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The Bree Louise, Euston

I like it in here, good for a pre- train beer, and if you travel Virgin regularly, you'll need one. OK so its not plush and it is small, but that means those who worry about such things don't drink there, which is fine by me. Sometimes you just need great beer and pies-what else matters?

11 Oct 2011 22:35

Fighting Cocks, Oakengates

Very good pub serving Ironbridge Brewery and Everards beers. Nicely fitted out inside, several different rooms with different seating give an interesting character. Go have a look, you'll like it.

11 Oct 2011 22:21

The White Horse Inn, Overton-on-Dee

Fine old building built built by brewer Soames in 1898, as a Victorian coaching inn but also with a bar for the village workers who served the nearby estate. The various rooms from the original design have now been reinstated and restored. Now owned and run by Joules Brewery who saved it from the clutches of some pubco or other.

Lots of interesting rooms and period features, won a Camra national pub design award in 2008.
Joules beers are a firm favourite of mine, taking me back to the great days of the regional family brewers before many traditional breweries were eaten alive by their barrrstard pubco offspring.

11 Oct 2011 22:15

The Queens Head, Congleton

Pleasant pub just over the road from the station. Range of beers including nice pint of Titanic mild. Still has a separate public bar with pool table so facilities for a range of customers. A good effort.

6 Apr 2011 22:37

The Beartown Tap, Congleton

Good no-nonsense, no frills drinking pub with some excelllent beers. Refreshingly free of the sun dried tomato twaddle that infests large areas of Cheshire. Well worth a look, unless you are a braying twerp speeding between John Lewis and the local Porche dealer.

6 Apr 2011 22:29

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Great pub, fantastic building, wide range of beers, liked the Spitting Feathers Stout. Nice staff-very helpful. Next time you are in Chester go and have a look!

29 Mar 2011 22:23

The Wetmore Whistle, Burton-Upon-Trent

Good pub, big TV for football, music stages, good pint of Castle Rock Harvest Pale. Livesaver Jan 1 when everything else was shut, never been to a town before where none of the other town centre pubs open until 3pm.....

15 Jan 2011 21:57

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Really good place. White Horse beers top notch. Good atmosphere and staff. Definitely worth seeking out and no tourists when I went in.

11 Dec 2010 22:30

The Old Hand and Diamond Inn, Coedway

I'd like to tell you about what fantastic beer and service we had last night here. But I can't. We drove into the car park at 10:55pm, with the pub front and side doors open. By the time we got to those doors, those inside had locked them shut. The lights were on, the curtains open, and a few sniggering regulars sat at the bar still drinking. Despite trying to attract the attention of the bar staff, no one could be bothered to even come out and tell us the place had stopped serving. If this was down to staff, the landlord needs to sort it out. If it was down to the landlord, they should be ashamed. And the sniggering regulars? remember what goes around comes around, one stormy dark night in years to come you may find yourselves locked out of the pub, although perhaps not this one as turning away trade like that in these hard times is not exactly clever.
So if you want to be treated with contempt, get yourself down to the Old Hand and Diamond, it is the first pub in Wales, but it keeps no welcome in the hillsides. Of course, if you would rather spend your time at a proper pub, get round to the Tontine at Melverley, The Royal Hill at Edgerley or the Windmill on the main A458 and they will be pleased to serve you-there is such a thing as competition.....

12 Nov 2010 18:57

The Black Lion, Nantwich

Attractive old black and white pub. Had Cheshire Cat and Old Dog by Weetwood both very good. Surprised it is not in the Good Beer Guide, but then what do I know about pubs, I hardly ever go in them.

1 Nov 2010 19:44

The Globe Inn, Nantwich

Very good beer, even my jaded palate could tell the Woodlands brewers do not skimp on the ingredients and care about what they do. Had the bitter and the mild and enjoyed both. Pub itself is tidy but rather food oriented, suppose it has to be being located outside of the town centre. Well woth a visit.

1 Nov 2010 19:34

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

A dash of relativity needed here I think. Yes its not cheap and yes it is targetted at customers who are, or who think they are, well off. Yet compared to many station bars and pubs this is paradise-I know I'd rather drink in here than The 'Crewe Hero' at Crewe or the Shakespeare at Brirmingham New Street. Then on price on wednesday I paid 5.40 for half a litre of eurofizz in the Avignon station bar, which was a truly horrible fake 'Irish' bar (for some reason Avignon has 3 of them to be sure). Service was OK in the Betjeman the times I've been in. Some people on here have impossibly unreal expectations...........

8 Oct 2010 08:57

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Enjoyed this place in several ways. OK so its scruffy but so what-excellent range of beers with Taylors Golden Best at a wallet pleasing 2.10/pint! Would imagine it would be really good when the live music is on. Reminded me of the pubs in the early 1980s.
However sad to see at 5pm midweek hardly anyone in, in contrast to the Head of Steam up the other end of the platform which was almost full. I'm afraid the aspirational customers of the Head of Steam may well end up having to drink in the Kings Head once dumb Dave and traitor features Clegg have finished with them.

15 Sep 2010 18:47

The Clockwork Beer Co., Glasgow

Very good pub-liked it a lot. Tried the on site beers except the lager and would definitely drink the Amber and the Red Alt again, although the 5% Ginger must be an acquired taste. Staff efficient and helpful.
Only criticism was the fact Greene King Abbott was one of the guest beers-why? Dull, Dull, Dull!
If that is the best English beer available its a sad state of affairs, I hope they got the barrel cheap.
Gave this pub an 8 no bother.

15 Sep 2010 18:32

The Plough Inn, Wistanstow

Attractive old pub, interesting display of old Royal Wedding beer bottles. Woods brewery just across the yard. Nice pint of Parish bitter for 2.40.
But-on a Saturday lunchtime-that was the only real ale on!!
How can you only have one beer on with a brewery full literally next door?
Some say the pub is not run by the family who run the brewery-if that is true it needs to change. The Plough should be the showcase for the beers-all seemed rather half -hearted to me.

31 Jul 2010 22:04

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Very good pub, the tiled room on the right is a must see. Make an effort to go there as soon as you can-before some evil banker finds a way of ruining it.

28 Jul 2010 20:31

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Considering how poor a lot of the adjacent pubs are this stands out as a really good pub. If Sam Smiths can keep trading at these sorts of beer prices how much are we being ripped off by everyone else?
Wish they would produce another one or two real ales but otherwise I really like this place. With a triangular coal stove dating from the Napoleonic wars whats not to like?

28 Apr 2010 23:34

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Oh dear-tourist hell hole. Arrived the same time as a coach load of American pensioners who were heading upstairs for an Olde London pub meal. 1 harassed barman only downstairs and an uninspired pint of Doombar. I won't be back.

28 Apr 2010 23:25

The Prince of Wales, Shrewsbury

This is an excellent community pub with a strong commitment to real ale including running 2 mini beer festivals each year-next one end of may. Beer always well kept, usually includes a mild. Various artifacts from the old STFC ground, bowling green and large decking area at the back. A proper pub for proper people, run by a genuine team.
I've been coming in here for 25 years-time well spent in my view.

28 Apr 2010 23:15

The Golden Ball, Ironbridge

Two Salopian beers, Everards Tiger and one micro. Food very good, particularly the puddings. Worth seeking out.

28 Apr 2010 22:57

The Imperial, Exeter

For a Wetherspoons I thought this was really good. OK it had a beer festival in a tent, but with most pubs lurching towards 3 or more a pint you can't knock the pricing here. For those complaining about lack of atmosphere I don't think you can expect too much in a large chain pub. No problem with table clearing in the garden-the resident gulls sorted that out expertly. Very interesting building, I'd go back again happily.

28 Apr 2010 22:52

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