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The George, Croydon

Oh and the little barmaid is cute!!

24 Oct 2013 19:14

The George, Croydon

Either somebody at the George has pi$$ed of DarkStar or somebody at DarkStar has offended the George!! Went to the back bar and nothing but Oakham!! Whilst Oakham produce a lovely pint nothing on today's selection was strong and dark. Had three greatly kept pints but all a little light in colour for my liking. Please remember us lovers of dark ales. Still a superb choice of ales and fair prices

24 Oct 2013 19:10

The Navigation Inn, Kings Norton

Now bought by co-op. Normally this would be a sad thing but at least now people will be able to buy real ale in good condition at the navii admittedly only in bottles and cans. Wonder where the chavs will move on to??

24 Sep 2011 14:48

London Inn, Torquay

Visited last week. Huge pub. Not enough staff. One serving at the bar and one serving food and cleaning tables! Wetherspoons seriously need to decide if they are running a coffee shop or a bar! As soon as the barmaid starts making coffee all beer drinkers have to wait 5-10 minutes. Feel free to serve coffee but staff your bar for it!! Had a distinctly average pint of Exe Valley Devon Dawn. Would not visit this Spoons again. Shame! Average selection of Ales nothing interesting!

4 Mar 2011 16:30

The Golden Cannon, Brighton

Visited this week and was very pleasantly surprised. Very quiet, despite the two nearest pubs being rammed full. Had only one ale on which was a shame but I was assured that normally there was at least one other. Price ok at 2.85 a pint, had two very nice pints of Hammerpot Bottle Wreck Porter. Music at a good level. Very clean which of course you would expect with the pub being quiet. Didn't check how clean the toilets were. The real reason I rate this pub so highly was the very friendly assistant manageress (Melis I think) exactly what bar staff should be. If all the staff are this friendly then this pub should be a lot busier. Hopefully others will discover this hidden gem!!

4 Mar 2011 16:18

The Evening Star, Brighton

Paid a pilgrimage to the original home of the Dark Star Brewery. Very busy when I visited, nice range of beers but unfortunately nothing strong and dark from Dark Star. Tried the DS Golden Gate and a Kissingate Black Cherry Mild both well served and ok price. Nice atmosphere would like to visit again to check out the decor when less busy. A definate must visit again!

4 Mar 2011 16:10

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Very busy when I visited this week. Tried the beer brewed on the premises, quite bland really. It would be nice if these pubs brewed beer with a bit of character not just an ale like anyone elses. Quirky decoration gives you something to look at if stuck for something to do although I didn't notice the ceiling porn!!!

4 Mar 2011 16:01

The Sussex, Brighton

Visited this week. Had a well served pint of Speckled Hen. Clean inside but very dull as previously stated. Didn't try the food. All the other ales on were bland and uninspiring but at least the pub does serve real ale.

4 Mar 2011 15:53

Windsor, Birmingham

Never again and thats a pity as the ale was okay. Went in last night. Music too loud, as stated before this is not Broad Street on a friday night. I like music but not so loud you can't think in a boozer! Two bar girls on, one of whom just stood behind the one that WAS working talking. Waited too long to get served. If she was on duty, why was she not serving? If she wasn't on duty why was she the wrong side of the bar? On the positive side multiple real ales on including M&B Mild which was very nicely kept. Very good prices for the city centre. The worst part of this pub is that it was filthy! Every table was dirty and sticky, I didn't even dare check out the toilets. Too dirty to stay and sample the other ales, a great pity! Would not go here again unless the reduntant bar tart was taught how to clean tables or they employ a cleaner!!

20 Jan 2011 17:30

Bacchus, Birmingham

Absolutely no excuse for this let down. At least four lines of which two were shut for line cleaning at 5pm. Could the owner / manager get their lazy asses out of bed before the bar opens to clean the lines? The limited and uninspiring choice (of two) was overpriced. Food was too expensive to wet the appetite. Such a pity as with the location this place could be something special!

20 Jan 2011 17:17

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Very fast becoming my favourite Croydon pub. Always a good selection of well kept real ales. Today I tried Dark Star Crital Mass 7.8% 3.15, lovely pint only downfall was it was served in a Bombadier glass. Pub is open early so handy for after a night shift. Never tried the food but it seems well priced. Shows Sky Sports so a much better alternative to Yeats. Young efficient bar staff.

10 Jan 2011 17:47

The York Brewery, York

Visited recently, first attempt was aborted as they had a corporate do on! However the owner was very good and said he'd see me right the next day. Next day went on the beer tour having secured reduced entrance fee at one of the breweries pubs. Very interesting and informative tour. Free drink after the tour. As you would expect the beer was in superb condition. Very friendly, chatty staff. Will definately visit again. And the owner did see me right after the disapointment of the previous day. Ghost Ale is a particular favourite!

2 Jan 2011 04:42

The Priory, York

Visited recently. Okay pint of real ale. Very quiet on my visit. Sky TV was on but no sound. Nothing to recommend this pub over the many fine pubs in York. Will not be on my list of must visits when i'm next in York

2 Jan 2011 04:20

The Terrace, York

Does what it says on the tin! Its a sports bar. Multiple screens including sky 3D. Visited a few times whilst in York but only to watch sport. In its defence it did sell real ale which was ok when I visited. Didn't try the food as seemed slightly overpriced plus non of the locals seemed to be eating. One night they had a very poor band on whom played half a set then downed tools when their friends arrived never to return to play!! If the bar paid the band to play then they should have insisted that they played. If it was just the owner / manager indulging his sons little band project then it should not have been advertised as live music. Would visit again but only to watch sport, nothing to mark it out for its drinking pleasure.

2 Jan 2011 03:59

Assembly Rooms, Solihull

Second visit in recent times, first visit was okay. This visit very poor and reflects the previous comment. Large bar area but was told to queue around the corner like being in Greggs!!! Two bar tarts on duty who were not at all interested in leaving the sanctuary behind their tills. As said by the previous poster pubs are not for queuing why have such a large expanse of bar if no bar stools or service are provided? Multiple pump clips on display however very few beers were on. Once it was discovered that a beer was not on no attempt was made to turn the pump clip around presumably so that the next poor sap could try and order it. Note to the manager real ale drinkers are not daft we are not amazed by your extensive range of ales IF only one or two of them are on. I'd rather visit a pub with half its clips showing than plan my session only to be scuppered by availability. Pub was filthy not one table didn't have glasses, plates or coffee mugs left by previous customers. Even at quiet periods the two bar maids didn't stray from their tills to help clear the place. Eventually a helpfull chap had the sense to return dirties to the kitchen after dropping off food, no attempt was made to wipe tables down. Woefully understaffed did nobody think it might get busy during the sales? Needs to improve drastically and start using the whole bar area!!

2 Jan 2011 03:23

The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

First visit since the revamp and on first impressions an improvement on the old place. Fair range of real ales although not as good as the best 'Spoons'. Had breakfast which as usual was very good value. Service incredibly slow, not enough bar staff on and those that were on were spending too much time making hot drinks. Please employ someone to cater for the grannies and someone else to cater for beer drinkers!!! Car park is now patrolled which is a change for the worse. Appears to have got rid of the scum of old due to no tv's / sport however as with all spoons the low prices do attract a certain element. Will visit again if the ale range improves and the staff are reminded that they don't work for Starbucks!!

2 Jan 2011 02:56

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

Visited recently and not a bad pub at all. I went to the first bar on the left on entering. Small area with a nice bunch of people. Plenty of newspapers were provided to idle away the hours. Comedy duo serving at the bar, friendly efficient service. Deep fried parsnip chips at the bar freshly cooked and very nice. Seemed to be doing a good trade in food although I did not dine. Had two pints of well kept ale. About six ales on tap with some local and unusual flavours. Would definately recommend this pub.

2 Jan 2011 02:40

The Last Drop Inn, York

Visited twice on my recent journey to York. Good range of ales mainly from the York Brewery (the owners).
Nicely served beer on both visits especially the Ghost Ale.
Slightly disapointed though, the chap in front of me ordered a York Brewery taster, four 1/3 pint glasses of any choice of beer in a stand, thinking this would be an ideal chance to sample all of the pubs fare in two rounds I asked for the same, only to be informed that the pub only had the four 1/3 pint glasses that the previous customer had been given!! An oppurtunity lost me thinks! Bar staff was a bit unsure of himself. Quite beer drinkers pub. Would visit again.

14 Oct 2010 19:17

The George, Croydon

Popped in on Tuesday before the England game. Slightly disappointing range of ales by the Georges high standards a few pumps were off.
Had a well served pint of Fullers ESB which was expensive for a spoons 2.65.
Pub was busy yet got served quickly and efficiently. The George remains on my list of pubs to visit as I can usually find a beer i've never had or haven't had for a while. Never had a problem with a pint here.

14 Oct 2010 19:10

The Crown and Pepper, Croydon

No real ales on tap which I feel the management could sort out.
Visited on Tuesday to watch the second half of the England game. Hadn't been in for a while so was shocked that this is now some kind of dual purpose indian restaurant pub!!
They had the game on TV and were willing to put different games on different screens for the Irish and Scottish contingent.
Well served pint of Stella 3.25 expensive considering the local competition.
For me the smell of Indian food was too overpowering, very few people were eating yet the smell was too strong to make this a local. Don't get me wrong I like Indian food but not overpowering my nasal senses.
The staff seemed attentive to patrons. The food looked superb and I am definately returning to eat here soon.

14 Oct 2010 19:03

Yates's, Croydon

Visited on Tuesday for the England game.
Yates Best was 2.10 a pint and tasted absolutely awful, vinegary taste. Left after one pint.
Whilst I normally mark down bars that don't serve real ales i'd rather go to a bar that only serves keg lagers than a bar that serves poorly looked after ale.
Shortchanged by the barstaff which they initially denied.
Door supervisors were about the only bonus on Tuesday night, very polite and doing their job all other aspects of this visit were poor.

14 Oct 2010 18:57

The Golden Fleece, York

Popped in twice during my recent visit to York. The first night the pub was rammed and no seats available so I left as not feeling too good. The second visit I managed to get a seat (Saturday late lunchtime), well served pint of Ghost Ale, so so chilli nacho's which were expensive for the portion size! Busy pub with lots of character. Would go again. Didn't see any evidence of ghosts despite the pub being renowned for it!

5 Oct 2010 17:01

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Popped in the other day. Nicely served pint of real ale. Prices ok. In many a town this would stand up as a good pub however there are so many real ale pubs in York that it only just stands out from the crowd. Decor is ok but a bit sterile. Would go again but there are so many good pubs in York.

5 Oct 2010 16:56

The Blue Bell, York

Great little pub, with the emphasis being on little. At least 9 real ales on handpump when I visited last week and plenty of surprise bottled beers. Two differents brands served very nicely. Service could have been cheerier! Not bad prices except the bottled beers. Lovely to see the original insides of this pub kept intact. Will definately visit again when in York. The only downside is that it is so small, not many seats available, however its downside is its upside too if you can get one of those seats!

5 Oct 2010 16:51

The Fox and Hounds, Carshalton

Forgot to add, lost marks as despite there being hand pull taps no real ales were available. When there are so many real ale pubs around this is something that needs to be addressed

12 Sep 2010 18:05

The Fox and Hounds, Carshalton

Popped in recently.... if I had to sum this pub up in one word it would be "STICKY", the table I sat at felt like it had never been wiped. It was a Saturday night but the bar staff were not busy, there is no excuse for not wiping tables unless you are rammed to the joints. Deocr is ok and the crowd seemed ok, probably more people out front than inside (another reason for no excuse for dirty tables). Music was at a a level where conversation could still be heard but then somebody said they liked a song and music was raised to a level where song was the only thing that could be heard. Didn't try the toilets, didn't want to stick to the floor.
On a positive note, cold Stella, well served, in the correct glass for 2.50, I can't knock that!!!!

12 Sep 2010 18:03

Rumours Wine Bar, Worcester Park

Popped in the other night whilst England were playing. Had two well served pints in the correct branded glasses, seemed cold enough. Mixed crowd and seemed good natured. Wide choice of lagers but only one bitter on tap (London Pride). Will go again but needs to have more real ale to become a regular haunt. Budweiser draught and Grolsch 3.10 a pint. Bar staff could spend their time drying the bar when quiet.

9 Sep 2010 13:57

The Morden Brook, Morden

Pass this place every day, was going to pop in and give it a go. As I came round the roundabout I saw a Chavbag McDougal pissing against the outside of the pub. Whats the inside like if the patrons would rather go toilet on the outside of the pub in full view of a busy road?? Decided to give it a miss!

2 Sep 2010 21:30

The Sun, Carshalton

Popped in the other night to see why this pub is getting such high ratings.
Lovely pint of Sharps Doom Bar, at least two other real ales on.
Okay decor, music playing, volume level seemed variable between obtrusive and background noise.
Didn't try any of the food.
Much younger crowd than the Hope but non of the chavvy elements of Carshalton in evidence.
Plenty of seating available, mixed sex crowd, will definately add this pub to my regulars.

31 Aug 2010 17:01

The Hope, Carshalton

Popped in tonight and the hope was absolutely rammed! Hog roast and barbeque going on. Two seperate musicians playing, one indoors one in the garden.Fast smiley service despite the crowd. Tried the Dark Star Tripel 8.5% nice but not my favourite and Dark Star The Original Dark Star 5% and superb. The Hope is going from strength to strength. I can definately recommend this pub.

28 Aug 2010 21:37

The Terrace, Wimbledon

No real ales. Very, very expensive. Poor service. Music too loud to hear conversation. Lots of nice eye candy though!!
Seriously i'm sure in such a crowded bar that a barrel of ale could be maintained in ok condition!!

26 Jul 2010 18:33

The Red Lion, Solihull

Went their recently. Apparently the garden was a bit midgy but it was a summers eve, and it is near fields.
Food very nice although a bit pricey.
Three real ales on tap.
Tried the Pure UBU and Everards Tiger, both nicely kept.
Service a bit slow for the second round, be we had chilled out by that point. Staff concientious about not giving short measures. Recommended pub.

4 Jun 2010 16:41

The Lifford Curve, Stirchley

Can confirm pub has burnt to the ground. Drove past yesterday and this is not repairable, will be a full rebuild.

4 Jun 2010 16:38

Yates's, Croydon

Soulless chain pub.
Birthday ale was cheap but bland!! Tasted like a pound shop beer not a well crafted one!
Food cheapish
A redeeming feature is the fact you can watch football there as the Walkie is closed.
They were doing stuff for help for heroes which is always commendable.

19 Apr 2010 13:55

The Beer House, Colchester

Clean pub, very quiet when I went in.
Not one real ale on, a downpoint in my opinion, however the owner said he had just taken over the pub and would look into it in the future. Got to have a real ale if your going to call yourself the beer house!!
Nicely looked after Stella. Would give this place another chance.

19 Apr 2010 13:51

The Navigation Inn, Kings Norton

Cloudy, off, Davenports last week.
Went straight onto bottled beer to save my health.
Dirty pub. Beginning to get a reputation for trouble on a Friday night.
A chavs dream location!!

19 Apr 2010 13:45

The Rose and Crown, Old Romney

First visit, clean pub, friendly staff. Only problem was pint was in poor condition, tasted slightly vinegary. In fairness to the staff, barrel was taken off straight after my pint. I'm sure if i had said something it would have been changes, having never tried that beer before i wasn't sure if it was supposed to taste that way. Driving so couldn't try an alternative, will try again when next in the area!!

22 Jun 2009 12:15

The Hope, Carshalton

Just went to the LocAle festival 10 real ales on tap. 9 festival beers and a wheat beer. Ale in good condition. A little warm for my liking but probably what CAMRA would recommend, I always did like a colder than normal pint. Boules pitch being constructed at present. Only downside is the drains from the mens can sometimes seem a bit smelly. Probably due to years of neglect previously but under the new management the pub is improving in leaps and bounds.

20 Jun 2009 20:16

The Crown, Sutton

Sent a voucher offering a free pint of Carling. Went to use voucher but was told they weren't honouring the deal. Voucher was valid and in date. Just a ploy to get you in the pub. Go elsewhere there are plenty honourable and truthfull publicans in Sutton. Dishonest deals like this do not encourage repeat custom. Pubs that treat customers this way deserve to do badly!!

20 Jun 2009 20:10

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