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Comments by Dymchurchdaytripper

The Railway Hotel, West Wickham

This is a busy pub, serving a large area of west wickham. However the bar staff leave a lot to be desired. We normally go here most Friday early evenings. This last few weeks we have had staff who cough and sneeze into their hands and then serve customers without washing their hands,
There is a large container under the bar for empty bottles, and one member of staff in particular likes to throw the bottles in there. Now Nick Lowe might like empty beer bottles crashing into a container, but it's not very nice when you are trying to have a chat.
Then this week, we ordered a few pints of Peroni, and when asked to top one of them up to the pint mark, this was met by a look and attitude as if we has asked something outrageous. At over £4 a pint, I want a full pint. Without sniggering from staff.
They have just lost our custom. The Jolly Woodman in Beckenham is a bit of a trek, but it's a proper pub, and that's where we will be on Fridays from now on.

14 Jun 2013 20:57

Tweedies Bar at Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere

Good range of beers to be had in this pub. The food, while very good, is a bit over the top for a pub. 17 quid buys a bit of sea bass on a bed of minted peas with potatoes and pancetta.
After a long walk up the hills a big plate of cod and chips for a tenner would have been ideal.
Not mentioned on this website is the Lamb Inn, just around the corner. While it doesn't have the range of beers Tweedies have (in fact one night it didn't have ANY beers on), the food is less fussy, still very good and a lot cheaper.
So perhaps an ideal evening is to have few beer in this bar followed by a meal in the Lamb.

4 Jun 2013 20:23

The Royal Oak Inn, Cartmel

Lovely, friendly pub. Just had a good walk in the local area and as it was just past mid day and starting to rain, it was only polite to pop into a pub.
Served an excellent pint of beer, roaring fire was just being lit (it was May after all) and sat down in cosy chairs to enjoy the beer. Within 10 minutes a fair few people came in from the rain and were ordering food.
Only stayed for a pint, but looked like a nice pub.

4 Jun 2013 20:12

The Coney, West Wickham

More of a place to eat then a pub, but still nice to go for a pint, its a very relaxed atmosphere. I've never had trouble waiting to be served. I have eaten here before and the food and service was fine.

17 Jul 2012 16:46

The Kings Head, Hythe

Visited this pub over the weekend, took my mum and my family for a pub lunch. Very friendly staff and excellent food. Everything looked homemade and it was very good value as well. Didn't try any of the beers, will return soon to find out if they are good too.

17 Jul 2012 16:42

The Swan, West Wickham

No Mr Beergut, I'm not barred, but will happily bar myself, and no I am not the local competition. I'm, a LOCAL DRINKER just looking for a decent pub.
And as for it now being a Palace pub....I think you'll be very much at home in this fetid place.

13 Dec 2011 13:05

The Swan, West Wickham

According to an earlier post here, those that donít like this pub are moaning old gits. Maybe I am, but with good reason. All I want is for West Wickham to have some decent pubs. This is not one of them. Popped in there on Saturday and was hit straight away by the smell of the toilets. Even the locals were joking with the bar staff about how the new owners were supposedly sorting this over the summer. Surely where food and drink are concerned you would make this a priority? One thing that used to be half decent here was the beer. Sadly the pint of Harveys I had was poor. As for Lucyx below Ė she is either a member of staff or should visit her local ENT hospital without delay.

12 Dec 2011 09:32

The Royal Marine, Combe Martin

Didn't eat in this place, but drank there a few times while on holiday in Combe Martin. Only drank here because the Dolphin was closed half the time and the Focsle Inn was too dire to spend holiday time in.
The beer in the Marine is fine. Thats about it. One afternoon I walked in here and there was loud heavy metal being played on the jukebox. Now I like my Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, but there is a time and a place, this was not one of them. Just like the Focsle Inn over the road, should be a good pub with this's not.

13 Aug 2011 20:52

The Focsle Inn, Combe Martin

A dire pub for a dire place. I thought Dymchurch in Kent was deadly dull, but this place is worse. Sad looking pub overlooking the bay. Should be a lovely pub - sadly not.

13 Aug 2011 20:45

The Woolpack, Brookland

Probably my favourite pub in the Romney area. Great food, excellent beer and friendly staff. All set in a wonderful 15th century pub. Roaring fire is usually on the go in the main bar and for the warmer days there is a very good garden to enjoy too.
I just wished this was my local pub at home!!

8 Apr 2010 14:55

The Ship Inn, Romney Marsh

About time! A decent pub in Dymchurch. Food good, beer very good, choice of Adnams, Harveys and usually another real ale on pump. Go there with the family or just to meet a friend for a pint. It has a family bar and non children bar as well as a restaurant.

8 Apr 2010 14:48

The Shepherd and Cock, Burmarsh

Been to this pub a couple of times now, not eaten there yet. The beer is very good, Adnams etc, as is the atmosphere and the warm welcome you'll get. Stuck in a time warp, in a good way. A choice of straight glass or jug, no music, just good beer in a good pub. These places used to be the norm, now they are very rare to find.
Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

8 Apr 2010 14:44

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