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The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Excellent pub. Very good selection of Fullers ale and highly recommended pub grub. Service is efficient and there are plenty of seats. Extra point for some of the cleanest pub toilets I've ever come across in London.

5 Dec 2008 11:48

The White Hart, Waterloo

One of the better options near Waterloo. Service isn't a strong point but it's not as bad as some others suggest. There's usually a good selection of beer. Ate here recently and the food was fine. Gets very busy in the evenings and finding a table can be a struggle.

5 Dec 2008 11:42

Prince Arthur, Euston

Excellent pub. Well-kept beer, very good food, friendly table service and plenty of comfy seats. Highly recommended if you're in the area.

19 Nov 2008 14:49

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

Relatively run-of-the-mill pub. Didn't eat here and after reading previous reviews I'm glad I didn't. But can't complain about the beer - a good choice of ales, with some unusual guest options. No problems getting a seat or getting served, although this was not surprising at 3pm on a midweek afternoon. Not bad if you're in the area, but there must be more inspiring venues nearby.

14 Nov 2008 17:29

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

Very small pub with limited seating options downstairs; was relatively quiet on a midweek lunchtime visit, but can imagine a squeeze in the early evening. The beer was fine and the food very tasty. The pies may be on the expensive side at 10 a pop, but they are worth it.

14 Nov 2008 17:17

The Woolpack, London Bridge

Above average pub. Good service, interesting decor upstairs and very impressive fish and chips. Bearded real ale fans like me might grumble at the limited beer options, but we're probably not the target market.

23 Oct 2008 12:19

The Ship, Borough

Very good choice of Fullers ales. Food OK. But a rather ordinary venue.

23 Oct 2008 12:13

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

I echo the previous reviewer's comments about the decor: it seems a bit odd serving plenty of ale in bar/restaurant surroundings, although on balance it works. I thought the eco-friendly East Green was thoroughly drinkable and the food was excellent. Service good although the place was hardly packed - on a very warm midweek evening the lack of a decent outside drinking area probably put many people off. No surprises given what others have said but my main complaint would be the prices. I still baulk at 3.20 a pint.

1 Aug 2008 19:26

Westow House, Crystal Palace

The problem with the Westow House is its size. Spacious pubs are usually welcomed by prematurely older drinkers like myself: everyone gets a seat, hurrah! But here it's too much. On a Saturday night the place felt half empty and lacking in atmosphere, not helped by most people choosing to sit outside and breathe traffic fumes. Nothing else against the pub. The beer is fine - although there's not much choice if you're into real ale - and the service brisk. Plenty of books to read too.

29 Jun 2008 12:59

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Yikes! This timeless old man's boozer has been transformed. A major refurb has given it a lick of paint (including a black exterior), brand new furniture, a revamped beer garden and, overall, a lighter, airier feel. It's now offering live music and, I kid you not, a theatre space. I'm guessing the menu has been given a full gastro revamp too although I haven't eaten here yet. Hard to know what to make of it all after one brief visit, but you can't fault the management's ambition. Wonder what the regulars make of it all?

28 Jun 2008 11:58

The Chequers, St James's

St James's is somewhere you are unlikely to visit unless you work in the area or have expensive tastes in art or shirts. There's certainly little reason to go out of your way to spend time in the Chequers Tavern. This pub is terrifyingly average. Sure, there's a bit of history and, yes, the beer is alright but I came away with a completely blank feeling. Fine for a pint or two after office hours but that's it. And don't bother with the food, which is mediocre verging on inedible.

26 Jun 2008 23:19

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

A lovely pub in a good location with a decent choice of beer and agreeable Thai food. Can get very busy after work but the service is usually quick (if sullen). Let down slightly by the toilets, which are truly awful.

21 Jun 2008 14:51

The Grove Tavern, Surbiton

I ate here a few weeks ago and thought the food was excellent - superior pub grub perfect after a few pints. Service was fine although they almost forgot to take our money. Went back the other night and got a rotten pint of Abbot, however.

8 Dec 2007 20:48

The Cardinal, Victoria

The Cardinal is unlikely to win any awards, and many will avoid it because of the Sam Smith's range. Yet it's a perfectly reasonable pub: (very) cheap beer, dependable if unexceptional food and a charming interior. And all only five minutes' walk from Victoria Station. Note, however, that women seem to give this pub a wide berth: the male/female ratio among the drinkers the other night was about 20:1.

22 Nov 2007 11:07

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Huge pub, perfect for a quiet pint with the paper as you'll easily find a spare table or 30. Beer is fine and staff are friendly but the overall impression is of an empty cave, albeit a well-lit one. Not an option if you're after a lively Saturday night.

18 Nov 2007 16:56

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