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The Greyhound, Streatham

This pub is now closed and has re-opened as the Rabbit Hole.

6 Jan 2019 09:15

The Morden Arms, Greenwich

We stumbled across this place on a Saturday night and were very impressed. It had a great atmosphere and people were really friendly. People of all ages were there enjoying themselves. There was a blues due playing, who were good fun. I can't comment on the beer as I was drinking shorts.

It might have been more lively than usual as it was after the Blackheath fireworks. We shall have to return again to find out.

6 Nov 2016 12:02

London Beer Dispensary, Brockley

There are many good things about this place, the staff, the atmosphere, the lack of a bar and the outdoors area. However despite the large number of beer available there was a lack of choice. there was about 12 beers on tap, but about 10 of them were pale ales. I even quite like a pale ale, but was in the mood for something darker. The only other beers were a pilsner and a stout.

31 May 2015 18:01

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

Just been to the Barrel and Horn and was very impressed. Very friendly and knowledgeable bar staff, a great range of beers, good music and a relaxed atmosphere.

7 Apr 2013 19:37

The Bridge Inn, Winchelsea

This pub is currently closed. I don't know if it's going to re-open.

28 Jan 2012 11:33

The Royal Oak, Borough

I like this pub. But it is sometimes closed when I have tried to visit in the afternoons. Does anyone know what the opening hours are?

30 Nov 2011 19:04

Funky Munky, Camberwell

This place has re-opened under a new name. Am not sure what the name is though. Something Bird?

14 Sep 2011 11:13

The Fox, Keston

Yes, the pub is being given a complete overhaul. Looks like it is gonna be finished soon. As it is local to me, I'm hoping the refit will attract more customers as it is usually fairly quiet.

7 Dec 2010 15:17

The Bird In Hand, Bromley

A lovely little pub, very old school, but when I visited they had no ales part from Courage Best.

19 Feb 2010 13:45


Went there last weekend and really enjoyed it. Good atmostphere, decent ales and friendly staff. Haven't eaten there yet, but have heard good things about the food, especially the sunday roasts.

19 Feb 2010 13:31

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Great atmosphere, opens late, good friendly crowd and decent ales. A winner.

5 Apr 2009 19:31

The Bull, Otford

Went there today and the food was alright, not as bad as others have said. We were told after having our main course that if we didn't order pudding we would have to leave to table, as others were waiting. We offered to eat pudding outside but like cgb33 we were told we weren't allowed to. They also don't do some of their more popular dishes on Sundays for no known reason.

It's a mystery why this pub is so popular.

5 Apr 2009 19:28

The Greyhound, Keston

The food quality seems to vary greatly. Last time I ate there I had a grilled panini, which had been well grilled but was cold. It can be good though.

The ale is good, they serve the delicious Harveys Sussex Ale.

10 Sep 2007 19:58

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