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The Windmill on the Common, Clapham Common

currently has microbrewery Meantime equipment in bar area. Very much aimed at the middle-class trade. As of most of the Young's pubs the food is expensive. Used to do Coronation Chicken sandwiches - sorely missed as were delicious and I'm not the only one who went there just for them and the Crayfish and prawn. Now it tries too hard to be 'international' with a bagel, a wrap, a BLT, a flatbread etc

No dogs seen inside but Saturdays it can be like a kindergarten.

Service is efficient but impersonal - more bar than a pub - the modern distance - but the interior and exterior is pleasant enough.
Not brilliant for parking as it is metered and its Lambeth which is pretty much 4 pounds an hour.

15 Aug 2013 14:09

The Beaufoy Bar, Clapham

this pub has been closed for some time now

15 Aug 2013 13:59

Ink Rooms, Battersea

duplicate incomplete review I have asked to be removed.

offensive - crossing the line and not a review has been reported for removal

this is not an area for such cruel slanging matches - it is for commenting on a bar/pub and not for personal abuse and as an ex local I am very offended by associations made by the perpetrator

9 Jul 2009 21:27

Ink Rooms, Battersea

I'll admit right now - only been once and regular of the previous incumbent the Microbar.
The latest addition to the Battersea/Clapham scene of 'drinkin til your smashed venues' -masquerading as the trendy arty party crowd- tries too hard to 'be something to everybody' and ends up being nothing but decor- overuse of tattoo motif [and standard marketing sexism display- 'come on- we are in the noughties now -grow up chaps' this isn't the provinces].
Down to the important stuff - beer.
Pretty standard 'US/Continental beer selection aka West End meets Shoreditch- you'll find something to your liking but may get bored quickly - all is contrived but a plus point is that the bar staff are friendly enough. The garden is another plus point for smokers and you can partially escape the music which is pretty loud on the occasion I was there.
I am sure that it will pull the young male punters in, and therefore the ladettes, and it will have achieved, I assume, that which its branding style is targeting at. Myself I am old fashioned I just find it difficult to see pretty girls so wasted that they can barely stand up ; not a place for beer afficionados therefore the low rating.

26 Jun 2009 15:20

The Microbar, Battersea

As previous reviewer bogr.... the Microbar is closed. The new bar is called Ink Rooms. As it only opened on Friday 5th June not sure how they could honestly comment without a visit.

Saying that the use of the word 'rebranding' covers a lot which is not appropriate to review under its old name.

The Microbar [a local bar for local people - of all ages] will be sadly missed- it was unique- unfortunately in today's climate it was unable to be profitable- as such it has gone the way of the homogenising progress of provincial takes on gay Shoreditch..
In agreement - RIP

7 Jun 2009 12:37

The Cedars, Battersea

this is not a 'pub'- last time I was in there they seemed to have very little stock - quite what it is - rumours of 'private' functions etc - pub, bar, restaurant
name changes annually- must have very clean laundry.
I mention all this just in case you used random crawl generator- save u the walk

9 May 2009 13:43

The Frog and Forget-Me-Not, Clapham

Only been once and it was footie night on Sky--packed but weird disjointed ambience like everyone a football island on their own. There was a very dodgy smell [not the punters] like 'off' [as opposed to stale] beer which as many say the Thai food is worth the jaunt - put me off eating there. Would have to try another time when my stomach is stronger.

9 May 2009 13:31

Merchant, Battersea

Interior nicely done in the usual - trying to be a pub style aka noughties- beer selection not half bad- why the lack of enthusiasm - well lacks genuine atmosphere and soul but this is 'yummy mummy' and' byt's b4 the recession' ites area. Saying that I agree with previous reviewer that for the Battersea Rise vicinity it surpasses anything else so in that context its worth a visit.

9 May 2009 13:28

The Rose and Crown, Clapham

Proper pub serving proper beer - worth the visit not only for time travel purposes [remember when pubs were pubs and not theme parks] - but for the olde trip ale - fabu-lous

9 May 2009 13:20

The Microbar, Battersea

This bar has been closed for 'refurbishment' until sometime mid to late May 09.
There will be a smaller selection of beers and 'cosmetic' adjustments which means we shall be awaiting the revamp with interest and comment.

29 Apr 2009 17:45

The Microbar, Battersea

Aug 2007 update

Beer still excellent- food is pretty much not happening except for a (not always available according to a disappointed other person who turned up and had to go elsewhere) Sunday - American style brunch.
So eat before you go there so you can drink more beer!
Has become very busy esp. garden; so maybe less 'chilled out' than it used to be.

21 Aug 2007 21:12

The Microbar, Battersea

Updated review from Aug 2005- so check that out first as I am lazy.
Facade- the same. Interior - tweaked so somewhat less gloomy. Seating downstairs and a big garden now available for you fresh air freaks.
Bottled beer menu still extensive.
Now has its own small food menu; tapas style: very good but this remains undiscovered by customers?? Brand new spanking garden behind it; keep fit by going up stairs to bar -not sure about disabled access. Opening hours on the weekend include lunchtime for those 'hair of the dog' types.
Dynamic shifted -seem to be alot of living together couples sometimes in packs! Less 'creatives' more youngish city professionals as reflecting the continual house price rises in the area affecting who are locals plus quality beer means quality prices.

29 Apr 2007 10:47

The Microbar, Battersea

The facade is non-assuming, the interior almost gloomy (good for drunk creative types indulging hangovers), you'd hardly know it's there and that's how us locals want it to remain. Stick to your bright, Stella and alcohol pop dj bars and never come to the Microbar. You see the reason I go there is to avoid you lot- I can read or chat to the staff, be safe if I am alone and avoid the naff. The beer menu is globally extensive and quite expensive and you can order in pizza from just up the road. An unhealthy place with somewhat odd opening hours; it gets under your skin with its weird synergy and very occasionally some interesting eye-candy appears. Oh yeah, and Alex is a laugh. So ignore these comments, let your mind go misty and forget, forget you've read this.

11 Aug 2005 15:44

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