfortunately the prices have gone up, peanuts are sold in expensive little bowls, extensive food menu. Apart from our crowd, place was nearly empty last time we went in.

19 Jan 2009 17:09

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I must disagree with holbornboy. I went to the Wenlock last Friday for the first time with a mate. The beers - there was a choice of six including Everards Tiger, Salopian Gold and the obligatory Adnams - were well kept. The bar staff, considering how busy it was, were very efficient. Yes, you do get some weird characters in there, but this is North London after all, and not Cheltenham.
It is one of a dying breed: a good old fashioned boozer that has not been ponced up by the marketing men.

14 Dec 2008 15:00

The Windmill, Stratford Upon Avon

As we were staying near here and walked past it every day we were looking forward to an evening meal in here, but were told that they did not serve evening meals. Come again? What about the menu outside? It looked a nice place but the beers - Flowers, Ruddles and IPA - weren't that exciting. Indeed, there weren't many great ales to be found anywhere in Stratford.

23 Oct 2008 20:43

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

This must be the most picturesque Weatherspoon pub in the country, situated as it is opposite all the posh eateries. My good lady and I had a reasonable burger and a pint one lunchtime for some ridiculous price - three pound odd - and went back the next evening for another ridiculously priced meal, which cost less than a starter across the road! It wasn't too bad and the service was good. There was a nice choice of ales. Yes, there was the usual assortment of head cases that Weatherspoon pubs seem to attract, but what do you expect for these prices.

19 Oct 2008 19:30

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

On our last night in Stratford we popped in for a pint. Choice was between Greene King IPA and Speckled Hen, so no great range of ales. The whole Dirty Duck/White Swan thing confused me. It was interesting seeing all of the actors signed photos. Obviously a tourist place, so full of confused punters jumping in at the bar etc..Not a great place, but not bad.

19 Oct 2008 19:19

The Hogshead, Hornchurch

I am saddened to read these comments. Some mates and I used to go in there after our club on a Monday night for some good quality ale at reasonable prices. But we stopped going in there when they kept running out of beer, and the staff got a bit surly. We now go into JJ Moons. I know that the kids have to go somewhere, but must it be every pub in Hornchurch?

30 Sep 2008 15:31

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

Don't entirely agree with Keirah, he must have picked a bad night. Yes, like all Weatherspoon's pubs it does attract a fair share of 'down and outs', but as you can get 'bladdered' in here for a fiver, who can blame them.
Usually a good selection of beers on, like the Mauldons or Batemans. Staff are friendly. I've been in here on a Friday night when the place is buzzing with a good ethnic mix. Food is not bad and good value.Usually the place we choose when meeting friends in Ilford.

23 Sep 2008 15:49

The Tower Arms, South Weald

Should end with 'don't expect the Ritz'...

22 Sep 2008 15:08

The Tower Arms, South Weald

I am surprised that nobody has posted anything about this pub as it has been here for 'yonks', and used to be Ross Kemp's local (allegedly).
They serve a fair selection of real ales, including local ones such as from Brentwood Brewery. The food, served in the large conservatory, is reasonable and there is a good selection. Last time I ate there, in a large party, the service was slow, but the manager did apologise. There is a pleasant beer garden, a bit run down, in which they play petagne (if that is how you spell it) - a French version of bowls. Amusingly for 2008, there is still an outside loo. i would recommend it, but expect the Ritz.

22 Sep 2008 15:06

The Artichoke, Shenfield Common

I don't agree with 'knocker' but can sympathise with 'Andicheese'. This is the sort of place you go to with elderly relatives who think that the height of sophistication is cauliflower cheese, on special occasions.
Despite the temperature being like a furniss (try eating here in the middle of summer), the staff are generally friendly and efficient. The food, which is your usual 'I'll have a piece of each' and all the veg. you can pile onto your plate, is well cooked (ie. you're not likely to get 'delhi belly') and the prices are reasonable. Beer is the usual token real ale (Speckled Hen?).
You would not go here for a drink up with the lads, or after a drink up with the lads, when you get the 'munchies'.

22 Sep 2008 14:55

Huntsman and Hounds, Upminster

This was a pub that was dying on its feet (no reference to the nearby crem. intended), then the Tescos of pub chains bought it out and have improved its fortunes - at least in the eyes of the accountants.
Had a meal in there which was quite pleasant, typical pub chain fayre. Beers on are the usual pub chain types, play it safe with Old Speckled Hen or whatever.Prices reasonable.
Reading 'anonymous' post about how to treat regulars, Pub chains such as this are probably only interested in families who occasionally pop in for a meal, no money in yer serious drinker, yer see.

22 Sep 2008 09:48

The Woodlands Edge, South Ockendon

A shame that it has changed as it used to be a local Weatherspoons pub. For a Weatherspoons pub to sell up, things must have been bad!

17 Sep 2008 15:06

The Royal Oak, South Ockendon

Used to go here with a mate who lives in Ockendon. Used to call it the 'Extortionate Arms' as it was pricey, but it did sell a few good ales. Used to be busy with people eating, which was okay as this was in a separate area.
Went there recently and it was a bit like a scene from 'Goodfellas' - full of loud, threatening looking locals who stared at you as soon as you walked in, only one real ale on and nobody eating. A shame as it used to be quite a good pub.

17 Sep 2008 15:02

The Railway Tavern, Chelmsford

Used to be like smokey joes, but now thankfuly not. Good selection of ales and good for bar billiards (have I got the right pub). Good traditional pub

14 Sep 2008 17:15

The Endeavour, Chelmsford

A mate of mine lives opposite, so we've often been in there. A real proper pub, with great beers and no loud music. Wouldn't attract chavs. They even sell pickled eggs! How a pub should be.

14 Sep 2008 17:12

The Railway Hotel, Hornchurch

I must disagree with romforddir about food. My elderly in laws had a horrendous experience when they went one lunchtime last week.
They got the starters mixed up. Instead of getting lasagne, my father-in-law got ravioli covered in cheese. They had run out of fruit salad, so he got an apple flan, with very little apple!
As they left a waitress apoligised that there had been a mix up and hoped that they would would return. Not likely! I have had a few pints there and it has not been so bad.
I am still waiting for their 'guest services' to get back to me, but as Ember Inns are part of the Mitchell and Butler conglomerate they probably don't care.

14 Sep 2008 17:04

George and Dragon, Mountnessing

We've just been here for a Sunday lunchtime meal. Good service; ten of us only had to wait about half an hour for our mains. Good selection of food, nicely cooked. Staff very polite. Reasonable price. London Pride and Green King IPA on tap. Nice beer garden. I would recommend it.

14 Sep 2008 16:55

The Gun, Shoreditch

I can imagine the Eastern European bar staff here getting a bit bolshie. Any witty remarks are greeted with blank stares. They are a bit like the Polish cafe workers in the Harry and Paul series. Having said that, there is a good selection of beers which are well kept if a little expensive. You do get a fair share of 'hooray henrys',who get tanked up here before 'going native' and getting ripped off in Brick Lane curry houses.

12 Sep 2008 16:23

The Hoop, Stock

A lovely pub with a great selection of beer and good food. Gets a bit hectic when the festival is on in late May. That's when the 'Hooray Henrys' and 'Horses and Hounds' set turn up. I had the pleasure of missing the last bus back to Billericay one year, but did not care!

11 Sep 2008 21:15

The Alma Arms, Navestock

I'm surprised at lesjan's comments, I think that the pub has been a victim of it's own success. It used to be a drinker's pub but then they built the conservatory and now it is a foodie pub - and a good one. Unfortunately the silver surfers, or whatever you call them, have latched onto the place and you often can't get through the door for walking sticks. They probably have a special late offer on as most silver surfers want to be home by eight. Still serves good real ale.

11 Sep 2008 21:08

The Chichester Arms, Mortehoe

I'm surprised at the reviews I've read. We went whilst down there in June, got there at about seven, and although the pub was busy, got served quite promptly. The steak and ale pie we had was delicious and not particularly expensive. The local Barnstable ale I drank was pleasant. I sat outside on what was quite a pleasant evening. As for the bolshie locals, I've always found West Country people to be a bit like that. They sometimes forget that without tourists they'd still be mining tin.

11 Sep 2008 20:48

The Sheepwalk Inn, Ilford

I'm surprised that this is the first review for what is locally known as the Papermakers (perhaps the new name has confused people). It is tucked away at the side of Sainsbury's car park and is a great pub with an Irish feel - although it is not an Irish theme pub. Nice pint of Courage bitter (I know, that's an oxymoron) and Guinness of course. Great craic on Paddy's night. Great football coverage.

11 Sep 2008 20:38

The Victoria Arms, Brentwood

I haven't been to the 'Vic' for years, but it sounds like it has not changed one bit. Was always a good local with good beers.

11 Sep 2008 20:31

The White Horse, Brentwood

Ah yes. By far the best pub in the area. The irony is that you need to drive there as it is a little out of the way. Always a good choice of ales, friendly staff and they even have their own beer festival! I wish I lived next door.

11 Sep 2008 20:29

The Swan, Brentwood

This is how a pub should be: good ales, efficient staff, no loud noise, few chavs (although there was a murder there a few years ago). The contrast between the clientele in Romford and Brentwood pubs is noticeable (although Brentwood is becoming worse)

11 Sep 2008 20:20

The Thatched House, Upminster

Yes, used to be a serious drinkers pub until the foodies got hold of it. Now you can't have a quiet drink for all the kids running around and people queueing for the restaurant.

11 Sep 2008 20:11

Optimist Tavern, Upminster

The funny thing about this pub, and probably all Ember Inn pubs, is that you see a banner outside proclaiming 'Beer Festival' or whatever, you go inside and all they have on are the usual two or three ales. Saying that, it is quite a cosy pub with a nice beer garden. I've never eaten there and cannot imagine that the food is that great. It used to be great, but went the way of a lot of pubs in this area and got bought out by Ember Inns - the Tescos of pub chains.

11 Sep 2008 20:08

The Moon and Stars, Romford

Agree that you do get some 'care in the community' sorts who take up the seats all day nursing a pint. It is a typical Weatherspoons pub: cheap ale, good selection and reasonable inexpensive food. Luckilly the food section is away from the CITC sorts previously mentioned. I would imagine that service is bad when it is packed.

11 Sep 2008 16:22

Royal Oak, Cardington

I was taken here on my 51st birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good range of ales and good, reasonably priced food. The mixed grill was superb. Full of characters, like the local 'lord of the manor' with no money, trying to cash a cheque from anyone at the bar.

11 Sep 2008 11:29

The Durham Arms, Romford

Some colleagues and I, having had a lovely curry on a Friday night popped in here for a nightcap. It reminded me of the pub in 'Shameless': there was a terrible karaoke going on, monopolised by some of the more unsavoury regulars.Everyone in there was 'bladdered' and very loud, and the beer was crap. I wondered whether I should ask for a couple of 'es' when I ordered a round. Families welcome? Not unless you want them knifed or something!

11 Sep 2008 10:22

J J Moons, Hornchurch

It is interesting reading other peoples views on this pub - which is basically the same as all Weatherspoons pubs. I have always suspected that the real reason their beer is so cheap (apart from the rumour that it is all near the end of its shelf life)is that they hardly employ any staff, and probably pay those they do employ a pittance.
I go here quite regularly, when it is quieter, and there is always a good selection of beers on, and it is quite well kept. Their food is quite pleasant and good value.
All Weatherspoon pubs do have that 'fin de siecle' look about them, but that is part of their charm. I can't stand pubs with fake oak beams and horse brasses that look like they have been designed by the ad men, but enough about Ember Inns....

11 Sep 2008 10:10

The Chequers Inn, Hornchurch

I visit this pub regularly. It has always had a good choice of well kept beers. It was better when the former landlord, Bill, and the lovely Natalie were there as it did not have screens. You do get the 'Emerson Park Mafia' in there, who can be noisy but I've never seen trouble there. They are quite friendly.

10 Sep 2008 15:55

The Old Dog, Herongate

I can only agree with the other contributors. The Old Dog is one of a dying breed: a populer, traditional, well run country pub. The choice of beers is superb. I have not eaten there but the menu looks interesting, and serious drinkers do not feel like they are being pushed out by 'foodies'.

10 Sep 2008 15:50

The Old Dog, Herongate

I can only agree with the other contributors. The Old Dog is one of a dying breed: a populer, traditional, well run country pub. The choice of beers is superb. I have not eaten there but the menu looks interesting, and serious drinkers do not feel like they are being pushed out by 'foodies'.

10 Sep 2008 15:50

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