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Comments by Didi

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood


17 Nov 2009 14:07

The Victoria, Victoria

get some more staff for a friday night - or - train them to poor drinks faster. it would be quicker to have gordon bloody brown behind the bar with a patch over his good eye than this lot. the manager just stands there trying to come to terms with his huge belly! shit hole

17 Nov 2009 14:04

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Wierdly enough - this sells the best pint of lager in victoria and the cheapest bottle of chablis (18!!) TUBORG is cheap, cold and fizzy. Glasses are clean. Staff are pleasant unlike the rest of the pubs in victoria (bag o', Stage Door, Duke, Shakespeare etc etc) and there is enough staff for a friday to not wait 3 hours! toilets are scary. tables are clean. i've been in alot lot worse! and most of them in Victoria!

17 Nov 2009 14:01

The Phoenix, Victoria

over priced but the manager bought us all a pint the other day. bout time as we spend quite alot in there but thats beside the point. dishes are too fancy. keep it simpler and do it well. DOOM BAR AND OTHER BITTERS MUST NOT GO IN A WARM GLASS!!!!!

17 Nov 2009 13:57

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

best pint of bitter in victoria by miles.

17 Nov 2009 13:55

The Duke of York, Victoria

mmmmmmmmmm. smells of a hospice and gravy granules. what a hole....

17 Nov 2009 13:54

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Do you know what really upsets me? That this place can get away with saying "our world famous fish and chips". This kind of place is precisely why the UK has got such a bad reputation for food. The tourists think that this is the normal london pub but please avoid this place and go for something else. This is a hell hole beyond comprehension. You might be able to score some crack in the rebeccas if your lucky.

17 Nov 2009 13:52

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

6.0 out of 10???? how the hell did that happen. this place is a DISGRACE. Bad bitter, warm lager, whole place smells of vinegar and cold chips, terrible staff (not their fault), dark, dirty, airless. what really pisses me off is that all the tourists think that this is "authentic". AVOID AVOID AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

17 Nov 2009 13:43

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

i think the manager andy must have gone as he is not ranting on here anymore as soon as anything or one gives any feedback that tells him something that he deemed negative. hilarious!

6 May 2009 12:44

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

DEAR MOTHER OF GOD!!!! what have Youngs done to this pub. Now that Gotto has gone the beautiful pub remains. A prettier pub in South London is hard to find. However, this is where anything positive stops. The beer is well kept (another positive thing ok) but if you put it in warm glasses whats the point?! staff too busy to get a drink as they are chatting up the bar girls (young short haried blond bloke in a black t-shirt) -

the food used to be superb. we had a charcuterie board with all the ingredients having been pulled out of a plastic pre sliced pack bought from sainsburys. the chicken and chorizo burger served in a horrible bun. the fish and chips with a dried up piece of lemon and frozen deep fried fish.

get a new chef and a menu. train your bar staff to serve people. but i have a feeling you wont as it was packed and always will be. you could serve dog turd sandwiches in this place and people will still turn up!

6 May 2009 12:41

Rehab, Colliers Wood

Thank the Lord for rehab. Especially in Jan when no one has any money, they are doing there any main course for 5 (they have a tendancy to do this just at the right time!) I also noticed that they have recently got in draught Amstel. Hurrah!

17 Jan 2006 13:31

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