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Comments by Dr_Smeg

Neptune, Hove

This is a classic pub. Good atmosphere, good ale, friendly staff. Sorry to hear of the new manager comment from SeaDeeJay but only time will tell.
The music has been excellent on the couple of times I've been there. Only one slight niggle; ten bar stools are fine if you expect ten customers but, when occupied, they are a real obstacle when there are over a hundred in there.

5 Mar 2010 08:50

Museum Inn, Farnham

Popped in last autumn. The barman looked at us contemptuously as if to say " you can't afford to come in here" and he was right. This is the most expensive pint I've ever paid for. It was a good pint of Jurasic right enough but 3.40? A bowl of chips would have blown the budget for the week so cycled down to the Drovers at Gussage: much better.

3 Feb 2010 13:23

The Whole Hog, Malmesbury

Visited in September 2009. A classic pub. Good, reasonably priced, beer and the noise is conversation not juke box: remember that?

3 Feb 2010 13:14

The Crown, Everton

Yes it is a restaurant. The beer was served at lager temperature. Ringwood tastes awful that cold.

10 Dec 2009 19:24

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