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The Dundee Arms, Bethnal Green

Freehold currently up for sale by Punch taverns, lease not affected...

15 Sep 2015 13:01

The Ferry House, Isle of Dogs

Currently closed and up for a new tenancy with Enterprise Inns

15 Sep 2015 12:58

The City Pride, Isle of Dogs


15 Sep 2015 12:56

The North Pole, Canary Wharf


15 Sep 2015 12:56

The George, Isle of Dogs

Lease for sale at the moment.

15 Sep 2015 12:55

The Pier Tavern, Isle of Dogs

Closed, the freehold has recently been sold.

15 Sep 2015 12:54

The Dundee Arms, Bethnal Green

Re opened and be made a bit more "trendy". However this is a good thing, 3 Real Ales from local small brewers and a good choice of keg products from the Camden Brewery, Redwell Brewery amongst others. Good service and atmosphere.

10 Jul 2015 14:10

The Little Driver, Bow

Up in the area a couple of weeks back so popped in to the pub again. What a shame, seems to be going through very hard times, no food available and pretty poor service. Only London Pride on the pumps and run of the mill lagers etc. Its a beautiful old building which a few years ago was on the up but now seems going downhill. Unless things change I cannot see it being open that much longer. Ironically walking by the Bow Bells there were a few local who I recognised used to be in the Little Driver.

30 Apr 2015 15:00

The Westport Inn, Kentish Town

Closed and Leasehold is For Sale.

30 Mar 2015 17:47

The Bell, Balsham

Very friendly pub, good range of beers and pub food.

25 Feb 2015 15:22

St Edmunds Tavern, Bury St Edmunds

Closed and now a wine shop.

25 Nov 2014 20:54

The Falcon, Bury St Edmunds

Closed and now a wine shop.

25 Nov 2014 20:54

The Flying Fortress, Bury St Edmunds

Closed and Boarded Up, apparently Greene King have bought the freehold.

25 Nov 2014 20:53

The Glad Abbott, Bury St Edmunds


25 Nov 2014 20:52

The Chestnut Horse, Great Finborough

Great little pub offering some good home cooked food.

4 Sep 2014 10:49

Shepherd and Dog, One House

Excellent GK pub with good home made food.

4 Sep 2014 10:48

The Fleece Inn, Mendlesham


4 Sep 2014 10:47

Dukes Head Inn, Stowmarket

Has been sold and is closing by 9th Sept 2014.

4 Sep 2014 10:45

The Heathcote, Leytonstone

Has been sold and is closing Mon 8th September 2014 according to local reports.

4 Sep 2014 10:44

The Gladstone Arms, Stowmarket

Sadly appears to be closed; Adnams signs have been removed.

23 Mar 2014 18:51

The White Horse, Finningham

Now surprisingly reopened, unsure if permanent licencees.

15 Nov 2013 15:01

The Trowell and Hammer Inn, Cotton

Been closed again for a long time, now reopened.

15 Nov 2013 15:00

The Little Driver, Bow

Popped in for a pint last Friday after quite a while. Not sure what to make of the place these days, two bar staff both from eastern rapport with the few customers for a lunchtime. Was going to have lunch but no effort with menus etc so finished pint and left . Quite disappointed as a super pub with garden for the area.

15 Nov 2013 14:55

St Edmunds Tavern, Bury St Edmunds

Freehold sold and being converted into yet another shop, I believe it has been bought by Peatlings Wine Shop.

15 Nov 2013 14:43

Inkerman Inn, Ipswich

Lease For Sale...

13 Sep 2013 18:25

The Golden Key, Ipswich

Closed and being converted into a Sainsburys Local Supermarket

13 Sep 2013 18:24

The Arboretum, Ipswich

Been taken over by the former landlord of the Grinning Rat pub, will be a gay friendly venue for the town

3 Sep 2013 12:17

The Golden Hind, Ipswich

Closed, being turned into a supermarket

1 Sep 2013 20:29

The John Bull, Ipswich

Closed..possibly being turned into three takeaways.

1 Sep 2013 20:29

The Heathlands, Ipswich

Closed..becoming a supermarket.

1 Sep 2013 20:27

The Hare And Hounds, Ipswich a shop.

1 Sep 2013 20:26

The Grinning Rat, Ipswich

Was running successfully as a Gay Pub in 2013 but Punch evicted the tenant in July....

1 Sep 2013 20:25

The Emperor Inn, Ipswich

Closed, Freehold sold by Punch and being converted into a Tesco Express...

1 Sep 2013 20:23

The County Of Suffolk, Ipswich

Reopened and completely refurbished...

1 Sep 2013 20:22

The Ten Bells, Stonham Aspal

Sadly Closed and Freehold For Sale...(Punch site)

1 Sep 2013 18:59

The Crown, Stowupland

Freehold For Sale (another Punch site)...

1 Sep 2013 18:58

The White Horse, Finningham

Sadly now Closed, probably be sold as its owned by Punch.

1 Sep 2013 18:56

The Unicorn, Stowmarket

Closed a few years back and now residential....

1 Sep 2013 18:54

Stag Tavern, Stowmarket

Sold recently by Punch and now a Free House again...

1 Sep 2013 18:53

The Magpie, Stowmarket

Sold by Punch and now a Free House; be interesting to see what develops...

1 Sep 2013 18:51

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

Sadly now closed with Freehold for that it is to be demolished to be incorporated into the building work taking place..another bit of East London History being erased.

8 Aug 2013 18:06

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

What a shame to see how this pub is ending up, been staying in the area for a few days and using it as a local. From what I gather the manager and assistant are from overseas and don't appear to have an idea about service. Before 10pm most of the pumps and bar area have been cleaned and closed off, looks very unattractive and not welcoming. Be nice to see a few smiles but no such luck. Like a previous post said cleaning after 10pm seems to be more important than serving customers. Went in tonight at 10.40 and thought the place was shut, awful way to treat customers. Manager I believe is a short bald guy who has no personality or smile, from Hungary.

7 Nov 2012 23:56

The Great Eastern, Isle of Dogs

Not slating the place, just gave impressions I got on a first visit. Found it very starnge that they dont do any food except pizza, in these days food is a big attraction to a pub along with a good choice of drinks. Sadly there is nothing to make you travel to the pub....thats crazy as it has a super location etc....could have been made into a fine example of a pub but....real shame the pub company appeared to have sold off the garden as well.....

23 Sep 2011 19:42

The Magpie, Stowmarket

Sadly now closed and Freehold up for sale by Punch.....

15 Sep 2011 19:56

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Have to agree with the last few comments, back in town this last week and what has happened to the service in Comptons, very poor, quite unfriendly and very pricey..seemed quite quiet as well...prices have shot up, maybe its part of the new owners aims to give an excuse to straighten it up? A very poor pub in soho now compared to many other places.-

5 Sep 2011 17:36

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Service seemed to have improved since my last visit, friendly barstaff actually smiling made a change....

5 Sep 2011 17:32

The Little Driver, Bow

Had a good couple of meals this week, both excellant value. Friendly and welcoming but sadly pub was quite empty on both times, including Sunday lunchtime.

5 Sep 2011 17:30

The Great Eastern, Isle of Dogs

Popped in over the weekend for a drink, first time since the refurb....not really sure what to make of it, seemed quite soulless with no atmosphere. Also the garden has gone, apparently nothing to do with the pub anymore..a big shame i these parts.

5 Sep 2011 17:28

The Bow Bells, Bow

I see that the pubs lease has finally been sold after a very long time on the market, wonder what will happen to the old pub....

8 Aug 2011 15:32

The Resolute, Poplar

Closing this week apparently and being demolished for a new build of yet more flats,...

28 Feb 2011 18:55

Lord Tredegar, Mile End

Freehold for sale, vacant possession...flats anyone? sadly

15 Feb 2011 17:37

The Great Eastern, Isle of Dogs

What a strange thing to change the name of this historic Isle of Dogs pub. Its history is as the Watermans Arms..look at all the books going back to Dan Farson who took it on and named it the Watermans. If anything it should have been renamed to The Newcastle Arms, its original name, located next to the Newcastle Draw Dock.

13 Feb 2011 10:33

The City Barge, Chiswick

Apparently closing in Feb 2011 for a major 4 months refurb by owners Greene King..going to be turned into a two floor onsite accomadation for the managers....

18 Jan 2011 20:03

The Grinning Rat, Ipswich

Leasehold for sale with Punch Pubs..very high rent...

10 Jan 2011 18:33

The Hare And Hounds, Ipswich

Freehold has been up for sale for several months...Offers on 250k

10 Jan 2011 18:32

The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich

Suprising events as Punch Pubs only sold the pub a few months ago.....

10 Jan 2011 18:29

The Crown, Stowupland

Lease for sale....

7 Jan 2011 20:15

The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich

Suprised to see this pub is closed and freehold up for sale again...

4 Jan 2011 17:38

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Gone downhill rapidly in the last apparent identity and downright poor service from the barstaff...

5 Dec 2010 10:08

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Nice to see the old pub getting back to what it once was with the return of Neil as manager for the new owners. Customer service and bar staff have improved no end recently. Also have a 1am licence at the weekend

28 Nov 2010 19:04

The Little Driver, Bow

Back for another visit and sadly this will be the last unless things change. Seems to be catering for a few locals only now, very old style and certainly not offering anything like it used to under the former landlord. Its a shame as this was offering a great different style of venue for Bow. A jukebox has been installed so this means the atmosphere is now dependant upon those who pay for it. I can't see it lasting like this for very long as its just like any other run of the mill place, not worth visiting at all unless passing. Such a shame

28 Nov 2010 17:13

The Chestnut Horse, Great Finborough

Closed for refurb at the moment, must have yet another new landlord at the helm...

17 Nov 2010 18:42

The Red Lion, Ipswich

Freehold Up for sale with Fleurets...

16 Nov 2010 19:43

The Rose and Crown, Ipswich

Freehold up for sale by Admiral Taverns

31 Oct 2010 19:53

The Three Jolly Sailors, Ipswich

Freehold up for sale by Punch

31 Oct 2010 19:48

The Little Driver, Bow

Very friendly service from the landlady, ok Sunday lunch. Positives are a great garden in the sun. As said before has seemingly taken a step back as a run of the mill place, not really offering anything spectacular now unless in the area.

10 Oct 2010 15:37

The Bow Bells, Bow

Friendly fast service but expensive. 3.30 for Carlsberg. Just a locals boozer, not many left in Bow

10 Oct 2010 15:30

The Match Maker, Bow

Now a Poundland store, not suprised with its reputation.

10 Oct 2010 15:27

The Great Eastern, Isle of Dogs

Popped over for a pint and found it appeared to sadly be closed. Looks a classic boozer.

10 Oct 2010 15:24

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Whatever happened to Lord and Lady Compton? ...soho institutions of there has never been the same since...

3 Oct 2010 17:30

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Comptons has just been sold by M&B to the Faucet Pub Company, will be interesting to see what happens to this long established Soho institution...

7 Sep 2010 21:21

The Little Driver, Bow

Oh dear, back to the Little Driver for the first time in quite a while. The bar has been repainted in dreadful style...the front of the formerly polished wood bar as seen in the photos has now been painted over..Why?? The ceiling has been done in what looks the same colour losing the great atractive ceiling that once was there. Food seems to be bog standard basic pub grub, no menu available at tables, you have to look at tiny blackboards in one corner of the pub. Looks like its being run as just another local boozer with a bit of food. A real shame. Certainly wasn't perfect before but this is going much potential....will go back in a few weeks to see how things are going..

4 Sep 2010 18:47

The Lord Nelson, Southwark

Superb well cooked food and great friendly service. Forget the looks of the place it's great..nice to have table service for drinks as well.

4 Sep 2010 18:39

The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

Freehold now up for sale, potential for other use...

9 Feb 2010 18:06

The Little Driver, Bow

Back in London today so though I would pop to the Little Driver.

Sadly the pub now appears to have closed down. There is a note in the window stating Closed due to a Pipe Burst and Flood, but from the look of the hanging baskets etc the pub may well have been closed for a while. Such a shame as this has to be a prime site for a proper pub with good sized garden in Bow.

28 Jan 2010 17:14

The Little Driver, Bow

Lease has been sold to the pub; hope it stays a proper pub..who knows.

26 Oct 2009 19:07

The Ship Launch Inn, Ipswich

Freehold for sale by owners Punch

7 Oct 2009 18:22

The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich

Freehold for sale by owners Punch....

7 Oct 2009 18:21

The Grinning Rat, Ipswich

Lease up for sale

7 Oct 2009 18:20

The Blooming Fuchsia, Ipswich

Up for sale by owner Punch

7 Oct 2009 18:19

The Britannia, Borough

Just been sold to a property developer by Punch....for conversion.

14 Sep 2009 15:39

The Little Driver, Bow

Hey matchin, glad to see you like the pub....I think you will find the landlord is gay but runs a pub that is both straight and gay friendly...exactly what a decent pub should be......I hope to be up in London again soon to enjoy this delightful pub...Its a fantastic building so airy.

12 Sep 2009 20:08

The White Horse, Finningham

Closed but supposedly reopening soon

17 Aug 2009 21:14

The Cherry Tree, Debenham

Closed and Boarded Up

15 Aug 2009 18:45

The Little Driver, Bow

Back in yesterday and the pub is just as good as before. I think there have been a few changes in staff but mainly because the leaseholder appears to have taken back control rather than having a employing a manager. Same bar staff when I went in, same chef and a reasonable number of customers. Even one of the cats was still in the bar. Little bit pricey for a pint but thats because of Enterprise Inns high pricing. Wonder if it is still up for sale?

11 Jul 2009 08:47

The Little Driver, Bow

Shame about the comments from bowroaduk. This was a great pub with a lot of potential. Has it been sold on as I know it was up for sale.

18 Jun 2009 17:54

The Little Driver, Bow

A great friendly pub in Bow, Super staff and great food. They do a brilliant Sunday Roast. Good large garden and heated seating area, has. The pub also has two huge cats, which are well known, they sit on bar stools at the bar...

30 May 2009 13:24

The Globe, Moorgate

In the old days of Charringtons/Bass days the Keats Bar was a seperate pub, 2 next door to each other, can't remember the name though.

13 May 2009 18:41

The Market Trader, Aldgate

Closed at the moment with a notice in the door saying the owners solicitors had made a mistake with the Licence, and that when it reopens it will be known as the Bell...

5 May 2009 18:37

The King William IV, Hampstead

Whats happend to this place?? Popped in again today, appeared to be all new staff who didn't seem to even smile, well overpriced food, bit of a refurb but certainly nothing spectacular. Shame won't be going back in a hurry,

3 May 2009 08:46

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

In for another try, ok as usual...but the toilets have been refurbed!!!

16 Mar 2009 21:14

The King William IV, Hampstead

Currently closed for a refurb...

16 Mar 2009 21:12

Walkabout, Shaftesbury Avenue

Its up for sale....

10 Jan 2009 12:02

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

In again this weekend...ok service, quite expensive for the surroundings but then its the Pink Pound...Toilets vile, how on earththey get away with it.

22 Dec 2008 18:36

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Popped in again this Sat, has the mgt changed at Comptons? The atmosphere did not seem so good and all new staff...

22 Dec 2008 18:33

The King William IV, Hampstead

Up in London again this weekend, spent a good couple of hours here yesterday afternoon...great friendly service as always with more than enough choice of drinks on tap. Sadly though I heard that the pub has been sold and is changing hands in January...the last ever cabaret being held on 31 Jan. Sounds like its going straight?? Unconfirmed but I hope not as its an institution in Hampstead.

21 Dec 2008 09:29

The Black Horse, Upper Holloway

Closed and Boarded . Up for Sale for alternative uses

25 Nov 2008 19:43

The County Of Suffolk, Ipswich

Recently bought by Scottish & Newcastle Pub Enterprises and on the lease market at the moment.

27 Oct 2008 19:21

The Grouse and Claret, Belgravia

Another brewery closure after making more money from selling the lease for development rather than running a pub..scandalous especially from a small brewer.

19 Sep 2008 19:31

The Pembroke, West Brompton

Sold by M&B, to be closed down and turned into a straight venue, another piece of Londons history being shut. Amazing as it used to be a big money spinner in the days of Bass Charrington, along with a number of other gay venues no longer open in the former estate.

19 Sep 2008 17:50

The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

Closed. Admiral Taverns advertising the lease.

18 Sep 2008 18:57

The Retreat, Stowupland

Freehold for sale by GK

14 Sep 2008 19:05

The Masons, Ipswich

Freehold up for sale by GK

14 Sep 2008 18:55

The Market Trader, Aldgate

As an occassional visitor to London I always stay at the Travelodge round the corner from here, and always popped into the Trader for a pint or two and a bite to eat. I couldnt belive last week whats happened to the place, yet another good old boozer being turned into a gastro type place. If the city boys in the area want this sort of food they will go to one of the many restaurants. What a waste of a doubt the name will change sometime....

18 Aug 2008 21:41

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Nice atmosphere but pricey compared to Comptons...same as at Wellington.

18 Aug 2008 20:55

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

First visit since the refurb, have to say it looks a lot better but I was under the impression it was going to be a major refurb..just been mostly redecorated and the service bar rebuilt. Pricey but the same prices in the Admiral Duncan so I reckon this is the TCG (owners) making a mint out of the Pink pound...Comptons was 20p a pint less..

18 Aug 2008 20:53

The King William IV, Hampstead

In the area again almost a year since Ive been in the place; nice friendly atmosphere as I've always experienced in the past and suprisingly for London, the same cute brazilian barman from my last visit. Well mixed both in sexes, sexuality and example of how a cosmopolitan pub/bar should be.

18 Aug 2008 20:48

Gertie Brownes at the Coach and Horses, Hampstead

Now an Indian Restaurant.

18 Aug 2008 20:42

The Atlantic Bar and Grill, Soho


6 Oct 2007 20:01

The Red Lion, Soho

Doesnt appear to be much action in the redevelopment here, boarded up for months with a sign saying a new Be At One Bar but thats been up for months. Not the best location for it in my mind.

6 Oct 2007 19:58

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Went in for the first time one lunchtime this week. Nice unique style of pub over two sides of the lane. Female bar staff not that experienced but thats common these days.

6 Oct 2007 19:56

The Radius Club, Charing Cross Road

Now GAY Late Bar, after a few other incarnations.

6 Oct 2007 19:51

Bar Aquda, Covent Garden

Now a Burger joint; another M&B sell off.

6 Oct 2007 19:40

The Kemble's Head, Covent Garden

Closed, no longer a pub but a greek restaurant.Only has kep Kembles Head name as its a listed building and has history. Shame, used to work here in the late 80s, had a great time.

6 Oct 2007 19:27

The Hope and Anchor, Hammersmith

Ironic as until a few years back there were two late night gay pubs in Hammersmith. Always a shame they shut especially the Old Pennyfarthing..fond memories...

2 Oct 2007 18:59

The Mash Bar, Oxford Circus


29 Sep 2007 20:58

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

Been bought by Gordon Ramsey I believe.

6 Sep 2007 19:40

The Devonshire Arms, Chiswick

Definately been bought buy Gordon Ramsey...he is hoping to buy another 10 pubs this year according to the trade press.

6 Sep 2007 19:38

The King William IV, Hampstead

Gave the KW4 another visit yesterday afternoon. Whilst Im no lover of the internal decor the service was very friendly and efficient. The food was good, albheit slightly pricey, but this is Hampstead. Its certainly very cosmopolitan and all the staff were definately gay.
One very cute young brazilian barman was very friendly, didnt get his name, but loved him calling his boss and regular customers "darling" reglarly. Made to feel very welcome; will return again when back up that way, maybe evenings are different to daytimes.
Maybe the supposed Gay Comunity should support the pub and be welcoming to anyone who uses the KW4. Its not exactly a secret that its a gay place afterall.The one thing obviously that does go against it is the lack of late night hours but thats the local licencing authority for you.

3 Sep 2007 13:43

The Pitcher and Piano, Soho


8 Aug 2007 20:33

Soma, Stepney

Closed, boarded up and for sale.

1 Aug 2007 22:04

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

Went in again this weekend; the place was the cleanest I had seen it for many moons. Always get relatively friendly service for the west end. Apparently it is closing in late September for a major refit.

31 Jul 2007 20:15

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Not so keen on Comptons these days, popped in again over the weekend; has been a massive change of bar staff for the better I would say, but certainly doesn't have the charm that it used to..used to be really friendly but now very much just like many other west end pubs. Makes me laugh how there are posters in the pub saying they are now charging st8 prices, not rip off gay they mean we were being ripped off before?

31 Jul 2007 20:13

The Carlisle Arms, Soho

Re-opened much as before..

31 Jul 2007 20:09

The Rose and Crown, Ipswich

Well this pub had definately been redecorated/resigned outside when I drove by about a month ago, contrary to other posts on this site.

4 Jul 2007 22:17

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

Hey nice to see a posting from the manager. I hope Westminster let you do the refurb, mind you it must be something radical to be rejected so many times and at that cost. Hope it wont just become another so called trendy bar, thats what is nice about the place, a down to earth friendly pub. I for one have always found the staff very friendly and efficient, the place is just let down by the lack of investment by previous owner..S&N then Spirit...

4 Apr 2007 20:16

The King William IV, Hampstead

Absolutely dreadful refurb of this once great pub, what have the designers done, awful colours inside, not inkeeping at all with the building. Very strange atmosphere. Have the Faucet Inn company sold it?

10 Mar 2007 20:28

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Seems to have lost any sense of direction, certainly very quiet these days...owned by TCG, think its run by the same team as the Wellington...

9 Mar 2007 20:39

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

When oh when are TCG (the owners) going to spend some money on this pub. Its crying out for a clean and refit. Popular pub, just an ordinary gay pub that caters for everyone. Great staff and service, most here now are from Comptons... Just let down by the lack of cleanliness and grotty loos..

9 Mar 2007 20:36

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Whats happening at Comptons?? The majority of the excellant/regular bar staff have all left and reappeared at the Duke of Wellington/Admiral Duncan/Gay and Comptons are advertising for staff all the time...same manager though he has been there for years, maybe getting stale as hardly ever seen behind bar...

9 Mar 2007 20:27

The Polar Bear, Leicester Square

The new location for KU BAR. Great atmosphere and gorgeous bar staff....heaving at the weekends so far. Free admissiom to 3am downstairs...

9 Mar 2007 20:24

The Ku Bar, Charing Cross Road

The new Ku Bar (on site of former Polar Bear PH) was heaving last weekend. Sat night it was 1 in 1 out only. Got small selection of Draught on tap, downstairs open till 3am free admission. Kewl bar, certainly giving some new style to the west end bar scene. Bit overpriced (Fosters at 3 a pint) but great atmosphere. Wonderfully attractive bar staff and glass collectors too....

9 Mar 2007 20:21

The Marquis of Granby, Covent Garden

Available for a crazy leasehold rental price. The landlords say they don't want it as a pub but maybe restaurant or individual bar. Building works going to take place to enlarge it. i bet the upstairs will be converted into flats as these floors dont appear on the particulars of sale.

8 Jan 2007 22:20

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

The Old Intrepid is up for lease again but only the ground floor and cellar. I think upstairs will be the flat developments.

8 Jan 2007 22:11

The Polar Bear, Leicester Square

With the rent thats being asked for the Polar Bear, Im not suprised M&B didnt renew the lease, crazy rent.

8 Jan 2007 22:00

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Popped in again yesterday to see if things had changed from my visit last month. Alas no, still very poor service by what it looked like an overworked/stressed young manager..awful. Shame as its gone downhill rapidly. It shows too, nearby Comptons and Duke of Wellington were heaving..but the Duncan was relatively quiet. Been newly painted in awful black paint as well - what is it with so many central pubs all going black pain outside?

1 May 2006 18:13

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

Must be the friendliest gay pub in Soho. Everyone welcome - Reminds me of Comptons in the old days when the pub was popular for everyone. Last night (Sun) the Welly was heaving, plenty of bar staff who were friendly and gave good service too - nice looking too if thas your thing!Well worth a visit.

1 May 2006 18:05

Comptons Of Soho, Soho

Been using Comptons on and off for almost 18 years. Busy place but relatively good service with enough staff who generally offer good service. Very busy especially at weekend. Cant understand why they have not got a later licence now, still closing at 11pm on Saturday nights, which is crazy in my opinion.

2 Apr 2006 20:26

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Whats happened to this once great soho pub. Gone downhillrapidly. Young manager doesnt seem to have much idea of customer service or on running pub, on Sat night only two staff working plus mgr,loads glasses everywhere, full ash trays etc. Not that busy, but no suprise as across the road Comptons was heaving. Shame RIP Cinders.

2 Apr 2006 20:19

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