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Comments by Coronach

The Shire Horse, Edlaston

Pretty, traditional looking pub, with friendly locals and a separate restaurant area, from which you can look over farmland towards the Derbyshire Dales and peaks in the distance.

Food is typical pub offerings of pies, roasts, steaks and suchlike, but much better presented than you'll find in most places around Ashbourne. Prices were middle of the road and therefore The Shire Horse became our pub of choice locally, as it offered much better value than others in the area and was in a nicer setting than most.

Beer was good, Marstons Pedigree was on tap, probably the mainstay beer there and Sharps Doombar was the other bitter on the week we visited.

I think the pub had recently changed hands as there was a bit of building work going on, though it didn't affect the customers or their comfort.

Would certainly go there again.

6 Mar 2014 12:43

The Plough, Hyde Heath

Cricket on the green, a pint of locally brewed beer (Malt Brewery}, bench table and umbrella, fresh fish and chips and somewhere to walk the dog, can I ask for more? On this return to The Plough, I see it is busier than ever, but weather was scorching hot. The first thing I noticed was how varied the customers were, there was literally a broad cross-section of people, young, old and suchlike. It reminded me of how pubs used to be, meeting places for local people, somewhere to catch up on the local gossip. Frankly, there is little that I can find to fault the pub, except perhaps the tired looking pictures on the gents toilet walls. The Plough is a cracker of a pub, one that has moved into the 21st century with the best attributes of the past couple. I give it 10!

23 Jul 2013 09:26

The Cross Keys, Great Missenden

Saw the mixed reviews on The Cross Keys so thought I'd take a squint at it. Pub is an old brick and flint high street affair, like every place had, before people stayed in so much. Weather was hot so we sat outside, in fact everyone seemed to and garden terrace was packed. Everyone we spoke to said food was very good and as most of them were locals, it was interesting that they rated it one of just two in the village worth a visit. Menu looked interesting and restaurant was pretty and cosy looking, food prices looked very reasonable, so we will be back to eat here soon.

23 Jul 2013 09:13

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

Proper pub... okay it looks a bit dated and a bit like an old pair of slippers that have a few worn patches, but that's what makes it special... really special! If you like your pubs neat and shiny, with umbrellas in glasses instead of over tables, if you want a few sticks of carrot on a plate with a brown stain going around the edge and a small perfect square of meat perched on some cabbage with a rose petal garnish, then this pub just ain't for you. However, if you want a proper Cornish pub with proper Cornish people and good value nosh, you'll fit in nicely.

23 Jul 2013 09:05

Ivy House, Chalfont St Giles

The Inn stands by the A413 which is to be expected as it is a 'coaching inn', decor is a little modern for the exterior, but food was great, wine list was good and the gardens (it was pretty hot so we 'al frescoed') were lovely, with spectacular views across farmland. True there were cars from time to time, but we hardly noticed them after a few minutes.

23 Jul 2013 08:55

The Plough, Hyde Heath

Good old fashioned village pub with a nice variety of beers and lagers, at the time of posting they had Fullers London Pride and a Cornish ale Tribute. Food is typical pub grub, so not much to add here, the main thing that stands out is how well kept the pub is. All the brassware is spotless, no sticky tables and everything looks well cared for. There are some pretty walking areas locally, with views across the Chiltern Hills and old beech woods. Probably the best kept pub in the area.

21 Oct 2012 10:26

The Duke Of York, Iddesleigh

Don't go to this pub! It's mine all mine and I don't want everyone in the World to go there and spoil it! It is the best pub in England but there is a terrible dragon that lives in the village and eats strangers!

16 Oct 2009 21:52

The Plough, Lower Cadsden

What a transformation! The Plough is almost unrecognisable from its previous incarnation. Even the car park has been improved and not before time, it was one of my bugbears that you couldn't get out the car without standing in mud or water.

The Plough is beautiful! Everything has been improved, yet has kept its Olde English appeal. This is a proper pub, not a restaurant, though the food is superbly presented it is proper pub grub and is quite reasonably priced.

Once a rather pokey little pub, it now sports a large bar area and lots of seating for drinkers and diners. The floor is stone, the brickwork exposed and traditional looking, with fires at either end and I am told even under-floor heating.

Beers were well kept and Ruddles County was perfectly clear and clean and just slightly chilled by the cellar, all round The Plough is a must for anyone looking for a waterhole in the beautiful Chilterns, nestled as it is just a short step from the Prime Ministers residence of Chequers.

27 May 2009 21:53

The Cock and Rabbit, Great Missenden

Had not read the reviews before my visit and though I could see it was not everyone's idea of the perfect night out, I actually liked it a lot.

Beer was ok, reminded me of the saying that no beer was bad just some better than others. Italian food was well presented and substantial, though admittedly none of my party tried anything that wasn't Italian, why would you? It quite clearly is an Italian restaurant more than a pub and though the decor was a little tired, it was not unpleasant.

The place was an experience very different from any other that comes to mind, I really liked the village atmosphere and found most of the locals very welcoming too. I have visited very quirky pubs before, in fact I look for them, it is because of such places that we have a choice when we go out, rather than spend our lives in characterless theme pubs.

It reminded me of the Duke of York at Iddesleigh in Devon, though admittedly the beer there is exceptional. If it lacks one thing that every pub needs, it is a good real ale, so if you're reading this, you might look at Ruddles, London Pride or 6x to lift trade.

27 May 2009 21:39

The Red Lion, Bletchingley

Too quiet, too expensive for what it offers

31 Jul 2007 11:07

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

I think Anonymous should try the weekend rather than a tuesday, I seldom find any atmosphere in a pub on mondays or tuesdays unless I bring my own! May try the Albert on an early week day to see how it fares. I am a Fullers fan and well kept ESB is a rarety, so its nice to find a well kept pint.

31 Jul 2007 11:04

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

Arrived on a miserable, wet day to meet the very sunny new publican Dave (nice guy, great sense of humour). Very different to the way the pub used to look, took me a little by surprise at first. Food was very different from earlier visit, though was perfectly good and there was plenty of it. Beer (Fullers, Chiswick) was well kept and pub generally looked clean and inviting. Will call in again next time I am in the area, but first view of the revamped Prince Albert was very encouraging.

23 Jul 2007 08:37

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