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The Sir John Hawkshaw, Cannon Street

Been in a few times, whilst waiting for trains, and is sometimes good for a nice quiet drink. However, despite it being a non music pub, the staff in the kitchen, which opens onto one part of the pub, are forever blasting out awful music from their tinny MP3 players, which puts me right off. One night staff were singing along, it was like being in a fucking Kareoke bar!

10 Nov 2016 20:48

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Popped in for old times sake on Thursday. Was harassed by someone playing music on their phone and trying to sell me a CD. Was then double teamed by staff trying to coerce me into doing something for "charidee"!!

26 Sep 2016 18:01

The Minories, Tower Hill

They advertise ales for £2.45 on Mondays, but seem to always have ran out of gas and can't serve ales!

26 Sep 2016 17:49

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Frequently encountering staff playing music on their phones behind the bar, at many Wetherspoons in Central London. If you don't have a license to play music then don't! Oh, and staff, childish attitude will drive away customers!

10 Sep 2016 23:14

The Kings Head, Islington

Tried out quiz night with a few friends, painfully slow quiz master, and same team win every week!

7 Sep 2016 23:37

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Got served the cloudiest pint of vinegar I've ever encountered last week, then had the barmaid trying to convince me that was how it was supposed to be!

12 Aug 2015 15:59

The Round Table, Leicester Square

Avoid like the plague, staff re-use beer from the drip trays to put into pints to sell, they pour the dregs into glasses, add a bit of fresh beer and sell it!

19 Jun 2015 03:34

Star of Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green

Went to the quiz night. Pub full of youngsters who seem to feel the need to shout conversations to their friends less than a foot away. Combine that with a quiz host who sounds like she's giving the mic a BJ makes for an experience I will never repeat!

15 Jul 2014 22:35

Simon The Tanner, London

Avoid quiz night, the host announces he's going outside for a tab, cue everyone to shamelessly get their smart phones out! Would never eat there either, saw bar staff playing with punters dogs, then serve food without washing hands!

27 Jan 2014 12:29

The Aldgate Exchange, Aldgate


27 Jan 2014 12:23

The Star Inn, Guildford

Student in Guildford in the '80's. one of the pubs bombed the "Guildford 4". Used to be a no go area on weekends due to drunk Squadies. Guildford, nice looking place, filled with seriously horrible people!

9 Jul 2013 02:55

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Have history with the old Wheatsheaf, used to love the place, if you walked in and saw the cast of the Sweeney in there you wouldn't have been surprised! Went into the re-vamp recently, think they've tried far too hard with the decor and it's one jumbled mess. Case in point straw holder on the bar, a mini watering can in a mini picnic hamper, WTF? Oh, and that big sausage roll left uncovered at the end of the bar for hours, not very appetising! That said Borough Market ain't what it used to be, it's now just a glorified fast food venue for Daily Mail readers, whilst a good few of the organic farmers who made it the success it was are out on their arses.

3 Jul 2013 19:27

The Captains Cabin, Piccadilly

Much loved pub of Cast & Crew from Her Majestys and Haymarket. Sadly not to be with us much longer, word is it's getting turned into flats!

3 Jul 2013 19:12

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Strange goings on recently has seen a regularly packed wednesday quiz night, reduced to a handful of punters. First they scrapped the roll over jackpot, that could regularly get into 3 figures and replaced it with a raffle for a bottle of whiskey that has Aldi/Lidl written all over it, then sacked the long term host and replaced him with some young 'un who seems terrified of a microphone.

3 Jul 2013 16:25

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