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Comments by Enrico_Gatty

The Treasury, Plymouth

I lived across the road from this place for 2 years and never knew it existed, finally came when i had left. WOW great place great bar staff and perfect atmosphere.

A massive array of spirits, lovely beer, knowledgeable staff. absolutly great, and the best part is not many people know about it so its quiet.

i love it

12 Aug 2005 14:29

Pennycomequick Hotel, Plymouth

a dive

12 Aug 2005 14:25

The Roundabout, Plymouth

Great pub, for about the first week of term before all the fit threshers discover there are better bars or go to destiny's (ick).

very average all round

12 Aug 2005 14:25

Bar R / Ride, Plymouth

great bar, great music, shame about all the trendys.

one of the best student bars in plymouth. Sod union street, best bars are at the uni

12 Aug 2005 14:17

Bar Me, Plymouth

chav heaven, over priced everything, staff are great ecept for the glass collector

12 Aug 2005 14:15

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