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Comments by Fredco

The Albert Inn, Totnes

Had a pint here of their stuff, spot on. Also a cracking roast dinner at a very reasonable price. Nice people that made us feel very welcome. We will be back!

4 Feb 2015 20:32

The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

Get some of the IPA down your neck, the best pint that I have had in yonks! Spot on, full of very hoppy flavour. Friendly well lived in sort of a place which is a good sign. If you are after a good pint in Totnes, this or The Albert is the place to go. Thirst suitably quenched!

4 Feb 2015 20:28

The Lord Nelson, Totnes

This place would benefit from half an hour with a jet washer, beer very poor Doombar. Don't bother go anywhere else in Totnes for a wet.

4 Feb 2015 20:21

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