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Anchored in Worthing, Worthing

This is a wonderful find if you have enjoyed a few hours on the Worthing beach and need a couple of quality ales to finish the day..

Located on a small side-street off the sea-front road, this Micro-Pub is exactly that..MICRO! About the size of a regular living room, once the first dozen customers have arrived, it's full!

If you want music, fizzy lager or vodka shots, this is not for you..
But if you appreciate quality real ales [I should say Sussex real ales because that's their speciality] then this IS for you. They also sell some seriously good local ciders and a couple of local wines. No spirits; no lager..

Walking in, you are struck by the lack of any bar. Find a seat at one of the high tables and Debbie the landlady will introduce herself to you, point you to the blackboard listing today's real ales and ciders, and explain each one to you.
She offered me a Wetherspoon-style option of three one-third pint glasses as I wasn't familiar with any of the local ales. Very good they were too, ranging from a 3.8% session ale, through to a mid-strength alternative and a 6.5% blockbuster. All were top class.
Four local ciders were also on offer, from two 4% dry and medium dry options to two others at 6.1% and 6.8%. Necessity required that I had to try each of them, and they were all superb.

All in all some excellent refreshments were imbibed!

The close physical proximity of customers to each other and the very nature of micro-pubs encourages interaction between customers. It wasn't very long before other drinkers were introducing themselves to me, swapping tales about the beers and telling me about the town [which I am not really familiar with.]

All-in-all, I had a great night in the 'Anchored'. I was there mid-week, and I am told that Fridays and Saturdays are very busy, so get there early!

If you appreciate your real ale and decent ciders, it's not very often that you are fortunate enough to make this sort of wonderful discovery.

You'll not be surprised to find that this is a CAMRA Regional I know why!

Can't wait to find an excuse to get back to Worthing for another night at the 'Anchored'!

David C

3 Oct 2019 19:48

Old Star Ale and Cider House, Shoreham by Sea

A pleasant afternoon meandering around Shoreham finally got brought to an end when the sun disappeared behind some nasty black clouds and a cold wind started to blow. Time for a pint or two!

Located in a small side street off the main road, I discovered the Old Star..

Firstly what it is not..
* It is not for you if you want to drink fizzy lager with crowds of 18-year olds;
* It is not for you if you want an expensive bistro-type pub with low leather sofas and flowers on the tables
* It is not for you if the choice of salads is more important than the quality of the ale..[actually they don't offer food]

Caveats aside, what is the Old Ale and Cider House like?
First it's small: maybe 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. It's very simply decorated with white walls, and the seating consists of two wooden benches and half-dozen stools at the bar.

It is unashamedly focussed on top-quality real ale and cider.

Beer is served from the casks which are mounted on a rack behind the bar. Three beers were being served with three more resting.

I started with Phoenix, a light golden ale of 4.1%. Well-cellared, brim-full with a not-too-overpowering flavour, it was excellent!

Next was a pint of Turner's American Pale Ale at 4.7%. More rounded than some pale ales, this was fuller of flavour, fresh and slipped down easily!

Final pint was a Filton's Black Ale at looked like a porter and carried a strength and 'solidity' that immediately commanded respect. Again it was fresh, well-cellared and brim-full.

On my second pint, Richard the new landlord came over, sat down and asked me what I thought of his beer..I was impressed with his attitude and we had a good discussion about his offerings.

Six ciders were also available on draught; plus a number of bottled ciders. I didn't see any draught lager.

Customers were mainly men, knew their beer, but welcomed me in: a couple of them introduced themselves.

I was sorry when the time for my departing train got closer and I had to reluctantly bid farewell.

If top quality beer is your goal and you're within reach of Shoreham, make sure you visit this unusual little watering hole!

8 Oct 2015 11:11

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Having spent a few idle hours in Seaford, sunning myself on the beach, it was time for a couple of refreshments. I drifted in to the Wellington Hotel, tempted by the outside wall's offer of '10 real ales'..

Bearing in mind that it was nearly 7pm on a Friday, the place was fairly full and seating was at a premium. However the ten real ales were on offer, and the selection was good: Timothy Taylor Landlord, Hopback Summer Lightning, etc.

It took a while to be served, but the ladies behind the bar 'read' the waiting crowd well, and the thirsty customers were served in correct order. Service was pleasant and courteous.

I ordered a Summer Lightning--a beer I know well- and was very satisfied: a brimming full pint, fresh and well-cellared. Absolutely spot-on.

The clientele were typically middle-aged, affluent types, but it was a pleasant atmosphere. This is not the place for you if you want to get off your head with a group of 18-year-olds before heading our for a night's clubbing but for me it was great.

Unfortunately my time ran out after my third Lightning and I had to head to the station to return to London, but I really enjoyed my time here.

Will I return to the Wellington on my next trip to Seaford--absolutely!

5 Oct 2015 17:45

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