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Ha Ha, Ealing

Not improved of late. Hasn't helped with the removal of Tiger, Amstel and San Miguel on draft. Owner felt it better to stick with "popular" beers. Apparently.

There was a salsa dance class on, in the doorway, when I visited. How this place stays open during the current climate is beyond me.

19 Jan 2011 17:31

The Salutation, Hammersmith

One of the better establishments on King St. Always worth a look in if you're in the area. Good vibrations, decent staff and well maintained toilets.

7 Jan 2011 17:34

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

My only gripe about this otherwise decent establishment, would be one or two of the inebriated "friendly" locals. Especially mr "hey man, hey dude" fellow who insists on sidling up to you and alternating between being insulting and ingratiating. His friend insists he's had a hard life, which is fair enough but this is not a branch of the samaritans.

Lively pub, good staff.

7 Jan 2011 12:45

The Rose and Crown, Ealing

Methinks some of the ex regulars doth protest too much. Some of the former drinkers were so up themselves that really, really, it's a blessing that they've found somewhere else to patronise. And I do mean patronise.

Sorry to hear about mr bruce's unfortunate cullinary experience; it can vary, I guess but overall, the food is agreeable.

6 Jan 2011 17:28

The North Star, Ealing

Of late, I'm still ensnared by this establishment but really, when there's short pints, short change and short tempers galore, I often wonder.

One barman in particular seems to be a bit short with customers who's first language may not be English; which is a shame. Needs to be a bit more welcoming.

Not entirely convinced with the refurb. I guess it's following some direction of pub trends but it's a bit 1980s gloomy, if you desire that sort of thing.

6 Jan 2011 17:13

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

I can now report that The Swan is a marked improvement on its predecessor. Lively, pleasant décor and attentive staff. Served a pint of Doom in a proper glass mug & it was brought to my table. The pint itself was average but since it’s early days, I’ll allow that. I’ll also allow for the unnecessary volume of the music which threatened to drown out any conversation! I expect this to do well.

17 Dec 2009 13:44

The Dartmouth Castle, Hammersmith

Remarkably efficient pub, attractive staff and customers. Can't quite equate it with the rest of H'smith boozers. It's like it's a gateway to another dimension.
One gripe - toilets. Bit small and intimate.

15 Dec 2009 17:59

The William Morris, Hammersmith

After my last less than memorable trip there, I decided to give it a wide berth for a while. Since then, I was assaulted outside, nearly slipped in the urine slicks in the gents and was accosted by various drunks cadging ciggies.

There's nothing "toff" in hankering after a pleasant boozer where you don't risk the chance of leaving battered, as opposed to lagered.

Having said that, kudos as always to the staff who do an excellent job under somewhat trying circumstances. And to be fair; the majority of punters there are just out for a few beers and a decent evening. It's the minority of idiots who behave as if it's their first night out in a pub who tend to spoil things.

15 Dec 2009 17:56

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Be interested to see how the latest incarnation works out. The staff always seemed to be under pressure from some of the louder punters on occasion. And I was not impressed by the "lady" who disappeared with my beer money the last time I was there. Can't trust anyone these days.

15 Dec 2009 17:42

Roddy's Bar, South Ealing

Small Irish boozer, great staff, mostly great punters - apart from some of the more tanked up locals who should be avoided if you're just looking for a quiet pint.

15 Dec 2009 17:35

The Rose and Crown, Ealing

A hidden gem, trumps the nearby Castle Inn (great pub but spoiled by overly blokey atmosphere) and the New Inn (great staff but no atmosphere). Staff are attentive and chatty, beer is good. What more could you ask for? Also jazz nights, film nights and recently; a Thanksgiving evening (boss is American).

15 Dec 2009 17:31

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Utterly dismal. I often drop in here when I want to depress/punish myself. Maybe it's the ex-Catholic guilt in me. You can always tell a pub by it's toilets. These are very telling, indeed. Imagine, if you will, stepping into the nightmare that is a Hieronymous Boshch vision of hell. That's not nearly as bad as the facilities here. 2 cubicles, sans locks and choking with paper and faeces, admirably provide some light relief to the pools of urine/water/God knows what - that cover the floor. Out of order hand driers and vomit filled sinks are another talking point for rubbish pub fans - you won't be disappointed.

The clientele are ok, evidently they don't seem to mind the carnage within but hell's teeth, this place needs a makeover. Or demolition job.

24 Nov 2009 13:50

The Townhouse, Ealing

I saw some activity in there last week. I think it's up for a massive makeover, although at this stage, it would appear nothing short of being bullzozed to the ground would suffice.

20 Oct 2009 12:42

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

Still as relaxing and real as ever. Not the greatest range of beers but always a pleasure to drink in.

Some of the older characters are no longer with us but the pub is infused with their memories.

Until the next time; cheers.

18 Aug 2009 13:25

The Prince Albert, Notting Hill

The quality of Notting Hill's so-called "trendy" watering holes continues their nosedive into oblivion. Prince Albert is no exception.

As others have pointed out - rude and disinterested staff are not endearing or amusing.

I guess punters who think it's all part of the local "vibe" will happily put up with it - but there are pubs in the area that know how to treat their customers with a bit more respect.

18 Aug 2009 13:16

Champion, Notting Hill

Back here recently & the service has got worse. One guy on the bar, heads off to change a barrel or watch telly, the boss lady is too busy on her mobile & in the meantime, there's about 8 or 9 punters waiting.

So another girl starts serving and of course all semblance of a queue goes out the window.

I hate to say it but I'm rapidly going off this venue. Great location and good beer is not enough. Staff are disorganised and don't seem to care.

Similar trendy pub in Ealing - The North Star - seems to have a similar problem.

Pull your socks up, folks!

18 Aug 2009 13:06

The Grove, Ealing

The old manager was (allegedly) arrested? Guess that would explain the door policy being rigidly enforced these days... still an average pub, mostly decent clientele. Not the worst, at any rate.

9 Jun 2009 17:22

Old Orleans, Ealing

Is a gay pub? Is it an aggressive joint? Or is it, as I long suspected, just a terrible waste of space?

Not one to be missed.

9 Jun 2009 17:18

The North Star, Ealing

Update time. The toilets have locks now, which is a plus. Unfortunately the floor of one cubicle seems to be permanently with a large puddle in residence.

Staff are friendly, no doubt but there needs to be more. Especially on a busy evening. I can't for the life of me, understand why both bars aren't utilised. The front bar now bears the legend that due to a "technical fault", punters should look to be served in the back bar. But long before that; it appeared staff were reluctant to serve in both areas. Perhaps they prefer to cloister together - I don't know.

Beer still great, atmosphere agreeable and staff - apart from one girl who got narked because I was in the collection area, waiting to be served (no room elsewhere) - are a fine bunch. They just need more bodies to deal with a busy pub!

Come on folks; we know you can do it!

9 Jun 2009 16:53

Red Lion, Ealing

Marvellous, old-school, welcoming, charismatic boozer. Staff and clientele polite & friendly. Beer fresh and thirst quenching, as it should be.

12 Feb 2009 14:47

O'Neills, Ealing

Ealing Pubspy would do well to check out the apocalyptic state of the gents in The North Star up the road. Makes O'Neill's seem like an oasis of calm and dignity.

Is it any good, though? If you're looking for craic, atmosphere, warmth and charm - then you'd best avoid this place. About as "Irish" as a weekend in Bognor Regis.

If, however, you seek to catch the eye of a lady, be sure to stand outside on a Saturday night and one might come your way, during a predictably tedious cat fight...

12 Feb 2009 14:30

The North Star, Ealing

I've popped my head in the door several occasions since my last review and the service remains as slow as ever. Which is a great shame, given the potential of this place. It seems management doesn't give a damn. My opinion of the lax attitude is re-inforced when it comes to the state of the gents. There have been no locks on the gents' cubicles since April. April! I was told in May, that someone would be coming to fix them - in October.

Now, normally I don't make a fuss but having been caught out on occasion, it isn't much fun having to relieve yourself, whilst trying to keep door shut.

I have asked what's happening but the staff smile and say that there is "some delay" or they are "very sorry". Not as sorry as I.

October's been and gone... I don't make a habit of hanging out in the gents but I'm tempted to pop in and see if they are mended yet. What are the bets?

Dropping my rating from 7 to 4 on this tragic state of affairs. As for dropping my trousers - harrumph!

24 Nov 2008 18:00

O'Riordans, Brentford

I was surprised to hear that this place used to have a bit of a reputation. We strayed in after seeing a placard heralding the return of Murphy's stout for £1.90, which on a blistering hot afternoon probably wasn't the obvious choice but why not?

An enjoyable experience, the pub was heaving with GAA fans and one old dear who'd had one too many.

I'll be back again.

14 Jul 2008 17:21

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Average; I expected more from the outside. Guess you can never judge a book by it's cover, eh?

14 Jul 2008 17:15

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

Trequites and Mr.Cole should note that the staff aren't as over-zealous as before. I noticed that on our first visit soon after the "upgrade", there were about half a dozen staff clamouring for our attention and over eager to serve!

These teething problems have since abated and the atmosphere (and service!!!) is less intimidating.

True, it's gone upmarket but as that kind of pub goes it's not the worst.

16 Jun 2008 17:20

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

The refurb took me by suprise. Been quite a while since last had a pint there. Bit more space & the atmosphere still remains the same. To be honest, they could have replaced the place with a portacabin & it still wouldn't have much effect - the view makes up for any inconsistencies with the refurb...

9 Jun 2008 15:06

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Excellent place for conversation, beer and all the rest. One avoids it now, due to sensitive, sweet memories of a Clapham lady friend but time heals all, as they say, so maybe in the future I shall once more make the trip. Definitely recommend the place.

5 Feb 2008 13:53

The North Star, Ealing

Not bad at all. Could do with more staff behind the bar, though. Great selection of beer, much like The Champion in Notting Hill. Unfortunately, like that place, you can wait quite a while to get served. I've met some interesting, friendly and unfriendly characters there on my visits. A microcosm of the wider environment, naturally.

5 Feb 2008 13:46

Ha Ha, Ealing

Only "Ha Ha", if you find intimidating atmospheres and pricey but average tasting beers amusing...

I think the owners are having the last laugh.

5 Feb 2008 13:30

The Grove, Ealing

Went here a couple of times over the last 6 months. One time it was busy, studenty and not altogether friendly. One time it was quiet, staff were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. Might well go back, esp if the lovely pool-playing buxom brunette is there ;-)

5 Feb 2008 13:25

Champion, Notting Hill

Probably the wrong night, chrissiboy. Yes, still quite slow on the serving front but otherwise a great place to drink and for the most part, friendly punters. Still rate this place.

5 Feb 2008 12:38

The Common Room, Ealing Common

Having left Jono's across the road to experience a different vibe, as it were, we found ourselves in The Common Room in the company of Beyonce, Wonderwoman and a lot of other fly bootylicious people. Party time, evidentIy. I didn't think I'd enjoy this place but was pleasantly surprised. Even the young drunken fellow yelling nonsense down his phone and introducing himself to complete strangers didn't phase us. Most enjoyable.

27 Nov 2007 16:44

Jono's, Ealing Common

Having read the reviews, I really wanted to like this place. Certainly, the service was efficient and the staff friendly but I didn't totally connect with the place. Mind you, we had gone for a quiet pint on the busiest night of the week, so perhaps the timing was wrong. Initially, we were put off by the 3 foul-mouthed shouty blokes, "eff this", "eff that" and "cant this", "cant that" every 5 seconds. As an Irishman, I have no problem with a liberal sprinkling of expletives but this just seemed offensive, intimidating and boorish. Perhaps their vocabulary was limited and maybe they secretly yearned to express themselves in more diverse prose yet tragically couldn't and drank copious amounts to conceal their shortcomings? Anyway; once they left, things improved and I will give it another go, undoubtedly.

27 Nov 2007 16:28

Arch 635, Clapham North

Not bad, nicely tucked away from sigh of some of the more offensive trendy bars in the locale. Pity about the curious kids, running in and pressing their faces against the windows while you're trying to enjoy a refreshing pint. That aside, I'd go again.

31 Jul 2007 14:36

The Ealing Park Tavern, South Ealing

Seems to be quite a popular and welcoming place, without being raucous. Good mix of people. Haven't tried the food yet, so cannot say yay or nay on that front.

12 Jun 2007 15:25

The Castle Inn, Ealing

Relaxing boozer, decent staff. Some of the locals seem to have issues with their Polish neighbours which they voiced aloud. Pity. Otherwise an agreeable pub.

12 Jun 2007 15:18

The Prince of Teck, Earls Court

Must have chosen the wrong night to avail of the pub's charm and atmosphere. The charm was of the lesser variety, probably due to the shouty woman looking for a fight at the bar. Eventually she was asked to leave, I believe. The atmosphere consisted of a table or two of VERY LOUD BLOKES IMPRESSING THE LADIES competing with some of the most indistinguishable "rock" tunes I've heard. The table we had the fortune to plonk ourselves down at was covered with ash and litter.

Fair play to the staff who were admirably courteous and friendly. I think I'd lose my mind working in this hell hole. I left with a headache and a feeling of disappointment. Sorry.

12 Jun 2007 12:22

Tir Na Nog, Wandsworth

Higly recommended. A quiet, friendly place with GAA on the big screen, if you like that sort of thing. Good stout, good craic. And as likely to have IRA supporters as BNP supporters. Which is very unlikely, indeed.

28 Mar 2007 12:48

The Mayfair Tavern, Tooting

Being an Irishman, I like to see what constitutes an Irish pub, when out of the country. Mind, I've been out of the country for years now - so I can't keep track of the trendy bars back home. The MT is not trendy, not in the slightest. This is not a bad thing. I have been here on several occasions and found the staff and clientele to be very pleasant.

However, I imagine being confronted with the ignorant type who refer to you as a "mick" or patronising you because of your beliefs (misguided or otherwise) may bring a frown to the jolliest of faces.

28 Mar 2007 12:42

The Front Lounge, Dublin

Stylish, lots of air-kissing young things and the place to be scene and not heard. If memory serves me well. Not the worst of the trendy bars.

27 Feb 2007 17:09

Gravity Bar, Dublin

I thought it would be hateful but it wasn't. Everyone sipping in the magnificent views, not to mention the stout.

Not a real pub but something you should do at least the once.

27 Feb 2007 17:07

John Mulligan, Dublin

I remember when the Irish Press crowd drank there. Always brimming with people and good banter, still is last time I was there. And yes, the stout IS that good.

27 Feb 2007 17:05

McDaids, Dublin

I've lost count of all the good times I've had in this establishment over the years. Seen bands play the blues and punters playing the booze and there's one of the best pubs in Dublin for you!

27 Feb 2007 17:03

Mulligans of Mayfair, Mayfair

Is it the best Irish pub in London? Not having been in every single one of those, I'm not sure. Yet. I will say this - it's certainly the best pint of the black stuff in the capital. Rivalling that of the Coach & Horses in Covent Garden. It really does taste close to perfection and for my money's worth that would be the other Mulligans; of Poolbeg Street, Dublin. I'll be returning for the oysters next visit!

5 Feb 2007 12:37

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

It certainly looked most inviting to come in out of the cold afternoon, sit by the crackling fire and enjoy an ale and absorb the atmosphere of what looked like a decent, traditional, friendly pub.

Unfortunately, my other half, who hails from Japan, was met with mutterings of "no DVDs, no DVDs" from the various giro-drinking, knuckle-dragging neanderthals. When I asked what they meant by that, I was met with guffaws and a few surly looks.

Needless to say, we left. Racism is an ugly thing. Shame.

25 Jan 2007 17:30

Bar 366, Earlsfield

I wouldn't say I'm a regular but when I'm in the area I always make a point of popping in. Can't fault it. Great staff and good beer. Friendly punters, too. Always a plus, that.

12 Jan 2007 16:12

The Old Fire Station, Hammersmith

Intrigued by the idea of the place, I breezed on in out of the chilly night air to warm the cockles of my heart. Still not sure what to make of it. More playstation than fire station. Lack of seating, yes and the usual big screen designed to suck atmosphere and conversation out of the experience.

Didn't totally succeed. There's an airy aesthetic about the place and it is a bit different compared to the catastrophic watering holes down the road.

I'll give it another try and hopefuly it will be alright on the night.

10 Jan 2007 17:19

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Used to drink here around the turn of the century. It had a rep then and it does now. Still, I always found it to be functionable if you were after a quick, cheap pint.

Sadly, the place has slipped further into the abyss and now it's the company who are quick and cheap. It's not down to the Polish who congregate there - why shouldn't they?

It's mostly the surly attitude from the bouncers, I was told to remove my flat cap when I popped in last week, for old times sake. I doff my cap to no-one! Sigh. It was never like that in the old days. Not to mention the wretchedness of the beer. Most disappointing.

10 Jan 2007 16:26

Champion, Notting Hill

Great range of eclectic beers, good tunes, comfy and atmospheric. Unfortunately, service can be a bit on the s-l-o-w side and the food (whilst delicious) is not cheap.

Best in the Summer in the hidden beer garden.

13 Oct 2006 16:48

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

Still pop in, regular like. All the regulars are there and I've developed a soft spot for them all.

No better place there is to unwind and that's what The Uxbridge is all about.

Even during the power cut we experienced there, a few weeks ago, beer was still being served until they could serve no more.

Now that's dedication.

The only thought is how will the regulars react when the smoking ban comes in?

11 Oct 2006 17:37

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

Been popping in here, on and off over the last few years. It's nice to see a change in attitude and a warmer welcome than in the recent past. Bar staff are excellent, efficient and best of all - friendly.

Music's not bad either, although I think if I hear "Too Many DJs" on a Saturday night again, I might opt out.

A decent local, on the up again.

11 Oct 2006 17:31

The Great Eastern, Brighton

Would Our Lord Jesus Christ drink there, though? That's the burning question...

10 Nov 2005 17:54

The Puzzle, Earlsfield

Let's not bring nationality into it - just a poor excuse to slag off each other. For the record, it's not the worst of pubs (though probably - going by the comments here - the most controversial!) it does exactly what it says on the tin. I've found the barstaff to be helpful and most of the punters fairly sound. Has it's good days and bad, like any other boozer.

10 Nov 2005 17:11

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Extremely friendly staff and patrons, good atmos. marred slightly by the pints of Guinness that were served up to a group of tourists. Pints were served in one go and tourists (Russian, I think) obviously not having tasted stout before took copious gulps before the pints had settled. Bleurgh! C'mon bar staff, have pride in pulling a decent pint.

That blip aside, a great little boozer.

20 May 2005 17:32

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

What an excellent find, a gem, a salt of the earth cliché etc.

Seriously, a very warm trad cockernee pub with no tat or pretentions and a great mix of people. Even mad old man.

Loved it.

20 May 2005 17:12

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Popped in there on Xmas day and stood at the bar for 10 mins. Didn't get served, admittedly the place was busy but not over the top. Lots of regulars got served in front of me and I thought "not very welcoming".

Left to prepare turkey.

Having heard so much about the place and the fondness it has in so many's hearts I tried again a couple of weeks ago. Better all round this time.

Maybe it was just the day that was in it on my first call and the fact that I wasn't a regular. Still, it was Xmas and there should have been room at the inn...

Anyway, aside from that, yep - it's a good place to be.

14 Feb 2005 17:52

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

I intend to have my last Hobgoblin experience this week. I expect wall-to-wall rrrawk, groovy people and average beer. Farewell, Hobgoblin xxx

14 Feb 2005 17:40

The Freebutt, Brighton

Reasonable price for stout. Bit dingy but not offensive. Great music, mind.

14 Feb 2005 17:37

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

An all but too brief visit recently. Marvellous, welcoming and tasteful old-time porn. I shall return one day.

14 Feb 2005 17:35

JJ Moons, Tooting

Almost had a pint there the other night. I say "almost", 'cos two punters started screaming at each other and you could cut the atmos with a rusty knife. No thanks. I lenjoy real pubs with real characters and real ale but this was liking stepping into the ninth circle of hell..!

I may attempt a beverage when it freezes over.

14 Feb 2005 17:29

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