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The Barley Mow, West Horsley

snooty pub

30 Mar 2011 14:59

The Duke Of Wellington, East Horsley

what a shock .. need a mortgage to buy a drink .. the price of a wine was shocking then to be told its because you are in horsley is a liberty ... so they charge more cos you drink in horsley.. bloody rip off and bad service

30 Mar 2011 14:55

The King William IV, Horsley

The friendliest, nicest pub in surrey... The owners , mark an kate make you feel like part of one big happy family, great service and lovely , well cooked traditional food
and if there is something they can do for you they will.
Bar staff are second to none , to me one of the nicest things is staff who smile and are there when you need them , no waiting in a for a drink or food to be served .

i highly recommend this pub.. both for drink and food and best of all for service with a smile


30 Mar 2011 14:53

The Academy, Holland Park

well the rough, or riff raff as some people have called them are people born and bred in the area , cant take our pubs as well as our homes !

21 Jan 2009 17:13

The Norfolk Arms, Roffey

this was my local two years ago.. always felt uncomfortable in there lot of clicky locals

16 Apr 2007 11:11

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

I think this pub has done extremely well over the last 12 months.. the staff are all very friendly and young , they all have a good sense of humour.. its always clean and the food is always good.. i always feel you want a local that you feel comfortable in and with good service , this is it for me .. matthew has done a grand job with a good team i would certainly recommend it here .. on sundays its packed out .. that to me is a sign of a good pub

16 Apr 2007 11:08

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

Great pub, lovely staff.. whats the problemo?? i feel so comfy in this place i am thinking of bringing the old armchair in ... the staff have all worked hard and matt has done a fantstic job in there ... its customer orientated and relaxed .. my fav bar

15 Mar 2007 21:55

The Duke Of Wellington, East Horsley

it not the same service and the pub is a youngsters pub

7 Nov 2006 16:15

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

I have always found this pub and its staff helpfull and friendly , whenever we go there tey are polite and always ready with our regular jug of soda and bottle of wine.. the pub is clean and ice place to eat or for that quiet drink.. i have never sat in te pub with a lot of screeming kids ..its a lovely country pub and i highly recommend it

7 Nov 2006 16:12

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