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Sarah Moore, Leigh On Sea

Went in the SM before a wedding in the church opposite. The comments on here seem to be about right. Chirpy bar staff seemed quite welcoming. Beer nice if a little pricy.

10 Sep 2007 13:19

The Red Lion, Stretham

Stayed at the Red Lion on a Friday. Meal was very nice and reasonably priced. The only disapointment was the service in the restaurant, plenty of pretty staff on but too busy chatting! The two gents behind the bar were very polite indeed - most impressed.

10 Sep 2007 13:06

The Castle, Hadleigh

Go here on a Monday for �1.49 a pint - not a bad pub, worth a look.

3 Jul 2007 08:02

The Cork and Cheese Ale House, Southend on Sea

Pub is now closed - the pub clearance sale took place Sunday 1/7/07. I sadly never had the chance to drink in the C&C but it certainly looked a bit special with all of the beer memoribilia over the wall.

Oh well, another unique pub gone and yet more chain "tripe" to follow i presume. Ho hum, the quest continues.

2 Jul 2007 07:58

The Bread and Cheese, Benfleet

I went for a pint last night and was rather impressed. The bar girl was polite and (more importantly) nice to look at. The barman (poss manager) was the most polite landlord i have ever spoken to. I will be back...... once i have found out what shifts that bar girl does!

16 May 2007 14:02

The Woodmans Arms, Benfleet

i'm not too keen on this pub because;
1. Expensive food
2. Expensive beer
3. Very small bar area
4. If you are not eating, you are made to feel slightly less welcome than those who are.

Apart from that, its great.

16 May 2007 13:59

Hadleys, South Benfleet

This pub caught fire a few months back. Scaffolding went up but no progress so far. Was told that it was quite a nice place to go - lets hope it re-opens soon so i can give it a proper review.

16 May 2007 13:57

The Creeksea Ferry Inn, Wallasea Island

The perfect summer retreat. Sit on the river bank and watch the sun go down. What makes the visit is the winding roads to get to the pub. If you have an old Mini or MX5, you cannot miss this one!

16 May 2007 13:44

Yates Wine Lodge, Southend on Sea

2 pints a lager and a packet of crisps please! impossible to get a beer at the weekend but one of the lively spots before hitting the "front".

16 May 2007 13:24

Anne Boleyn, Rochford

Hungry horse = Cheap food/beer. Gets busy as soon as it opens on a Sunday so get your order in quick!

16 May 2007 13:19

Moon On The Square, Basildon

Come on be fair, there is nothing more entertaining than watching the giro grabbers spend every penny of they're benefit on the first day of issue! kids at home, arr what the hell, mines a large one.

11 May 2007 13:50

The Prince of Wales, Stow Maries

I had a quick pint on a Sunday afternoon after watching some grass track racing with the other half. The choice of ale was impressive, the food looked superb and if only i wasnt driving, i dont think i would have left. The only negative is the price, perhaps you get what you pay for though? 1xPint of ale, 1 x small (very) glass of rose wine = �4.90 ouch.

11 May 2007 13:45

The Bull, Hockley

when growing up, one of the things i really looked forward to was drinking in the Bull on a summer's Saturday evening. Alas, when i finally reached the age of boozing, chef & brewer had taken over and taken with it.........the atmosphere. Good for food but not for a lively pint.

25 Apr 2007 13:47

The Paul Pry Tavern, Rayleigh

There is no problem with the pub during normal drinking hours. BUT, once the bell goes on a Saturday (the very next minute) - you are approached by the meathead and told to leave.

Apart from this, no problem. Beer is tasty but is of course expensive when compared to the Roebuck down the road.

Worth a look but finish your pint before the bell!

ding ding - here comes the meathead!

5 Apr 2007 15:59

The Darby Digger, Wickford

Fantastic value Carvery - less than four nips for a plate full cannot be bad. Where has my pool table gone though?

9 Jan 2007 14:13

The Half Crown, Benfleet

New landlord is friendly and wont stop talking! Any locals asking me to move would be told where to go! give it a try.

2 Oct 2006 14:14

The Bull Inn, Pitsea

Has a pool table and a goal for the kids outside - child friendly.

2 Oct 2006 14:12

The Half Moon, Rayleigh

Good pub, frequented by all of my old teachers though (when they are not down the casino!) Worth a look whilst in Rayleigh.

2 Oct 2006 14:12

The White Swan, Wickford

Fond memories of this pub when i lived in Runwell (not the hospital i must add!)

Great atmosphere - i even met a chinese man called Daniel - which was nice.

27 Jun 2006 14:00

The Cock Inn, Rochford

more of a restaurant than a pub - suitable for the "saturday afternoon badminton white socks" crowd!

27 Jun 2006 13:50

The Crooked Billet, Leigh on Sea

Worth riding on bicycle from Canvey for this one - no better place to watch Southend air show!

27 Jun 2006 13:47

The Lighthouse, Benfleet

Apart from the flying glasses during a brawl, an enjoyable evening has been enjoyed in here on many occasions. Worth a look if its a drinking night out you are after.

23 Jun 2006 14:15

The Cutley Lynch, Benfleet

Squeal like a pig! felt a bit like a fish out of water in this one - funny Thai food selection a bit different.

23 Jun 2006 14:13

The Spread Eagle, Rayleigh

This was the place to go when not old enough to get in elsewhere.
Not my cup of tea (or beer for that matter!)

23 Jun 2006 14:08

The Lobster Smack, Canvey Island

A great pub in the summer - a bit quiet in the winter but very cosy.

23 Jun 2006 14:00

Elms, Leigh On Sea

Cheap beer its only atribute - waiting time at the bar can exceed 20mins.......... but it is cheap!

23 Jun 2006 13:58

The White Hart Inn, Hawkwell

The BEST pint you can get in south essex. I wish i still lived down the road!

23 Jun 2006 13:55

The Roebuck, Rayleigh

Beer is cheap and does the job! not too much atmosphere but that is JDW for you.
My personal gripe is with one of the female duty managers - i have been ignored so many times by the individual that i no longer go in there.
Sack the duty manager and i will rate the pub sky high!

23 Jun 2006 13:54

White Hart, Thundersley

Fanstastic choice of real ale, staff are a laugh a minute - food, is a bit pricy - the ONLY down side.

23 Jun 2006 13:50

Zach Willsher, Thundersley

A good atmosphere, lack of real ale choice is the only down side. Food is cheap and tasty, service is swift.

23 Jun 2006 13:47

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