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The Flowing Spring, Playhatch

Really nice pub both inside and out - probably the best pub garden (or at in the top 2 or 3) within a 10 mile radius. New landlord and landlady since late 2010/early 2011 have turned the place around.

Fullers range of ales always in very good condition in my experience, and a good menu. Lots of varying events taking place throughout the year some of which are very interesting and different e.g. annual ferret racing competition each August raising money for a ferret charity. Beer festivals, murder mystery nights, quizzes, astronomy name it.

29 Mar 2012 21:28

The Great House, Sonning

Good news for local beer lovers - they're now (March 2012) selling Loddon Hoppit and Ferrymans Gold, as well as Rebellion IPA - all at 1.90 per pint. Amazingly cheap. I hadn't been in this pub since 1999 and the beer was more expensive 13 years ago than it is now! The manager says they're aiming to keep this deal on throughout the whole of 2012.

From two recent visits I can confirm that there is a very pleasant garden by the river, and whilst the place looks very posh (and is in many ways), the staff were very happy for me and a friend to turn up sewaty in shorts and t-shirts having cycled there, and to walk our bikes through the quiet front bar and into the garden with us. Ideal. IPA was off but was replaced immediately by another beer as soon as I pointed this out. Both Loddon beers were in reasonable to good condition.

29 Mar 2012 21:16

The Horse and Groom, Hatfield

Nice, friendly, good ale and ideal for proximity to Hatfield train station.

I went in this pub while waiting for a train, having spotted it just behind the (much worse looking and with no ale) Hatfield Arms. This pub is indeed a lovely place and within a stone's throw of Hatfield rail station, but not obvious unless you know where to look.

Local "Hopfest" from Red Squirrel brewery, Caledonian Flying Scotsman, Black Sheep, London Pride and Doom Bar all available. I tried the Hopfest and Flying Scotsman - both in good condition. This pub seems much better than any other pubs in Hatfield, though I must admit this is the only one I've been in, though have walked past the windows of many others, and they didn't look a patch on this one.

16 Jan 2012 22:00

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