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The York Hotel, St Helens

A good, traditional pub; one regular cask ale (Castle Rock) well-kept and served. Only let-down is the obnoxious, highly abusive, disgusting fan of LFC who has a new pool cue. He's a sad, bad loser who doesn't even know his own football club's profligate history. Idiots like him, put people off.

29 Jan 2015 21:14

The Telford Inn, Trevor

Really good food ! Sadly, the one cask ale on offer, Tetley's masquerading as 'Telford's Tipple', was on the turn. Nice place to be, just needs more real (and fresh !) ale.

31 Oct 2011 13:16

The Ship Inn Hotel, Porlock

The Ship is the best pub in Porlock. have just returned from Porlock after 7 nights; ate at The Ship on 4 nights; food very good quality and the real ale, particularly St. Austell's 'Proper Job' was excellent. Staff also very friendly and efficient. Went to the Friday night quiz.....first class !

15 Aug 2011 11:30

The Ship Inn, Rainhill

Best pub in Rainhill for real ale; they do try very hard to update and vary the selection. And its always very well kept. Well done ! Only gripe is the food for Xmas season parties. A group of friends and myself booked a table at the beginning of December 2010 for our annual Xmas get-together meal; unfortunately, this turned out to be a mistake. Apparently, we should have informed them that some of us would quite like an Xmas dinner (there's a surprise, it was December after all and Xmas meals were listed on the menu that night !). Imagine, I ended up having sausage and mash since it was evidently too much trouble to serve any of us with turkey et.c. ! A great shame. So, in summary: excellent for real ale, excellent for a quiet night out, very very disappointing for food (or rather lack of !).

21 May 2011 18:03

The Commercial Hotel, Rainhill

Alan Healey, No, no mistake - I've also been a user of 'The Com' for over 20 years; I have no gripe with the decor or the customers, but...........the real ale is now always undrinkable. Do you drink real ale or that chemical stuff ? Quite how this place ever got a 'Cask Marque' is beyond me.

10 Jul 2009 11:57

The Victoria, Rainhill

Have visited this hostelry sveral times over the past 2 years..............on every occasion, the 'guest' ale has always been a lack-lustre version of Caledonia Deuchars (just when does guest become regular ?). Paid a visit last night, expecting a convivial evening chatting with friends, to find we could not hear a word since the 'entertaiunment' was far too loud ! Worryingly, an entire corner of the lounge was occupied by 15-year olds happily swigging bottles of Corona ! Rainhill needs help on the pub front. The 'beer' in The Com is now undrinkable, a night spent in The Vic will leave your ear-drums shattered; whwre can I go for a nice, quiet pint ?

14 Dec 2008 12:02

The Commercial Hotel, Rainhill

Oh dear again ! Out of necessity alone, I re-visited The Com again, last night, after a lapse of some 7 months. Regretfully, things have got even worse. There was no 'guest' ale available, the Cains was undrinkable (as ever !) and the Tetley's Dark Mild ?.............................this was singularly the worst pint of cask ale I have ever paid for...............far too warm and genuinely tasted like a swilled out ash-tray; .absolutely disgusting ! Needless to say, after attempting to drink 2 pints (unsuccessfully) I left, completely depressed. What has happened to what used to be a great pub, with quaffable ale ? Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that that the licensee spends all his time drinking chemical lager on the wrong side of the bar. Maybe if he tasted the cask le he'd realise what stomach-churning pig-swill he was offering.

14 Dec 2008 11:55

The Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

A spectacularly abysmal hostelry; yes, it looks quaint, but the reception for parents with kids is anything but. We made the mistake of visiting The Cobweb one early evening in August 2005; I had just lodged the drinks order at the bar when the 'landlord' espied my 4-yr. old son and barked "you'll have to go elsewhere if you want seats for children !". I turned round and walked out leaving 5 drinks unpaid for on the bar. We wil visit Boscastle again but will steer clear of this unfriendly watering hole; I would astrongly urge anyone with children not to go anywhere near - they don't deserve any family trade !

14 Jul 2008 13:16

The Commercial Hotel, Rainhill

Oh dear ! Its some months since my last visit, but..............................I didn't think it was possible, but The Com have actually made the Cains bitter taste even worse ! Actually, taste is perhaps the wrong choice of word since the drink served in The Com now has no taste whatsoever. I really don't know what they do to transform what leaves the Liverpool brewery as one of the tastiest pints around into a brown, taste-free liquid. Anyone any ideas ? Oh, and the much-lauded jukebox is far too loud as well !

12 May 2008 13:41

The Manor Farm, Rainhill

Appalling ! I risked a visit on Saturday (note - a Saturday night !) 10 May 2008 as an acquaintance had advised me that The Manor Farm was "offering real ale again". What a disappointment ! Sure, they had two real ale pumps, but the clip was turned round on one of them and the other showed no signs of ever having displayed one. The black-shirted youth (the de rigeur uniform I assume) behind the bar, who enquired as to my choice of refreshment received the followong polite request:

"A pint of the cask ale, please" The response:

"We haven't any real ale", cue:

"Presumably you'll be putting a new barrel on later ?", cue:

"No. Not tonight, not Sunday and not for a few days"

What is the point of proudly displaying real ale pumps in an Olde Worlde themed pub but only being able to offer the traditional and noxious UK chemical fare of Carling et.c ? Not being able to offer a pint of real ale on the hottest night of the year so far (and a saturday at that)is, at best, incompetence; not being able to change a barrel or order enough supplies is plain daft. I will not be re-visiting for some time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 May 2008 13:34

Sutton Oak, St Helens

A great pub; but is it still open ? I strongly suspect the over-critical Mr/Mrs "Needapub" was/were the staff sacked round about the same time their 'review' was penned.

Sour grapes methinks !

My own experience of T'Oak was of a warm, cosy and friendly pub that was trying really hard to keep alive the essence of what a good pub should be. The choice of real ales was legendary throughout Merseyside. If "Needapub" insisted on drinking that awful chemical drink known as lager I'm not surprised their rear end was painful soon after ! Had they stuck to the extremely well-kept real ale they would have had no problems.

In short, a great pub, serving great ale in a trouble-free and safe environment; just as it should be. I sincerely hope some way can be found of preserving it for future generations "

16 Apr 2008 13:53

The Commercial Hotel, Rainhill

This used to be a great pub' sadly, the last 5/6 years have not been kind to The Com. The real ale is undrinkable, although I have to say, the staff have perfected the art of making every pint of real ale taste exactly the same, whether it be 'Bombardier'/'Pedigree'/'Landlord' mystifies me how they have been able to achieve this. The Cains bitter is absolutely undrinkable, a great shame for what is normally a dependable pint. It is clear that the preferred clientele are the youths who steadfastly refuse to drink from a glass and would rather enhance their street cred by wandering round The Com swigging out of the disgusting bottles of Bud (brewed in the UK by the way !). My friends and I used to visit The Com every Saturday night and had been doing so for nearly 20 years; sadly, we are now compelled to use the train to find decent real ale further afield. A great shame

16 Jan 2008 13:16

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