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The Horns, West Norwood

In reference to my previous review. I was not referring to the manageress / landlady of the Horns Tavern.

9 Aug 2013 06:41

The Horns, West Norwood

Unlike my other review in this area, this is a pub good atmosphere, good selection of food either bar snacks or mains. If you like sports this pub as it all. It must say something when the staff from another pub drink here regularly. Also it was pleasant to see that the manageress was not drunk before her customers.

9 Aug 2013 06:26

Norwood Hotel, West Norwood

This pub lacks a lot in atmosphere, single bar. Not the sort of pub to meet for a chat, as the music is constantly too loud and not the best for sport. No food menu. Bar staff welcoming. Overall better pubs in the area.

3 Aug 2013 13:20

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