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Comments by DJ_Dobber

The Bulls Head, Sale

Stopped off in here for a couple of pints before going for a meal. There were 2 broken windows which doesn't say much for whoever upkeeps the building. Makes it look as shabby from the outside as it is in the inside. Beers were ok but there were a few uunsavoury looking characters in sportswear with sovereign rings and the likes. I would rather go to the Volunteer than in here.

2 Jan 2005 18:16

The Hog's Head, Didsbury

Had a sandwich and a pint in here and found it to be typical Hog's Head characterless dive. Staff were ok. Beer was too expensive as was the food.

2 Jan 2005 18:03

The King's Ransom, Sale

Good pub for thirtysomethings and upwards if you're out for loud music. There's plenty posers in this establishment. Bit of a knocking shop (divorcees/single types on the pull). Haven't tried food. Beer prices are far too high. If the drinks were cheaper I'd give it a better rating.

2 Jan 2005 17:58

The Shakespeare, Manchester

Not a bad pub. The beers are good and they serve good food. The only thing I found wong with this place was it's too small. You have to hang around and wait for someone to leave if you want a seat.

2 Jan 2005 16:47

The Athenaeum, Manchester

Used this place for liquid lunches. It's a bit grubby but there are cheap beers to be had if you look out for the special offers. I found it to be understaffed so I'd get 2 rounds of drinks when you go to the bar because it gets busy at lunch time. Have never been in the evening. Food is ok - not the cheapest.

2 Jan 2005 16:44

The Hog's Head, Sale

To sum it up in one word - crap. Drinks are far too expensive. Atmosphere is unfriendly and it get's too busy at the weekends. You're just waiting for trouble to start from the moment you enter this place. This establishment attracts the football hooligan type. Give it a wide berth if you want a trouble free night out.

2 Jan 2005 16:23

The Bank At Sale, Sale

Far too expensive to have any more than a couple of drinks. You'll need a gas mask or an iron lung to last any longer than half an hour in this place. There seems to be no extractor fans and even with the door open your eyes will be nipping. There are better pubs than this but then again there are worse. Prices let it down badly. Landlady has a strange method of cleaning the ashtrays with a paint brush!!! I wonder how she does the dishes?!?! Won't be eating in here.

2 Jan 2005 16:16

Cape, Sale

First impressions on this place were - too expensive and music played far too loud. OK for Club 18-30 crowd. Why do people insist in encouraging these scoundrels by paying the over inflated prices they charge for drinks? There are far better watering holes in Sale than this. They won't see a brass farthing of mine.

2 Jan 2005 16:07

The Volunteer Hotel, Sale

Big, bright pub with loads of room. Cheap beers and friendly staff. Haven't eaten here so I can't rate the food. Will post again when I have. More of an old mans pub - music gets played at a decent level so you can have a conversation without having to shout.

2 Jan 2005 16:02

The J P Joule, Sale

Stay clear of this hell hole at the weekends. Every ruffian and charlatan in Sale is in here for the cheap ale. There was some young lad going around exposing himself - not the sort of thing you want to see when you go out for a couple of drinks. Have tried the food in here and found the portions are rather like the flasher - undersized. Cheap drinks are the only plus but it takes more than that to make a good pub.

2 Jan 2005 15:53

The Vine, Sale

Went in here for a bite to eat and a couple of pints. Bar maid told me I would have to wait 45 minutes for food. When it eventually arrived it wasn't bad for the price (there was no mustard or mayo - bring your own). Beer was pretty decent - not too expensive. Regulars seemed friendly enough. Not my ideal place to go for a night out but not the worst in Sale by far. Would have scored higher if we hadn't had to wait so long for the food.

2 Jan 2005 15:45

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