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The Durham Arms, Romford

This pub is awful.


We played this pub and Michelle(?) refused to pay in full after the gig.
If you've got bookings here, get something in writing or don't do it, her reasons for not paying were complete drivel.

Completely un professionsl, and to be honest.. it's not a worthy gig!!!!!

Spread the word, many bands have already been made aware of this in the area.

9 May 2011 08:44

The Bull, Colchester

also, The landlord.. Dave your one of the nicest guys i have ever met!!

great pub!!

19 Mar 2008 16:13

The Bull, Colchester

Its about time a DECENT band comes along.

Do yourself a fav and get down The Bull on the 29th of March, a STOMPING band. Rammed the place out everytime they have played...!!

19 Mar 2008 16:12

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