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Comments by Gueuzefan

The Greyhound Bar, Beaconsfield

Since my review the pub has been taken over and has quickly slumped in to a disgusting chav pub. I am not even sure that they are going to keep selling real ale. The most expensive pub in Beaconsfield has now become the worst.

23 Sep 2006 18:50

The Greyhound Bar, Beaconsfield

A quiet pub/restaurant in the quietest end of the Old Town. A small bar area with a snug to the left and a lounge to the right as you enter. Three of four hand pumps, including something from Rebellion. Beer quality is high, the highest in the town generally. The bar are is tiny but there is food out back and the restaurant is pretty big and apparently 'fancy' - whatever that means. Beer garden out the back also. Nicest pub in Beaconsfield, whatever that is worth.

12 Jul 2006 12:24

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

I'm not a big fan of this place. I was thee recently and they apparently didn't have the staff to open up most of the seating, so people were having to stand (which kind of meant they needed more staff anyway).

Their bitter and best bitter are ok but nothing special, meantime beers on tap are alright but again nothing special, you can get most of them in the Market Porter now. The bottled selection is average to good, prices are way too high. On a previous visit I had some bad fish and chips/frites that came from the kitchen absolutely covered in salt, disgustingly so. Service is poor to average. Overall this struggles to do better than 3/10.

25 Jun 2006 10:41

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

Went back here recently and beer quality as again good. Worth a visit for sure.

23 Jun 2006 00:09

The White Horse, Parsons Green

A short walk from Parsons Green LUL, this is a well known pub that's rather expensive but has a good selection of beers both in bottles and on cask. Probably has a better international reputation than it deserves for it's beer, thanks to American tourists raving over it, but overall it's rather good. 7/10 for the beer selection, marks lost for price and other minor things.

22 Jun 2006 01:05

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

Very fancy looking place, a little cold but I like the stairs and the different floors. Adnams ales when I visited, their only tied house in London if I'm not mistaken. Decent quality, and they have the seasonals. Worth popping in for one. 6/10

22 Jun 2006 01:01

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

Started a pub crawl here once, bad idea. Unfriendly, dark place with lots of rooms and no character. The beer is all Sam Smiths (bad), and no real ale (very bad). It may be cheap but so's a bottle of white cider on a park bench. Avoid unless you don't like the taste of beer very much! 2/10

22 Jun 2006 00:58

The Royal Oak, Borough

I love this pub. The design is great, with the two bar setup and the close seating. It has a real feel of a great London pub, and Harveys beer is always good. I think it's closed on Saturdays which always seemed odd to me because the area seems more residential than business. 8/10

22 Jun 2006 00:52

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I love the Wenlock.

Friendly, real atomosphere and great real ale. The selection isn't as wide as the Market Porter, but they get some great seldom seen beers in here like stronger Dark Stars and Crouch Vale Brewers Gold Extra (in season). The food isn't anything fancy but it's wholesome and well done.

One problem with it is that it's a bit of a walk from Old Street, and the area isn't the best. That's all that stops it getting a perfect 10 from me. 9/10

22 Jun 2006 00:49

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

I am not the same person as Moochy.

I don't know who Moochy is or where he works. I was pointing out that my dislike of the Saracens is based on my hatred of it rather than any interest in any of the other pubs. Having lived within spitting distance of it for many years, and all the problems it and it's customers bring, I think I am more than qualified to knock it.

As you can see from my other pub ratings, had you bothered to check, I have many other legitimate ratings for good pubs around the area, in London and abroad. Showing that I am infact a legitmate rater. You on the other hand throw weak insults from behind the anonymous function, showing the absolute cretin that you clearly are.

22 Jun 2006 00:44

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

I do not and never have worked in any of the pubs in the Old Town.

However I can say with some authority as an expert of everything in the world ever that this is not a very good pub. I live locally and have seen drunk customers (but they are absolutely not under 18, I cannot stress that enough!!!!) coming out, fighting, vomitting, pissing against doors and even crapping in the street. The Saracens staff NEVER clean these things up, they have patches of vomit outside their doors that have been there for months.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't drink or eat anything in a place that can't even be bothered to clean the things you can see - the path outside. Can they be trusted to keep a clean kitchen or clean the lines through? I think not....

13 Jun 2006 23:43

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

As a regular customer as far as I have been able to tell they only ever have 10 real ales on, no more and no less. I'm not saying that 10 isn't a lot but they don't have at least 12 as previously reported.

Five are on hand pump and five on gravity out the back. The pump bank always includes Caledonian Deuchars, with the other four being semi-regulars that come and go but reappear frequently, normally standard beers from from larger regionals (London Pride, Youngs Bitter etc), but occasionally something a little more daring.

The five from gravity always includes Summer Lightning and the others are from smaller breweries including regulars, seasonals and specials from the likes of Burton Bridge, Nethergate and Skinners etc.

Upcoming cask pump clips are displayed behind the bar, but they don't appear to be in any order so are more decorative than informative. Don't get your hopes up about getting anything that's displayed there because it might be on later that day, or might take two weeks.

No real cider but they have something from Mr Whiteheads served under pressure, which is better than most pubs. Food is standard pub stuff (egg and chips), and a few attempts at more upmarket things. Fancy it isn't, but it's good for what it is and fairly priced.

Downsides are that the pub doesn't have much age to it, that it's on fast, busy road and all the outside seating is by that road. There is not much else wrong with this, as it is an all round good pub and well worth a visit. I give it 7/10.

6 Jun 2006 23:01

The Hobgoblin, High Wycombe

An interesting pub. It seems very run down and tatty and the Windows look like they haven't been cleaned in years. Inside the beer selection is good but the quality is sometimes questionable. Despite the general look of the pub the staff always seem friendly. Not the sort of place I would visit often but not bad at all.

22 May 2006 11:28

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

A nice pub located close to the train station (north entrance). It won't win any awards for style inside but the beer selection and quality is good. Friendly staff and customers, which makes a change for Wycombe town centre.

22 May 2006 11:25

Scorpios, High Wycombe

Terrible Irish pub. Beer quality, noise level and clientele all potentially dangerous. Tasteless and lacking in character.

22 May 2006 11:23

The Alma, Uckfield

A locals pub, when I last went there it had a very dated decor but I understand this has been updated. Beer quality is great and they seem to have the full Harveys Cask range.

22 May 2006 11:20

The Market Porter, Borough

Oh yes, one of the best pubs in London even if it is too busy a lot of the time. Real ale quality always good, selection great also. Close proximity to the weekend market and it's Utobeer stall makes this a must visit.

20 May 2006 10:48

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

No way is this anything like the best pub in London. It is an interesting design, but running a good pub is much more than just owning something pretty. The Youngs beers served in a mediocre fashion,

20 May 2006 10:45

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

A bit tight at times but an interesting pub. There is some debate if the beers are really cask (as in, sitting on their sediment), because they are served from tanks via air pressure, they may well be using bright beer for this purpose. St Peters, are actually a very average brewery, several of their beers are terrible and the rest are mediocre, but they are all here for you to try. Not the best pub in London or the second best in the country by any means. Market Porter, Royal Oak and Beer Circus are all better for a start.

20 May 2006 10:41

The Half and Half, Croydon

Forget the real ales, they are great here but that's not what Beer Circus is about, it's a lovely little bar for continental beers. It's not so much the range (which is considerable), but the rarity of some of the beers and the rate at which they change. As others have said the place has a fairly modern feel and not a lot of character, but it reminds me a lot of places in Belgium, specifically the original Beer Circus in Brussels (not the new location down the road). As someone pointed out before the 21+ rule is silly, as someone a few months away from being 21 I can say that I've never met anyone aside from people involved in beer websites who is as interested in fine beer as me, and I don't think there really is an awful lot that changes in those three years to make people sensible drinkers. This sort of place won't attract the chavs anyway, so I don't think the rule is really enforced as long as you are 18+ and behaving yourself. Rest assured though, If i was refused service I would not be back.

19 May 2006 21:24

The Red Lion, Wooburn Green

Joke of a pub, full of chavs, drinks promotions, 14 year olds drinking pop.

19 May 2006 13:24

Falcon, High Wycombe

I have to disagree and say that this is one of the better Wetherspoons. A good range of real ale although it's often too cold or in bad condition. Food is poor also, full of the Waynes and Kevins of this world. Oh well, maybe I don't like it that much after all.

17 May 2006 13:50

The White Horse, High Wycombe

Take note Gary Glitter and Jonathan Kings of this world, this pub has the repuation of the youngest looking patrons in all of Wycombe (but they are all over 18, allegedly). You know a pub is bad when your 14 year old cousin boasts about going there. Dire beyond description, they have strippers for gods sake. Avoid unless you are a teenage chav.

17 May 2006 13:44

The Bell, High Wycombe

One of the better pubs in Wycombe. Too dark but beer is well kept (Fuller's) and staff are friendly.

17 May 2006 13:40

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Small former run down locals pub on a busy road out of the town centre. Recently taken over and refurbished by local Vale Brewery, it now feels a little sterile and lacks atmosphere. The pub now boasts around 10 real ales, 2 of them from Vale but the rest ever changing guests from lots of small producers. A few foreign beers on draught and about 20 in bottle (but nothing too unusual). The best beer selection in a 20 mile radius, but not without it's faults.

17 May 2006 13:31

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

A nice country pub on a fairly busy road a couple of miles from Burnham Beeches and next to Odds Farm Park rare breeds centre. Not terribly old or much to look at. Inside there is a single bar area divided into two sections with a small eating area at the very end (non smoking). Outside there are a dozen or so picnic tables next to the road. The car park is large but can get busy. There are 10 real ales of offer, 5 via hand pump but the other 5 are poured off via gravity from a back room. The hand pumped beers tend to be regular or semi regular (although still a broad and unusual selection) and the beers on gravity are ever changing guests. Guest highlights include breweries like Burton Bridge. I would call the food good pub style.

17 May 2006 13:27

The Three Horseshoes, Marlow

Close to the Rebellion brewery six of it's beers are kept on tap here including the monthly and seasonal specials and the rarely seen dark mild. The food has gone downhill since it first opened, it lacks atmosphere and the staff seem uniterested but is still a nice pub in an alright setting to sample some local brew. 7/10

1 May 2006 19:14

The Blackwood Arms, Littleworth Common

This used to be one of the most famous pubs in the country for real ale, but after Brakspear took over it's reputation (and customer base) diminished significantly. A string of managers, weeks of being closed for refurbishment and change to being mostly food orientated did nothing to remedy that. Without the ever changing real ale it doesn't offer much, as it's tiny and lacks character, a good plus point however is the beer garden which borders a field and is a nice place to sit and sip on a warm summer evening. Last time I visited the real ale was being served through a chiller and it was closed on Mondays and only open evenings.

Despite it's recent changes I still have a real affection for the pub and hope it's new owners can make a go of it. Visit it for it's nice country setting and proximity to Burnham Beeches. 7/10.

1 May 2006 19:11

Le Bier Circus, Brussels

This is a gem, purely for the obscure selection (see the vintages). Doesn't rival Delirium for beer numbers, atmosphere or location but almost makes up for it with the interesting vintages.

18 Apr 2006 14:32

Delirium Cafe, Brussels

A great little cafe in Brussels, huge bottle selection and interesting draughts. Staff were friendly even though I am completely unable to speak either of their languages! The best bar I have visited, maybe the best in the world?

18 Apr 2006 14:30

The Old White Swan, Beaconsfield

Not a bad pub, the beer is kept quite well and it certainly has some of the atmosphere of a real pub. The patrons of the pub are fairly friendly also. The large beer garden out the back is one of it's major selling points. One thing I will say is that the owners seem to be almost universally hated in their local community, they are generally rude to customers and former members of staff have nothing but bad words to say about them. It must say something for the way the owners treat their staff when every other business in the town is inundated with applications for any job on offer, but the Swan seems to have had almost permanent ‘help wanted’ signs in the windows for the past few years.

18 Apr 2006 14:26

The Charles Dickens, Beaconsfield

One of the better pubs in Beaconsfield, the beer here isn't bad, the atmosphere is friendly and the toilets are kept pretty clean. At least it feels like a real pub (unlike the awful Saracens Head). Food isn't very good but not the worst in town. Sky television for those interested in watching the sports.

18 Apr 2006 14:19

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

The absolute worst of the Beaconsfield pubs. Where to start? The place is very grubby, the toilets are rarely cleaned, covered in effluent and flooded with urine. Vomit lines the pavement outside, thanks to the inebriated patrons and it is never cleaned up by the staff. During the day the pub is frequented by alcoholic pensioners, taking advantage of the cheap bottles of Whitbread Gold Label on offer, during the evening the place is full of chavs (most of them looking amazingly baby faced and dressed in Lonsdale) drinking pints of overpriced lager and alcopops. Of course Beaconsfield is for the most part a quite town, but there is occasional trouble with drunken youths and this is the only pub to generate such trouble. Living so locally I have given the pub many chances but on every visit I have found the real ale on offer to be old to the point of being rotten, absolutely disgusting!

18 Apr 2006 14:14

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Horrible little dreary pub living of it’s supposed age and dominated by a car park for the masses of imaginary tourists the owners seem to think would wish to visit. On my most recent visit (last year) the real ale was in such poor condition that I would not be surprised it the cask had been on a month – undrinkable! Staff unfriendly and décor dingy. It’s nearby namesake at Wooburn Common is a far nicer place to drink.

18 Apr 2006 14:06

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