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BITE user comments - Dantheman

Comments by Dantheman

The Hogshead, Southampton

Now gonna be called somethin Slug and Lettuce

1 May 2007 15:34

Old Gaol House, Winchester

Another dirty Wetherspoons pub. Same goes for the clientele.

7 Nov 2006 22:58

Savannah, Winchester

I can't call this a pub, but I can call it a cattle market shed. Very small, takes 2 minutes to get served and music is crap.

7 Nov 2006 22:55

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

What a dump. Went there last Thursday whilst visiting Bournemouth and it is full of hillbilly type people who make the place looke a right mess and staff don't seem to have a clue what they are doing. Took 10 minutes to get served aswell.

20 Jul 2006 14:37

The Ferryman and Firkin, Southampton

Not too bad but the last time I visited, the beer tasted watery and it did seem quite dead in there. But if you fancy a quiet drink and want to avoid large crowds then this may be one of your choices.

18 Mar 2006 21:07

FYEO, Southampton

Staff very rude, horrible drinks, I wouldn't bother usually.

18 Mar 2006 21:05

Poletrix, Southampton

Sexy girls, cheap beer, nuff said.

2 Mar 2006 18:39

Yates, Southampton

Oh for goodness sake. Why do people bother visiting this pub. Very rude staff and filthy tables. The police attend this pub quite a lot due to the amount of trouble. Stay clear of this pub.

2 Mar 2006 18:36

The Standing Order, Southampton

I don't like Wetherspoon's pubs normally but this one didn't seem too bad to me. Plenty of friendly people, however some of the staff are dippy but not always their fault as it tends to get quite busy at certain times. The lighting also seems to be gloomy which makes the pub seem depressing along with the lack of music. Probably one of the better Wetherspoon's above all.

5 Feb 2006 20:08

Bright Water Inn, Southampton

I will never be visiting this pub again in a million years. It is always full of people desperate to seek a fight and the staff are very rude. Don't bother visiting this pub.

5 Feb 2006 20:03

Varsity, Portswood

Friendly staff, friendly people, nice beer.

12 Jan 2006 14:24

The Mitre, Portswood

A good local pub, far too many students though. Drinks were OK when I last visited and the staff were friendly.

12 Jan 2006 14:20

Jongleurs / Bar Risa, Southampton

A bit expensive but excellent comedy.

4 Jan 2006 17:44

The Rhino Club, Southampton

Not a bad club, but does get very busy at weekends and there are also plenty of sexy girls. Drinks prices are reasonable and a visit to this club is a must

4 Jan 2006 17:41

Que Pasa, Southampton

What a load of rubbish. The music sucks and the staff seem disinterested. Avoid

4 Jan 2006 17:13

The Spitfire, Southampton

OH NO. Not my cup of tea. I would recommend this one for older people only.

4 Jan 2006 17:09

The Square, Southampton

Another good place to start your night off, but there are always long queues at the weekend, so after a few drinks, it is best to move on.

2 Jan 2006 22:58

The Hogshead, Southampton

Good place to start your night off on the town as the drinks prices are fairly cheap and the atmosphere is friendly.

2 Jan 2006 22:55

Walkabout, Southampton

Drinks cheap and this is definitely one place you can experience true Australian pub atmosphere

2 Jan 2006 22:51

Jumpin Jacks, Southampton


2 Jan 2006 22:49

Kelly's, Southampton

Not too bad but it does get quite busy. Music is good and the staff are friendly.

2 Jan 2006 22:47

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Wetherspoon's pubs are not for me. They don't play music plus this one is no exception for being filthy.

2 Jan 2006 22:45

The Old Fat Cat, Southampton

Excellent pub. The DJ's and food and drink are aswell.

2 Jan 2006 22:39

Yates, Southampton

This place sucks. The drinks are horrible and the food is not up to standard plus it turns out like a cattle market at weekends.

2 Jan 2006 22:32

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