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Comments by Hommel

The Three Legged Mare, York

Mixed clientele of tourists and locals. Part of the York Brewery and has a selection of the Harviestoun (Scottish brewery) beers on: Bitter & Twisted (2.90�), Shiehallion (4.8% lager) and Number of the Beast.

1 Jul 2012 21:20

The Punchbowl, York

Went in here a few times and left me with mixed feelings: full of oap when it's steak club, full of students when curry club. Selection of real ales isn't big but the rotation is good. And there 's always a 'local' provided. Some of the beers when I was there: 'They think it's all over', 'Englands Pride', 'Pale Rider', 'Swedish Blonde'.

1 Jul 2012 21:06

The Slip Inn, York

As football was on, it was very busy. Pint of Leeds pale (3�) was excellent. Free wifi provided by the cloud.

1 Jul 2012 20:59

The Golden Ball, York

Friendly locals pub with sports on tv. Deuchars 3.10�.

1 Jul 2012 20:55

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Walked into an empty pub, 2 hours prior to the torch relay, which passed a 100 ft away. Good pint of Terrier; but barmaid needed to drag herself inside from a fag to pull a pint and then quickly got out again smoking.
I was probably there on the wrong hour on the wrong day.

25 Jun 2012 21:28

The Blue Bell, York

Friendly locals pub. Small front room but nothing wrong with that. Browsing through Ouse Boozer, the pint of Landlord went very well.

25 Jun 2012 21:19

The Maltings, York

Pub was full on a Tuesday late afternoon. Barmaid had only eyes for the locals, allthough many tourists come in here. No drinks outside! But with that many good beers, who wants to be outside?

25 Jun 2012 21:14

The Swan, York

Locals pub with TV in front room. Stood 1 minute at the bar before another customer pointed out to girl behind bar someone was thirsty. She was all over her 'smartphone'. Pint of Landlord @ 3.30�. Watching the football in the front room got kicked out at half time for the weekly darts players. Was told The Slip Inn had a tv as well...

25 Jun 2012 21:05

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

I meant cheeks, not chins... Nice pint of Leeds Pale Ale (2.98�) and they had LaChouffe! (@ 4.95� reasonable)

25 Jun 2012 20:55

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Place was empty on entering and empty on leaving. Only stayed for 1 pint (Chinook) wich was excellent.

24 Jun 2012 21:35

Time Piece, Dewsbury

Not a big place but well served ales. Ordered the mix grill @ 7.30� and was said 25 minutes wait and apologies. But after 15minutes it came up, they way I asked to be cooked. Pint of Wispa in excellent condition. 8/10

24 Jun 2012 21:30

Becketts Bank, Leeds

Had a fine Yorkshire Gold of the Leeds Brewery with 1.99� offer. Apart from Ruddles and Abbot: a 'coming soon' pub. Staff was friendly but the place stank. Probably a temporarily problem, but with the small offer on ales, only had one.

24 Jun 2012 21:25

Becketts Bank, Leeds

Had a fine Yorkshire Gold of the Leeds Brewery with 1.99� offer. Apart from Ruddles and Abbot: a 'coming soon' pub. Staff was friendly but the place stank. Probably a temporarily problem, but with the small offer on ales, only had one.

24 Jun 2012 21:25

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Big place with many levels and Sky sports on. Monday was 'Folk'n'ale' night. Had a Robinson's Crusoe @ 2.90�.

24 Jun 2012 21:21

The York Brewery, York

Apart from the Ian Mckellen part, must say: just the same story as previous. Was 5 minutes late for the tour, but as it hadn't started yet, no problem. After the tour had a pint of Royal Charter IPA. Very good, but doesn't stand out to other IPA's. Carefull with the settee: it's a bit worn out so you sit lower to the floor then you think you would...

24 Jun 2012 21:11

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Very good selection on Belgium beers (even Kwak on draught). Girl behind the bar was very friendly, even though she had the Ukrainian colors on her chins. (we all know the score now...). Place was full that Tuesday evening.

24 Jun 2012 21:00

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

While waiting for my Eurostar voyage, drank a pint of Atlantic from Sharp's. Beer was topped up, without asking, but at 3.75�, I think that's normal... Place was full, even outside and in station hall. Toilets are still well hidden.

24 Jun 2012 20:42

The Postern Gate, York

Large Spoons; posh, young audience. This could be a Lloyds No1 Bar. But yet another 'coming soon' jdw. Staff said 20 minutes wait for food, came after 5 mins: no complaints here...

23 Jun 2012 21:55

The Crystal Palace, York

Pool table still in there. Cheapest bitter in York (?) 1.80�. Only go there for the beer, atmosphere is dead.

23 Jun 2012 21:38

The Phoenix, York

Small room in the front, big room at the back (with piano!). Washbasins: the drain goes to the urinals, excellent thinking green. Used to be so in Ship Centurion Arminius in Whitstable. B&W nude pictures in the toilets from the old days. Copper Dragon Golden Pippin @ 3.10�. Squarial on the chimney, ah the old BSB days...

23 Jun 2012 21:36

The Rann Wartha, St Austell

Went in here a couple of times. Bar staff was ok, food and waiting times ass well. Doombar and Rattlers (cider) as local; Ringwould Fortyniner, Pedigree Diamond as guest. JDW yes, Loyds No1 bar no.

11 Jun 2012 22:33

Rashleigh Arms, Charlestown

Big place with big outside terrace. Combination of locals (oap) and tourists. Price check: Proper Job 2.90�, Trelawney 3.20�, Betty Stogs 3.30� and (it was off at the time) Dartmoor Best 2.90� .

11 Jun 2012 22:13

White Hart Hotel, St Austell

Pricey Korev: not 3.40 but 3.80�.

11 Jun 2012 21:21

The Swan Inn, Truro

Pub was nearly empty: just a few bikers. Barmaid was all over me: darling, my love, ...
Skinner's Betty Stogs and a well conditioned Doombar (3.20�).

11 Jun 2012 21:19

Try Dowr, Truro

As usual: this place was chock-a-block. service was ok, as staff was rushing of there feet. Why do I always visit this place when it's Curry Club?

11 Jun 2012 21:16

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Gary & Brenda run this place in the shadow of the cathedral. It's more a locals pub then a tourist place. On the pumps: Old Speckled Hen, Summer Lightning and Greene King IPA.

11 Jun 2012 21:13

The St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre, St Austell

No Colombian lady, but I did see an old speckled hen...
Expensive place for a pint, especially when knowing that the brewery is at the back door... But off course, you have the full excellent range of beers.
Hint: do your shopping before the drinking...

8 Jun 2012 20:07

Tremenheere, Penzance

This is a 'coming soon' JDW. Only Broad Gauge was on as a guest. But @ 1.99`� can't really complain. Was here few years ago and place was packed with 'dodgy' caracters. This time, all were probably at sea, aarghhh...

8 Jun 2012 20:03

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

Walked in early for food (kitchen starts 12o'clock, not a minute before!) so drank a pint of Trelawney. Fish pie was good although the there could have been more fish in it. Maybe fisherman had a bad catch... HSD was ok and by the time I left, the place was half full.

8 Jun 2012 19:59

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

Half of the sitting area was closed off, but with only a few punters in, no need for it. Pint of Proper Job (3�) was in good condition. Standing outside, the pub doesn't look that big, but once you're in, it's like the Tardis...

8 Jun 2012 19:49

The Dolphin Inn, Penzance

London 'geezer' landlord runs the pub. Every fortnight live gigs. Large terrace was busy, pool room empty: it was a sunny day... Doombar 3.20�.

8 Jun 2012 19:45

White Hart Hotel, St Austell

Stayed here last month: friendly staff and free wifi (if you need it). Beer selection is low but tried the Cornish lager: Korev. Pricey at 3.40�.

8 Jun 2012 19:42

The Harbourside Inn, Charlestown

Atractive looking from the outside, it's more a locals pub. Food is ok (childeren's chairs available) but service at the bar is slag: locals come first. 3� for Doom Bar and Tribute, 3.40� for Carlsberg. Only 50p for pool table.
Try next door: The Pier Inn. Friendly staff, cosy little pub area. Sharp's Doom & Special, Bass and Cornish Knocker.

8 Jun 2012 19:32

Towan Blystra, Newquay

Not a lot on offer for this big place, but the outside area makes up for it. The manager runs a tight ship. Magik 4% guest ale.

8 Jun 2012 19:26

The Oddfellows Arms, Falmouth

Bays Gold @ 3� was excellent. Friendly staff but not busy on a Tuesday. Sharp's Own & Special: 3,10�.

8 Jun 2012 19:21

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Popped in next doors (Packet) as this one was closed. Bays Gold advertised @ 3.10�.

8 Jun 2012 19:17

The Packet Station, Falmouth

5% Hop Bomb tasted well with my steak.

8 Jun 2012 19:15

The London Inn, Padstow

Proper Job (3,25�) was ok as was the staff. Shame it was empty on a sunny Wednesday.

6 Jun 2012 14:30

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Passed by last week and they had Deuchars (3.10�), Adnams Explorer & Broadside and Courage alongside the usual stuff. There was a 40 min wait for food, so only enjoyed the beer there...

6 Jun 2012 14:25

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