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BITE user comments - HelenC

Comments by HelenC

Rockwoods, Aylesbury

The Rockwood changed hands this year with Colin selling up before the smoking ban came in. The management now seems much younger but they've done nothing too drastic to the pub (thankfully) other than pipe music in more regularly though it's nowhere near as loud or intrusive as at The Harrow, for example. The bar staff are friendly and efficient and it's still by far the best town centre pub either for a swift pint or somewhere to spend an evening. Thankfully the chavs appear to have decamped wholesale to the newly refurbished but still god-awful Chicagos. Always good news.

21 Oct 2007 14:37

The White Swan, Wendover

Nice, welcoming pub. Good well kept beer and friendly service. Surprisingly unpretentious for a town like Wendover - give it a try.

8 Apr 2007 19:18

Bell, Bierton

Nice little pub. Good food, good beer. It's very small but everyone's friendly. If you're not into football, don't go when there's a match on - the TV and cheering / shouting can get very loud!

8 Apr 2007 19:16

Yates, Aylesbury

If you must go to Yates', go in the day when it's quiet. Stay for a drink, don't eat anything then go to a real pub... Don't even think about visiting in the evening!

8 Apr 2007 19:14

Rockwoods, Aylesbury

My local and definitely the best pub in Aylesbury town centre! Lots of character, good service and friendly regulars. Its location can mean that Aylesbury's chav population occasionally stumble in on Friday and Saturday evenings, but they generally clear off to the Litten Tree fairly swiftly (best place for them!). Lovely beer garden which is well tucked away so those in the know generally get a seat. Highly recommended.

8 Apr 2007 19:06

The Harrow, Aylesbury

Decent pub with decent real ales though they tend to concentrate on the lagers which sell better so can run out of ale. Newly refurbished and now no smoking throughout. Music can be a bit intrusive, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, but considering the other Aylesbury town centre pubs definitely one of the best.

8 Apr 2007 18:55

The Emperor, Aylesbury

Beer not bad but surroundings a bit 'wine bar' for my taste. Got food poisoning last time I ate here, but was a definite one off!

8 Apr 2007 18:51

Chicago Rock Cafe, Aylesbury

Dreadful place. Chances are you'll have to queue or pay or both to get in - don't bother!

8 Apr 2007 18:49

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