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Comments by GFbahamut

K.G's Sports and Social Club, Wombwell

Dont be put off by the "club" bit this is another pub in wombwell that has undergone mass refurbishment in the past couple of years.

The pub is open to all Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it boast's a large well decorated function room. where turns, disco's and karaokes are on regular.

Because of the club tag the beer is very reasonable.

2 Aug 2005 17:26

The Royal Oak, Wombwell

Re-decorated not long ago, spent about 250,000 on it.

Its a very friendly pub, with music a karaoke and live entertainment. It also has slot machines and a pool table.

The beer is resonably priced with numerous offers, the only downer to this pub is the fact they charge 20p for a slice of lime in your corona!?

31 Jul 2005 23:23

The Last Orders, Wombwell

Beer's still cheap, good karaoke on a friday and saturday night. Not very spacey though, it has a main room and two pretty pokey ones.

One of the rooms (tap Hole) has slot machines and a pool table.

Cheap and cheefull!

31 Jul 2005 23:17

Lockys Bar, Wombwell

The pub has virtually been turned into a nightclub with a tap hole! a very nice decorating job has been done.

If you like clubbing and your in wombwell GO HERE!!

31 Jul 2005 23:13

Horse Shoe, Wombwell

This is a very nice public house, (being a wetherspoon pub the drinks are very well priced). they spent over a million pound's renovating it and boy can you tell, modern art and sculptures heighten the drinking expirience.

Although their is no music, there are, 4 slot machines, a games machine, a big screen and a pretty good food service.

The only downer being the toilets (like in most wetherspoon's pubs) are down some stairs.

31 Jul 2005 23:04

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