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Comments by Cliffwalker

The Rockstone, Southampton

This place has now reopened as The Rockstone

24 Feb 2012 13:19

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

The proprietors have a terrific business here; I've visited four times in the past three years. It has a great location and attractive premises and it has always been busy day and evening (I've not been later than 9pm) but I can't believe it's with regular customers.

The food is expensive and not even good pub quality although pretentiously described and presented. The service is unacceptably slow. Fortunately, I don't drink a lot so the beer price is not a deterrent to me but for bigger drinkers it can be an expensive night out.

30 Dec 2011 13:17

The Avenue, Southampton

There is a small selection of real ale, well kept, as well as the usual lagers, etc. The quirky layout makes for an interesting visit. An attraction for some (but not for me) is the loud juke box.
Seems to be popular with students during term time.

30 Dec 2011 12:28

The Bent Brief, Southampton

I like this pub for the music - there's nowhere else I know where you can hear real quality performers (and, to be fair, occasionally, some rubbish) for the price of a drink.
On the minus side, it's in dire need of a good clean up.

30 Dec 2011 12:10

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Wide selection of ales, welcoming bar staff, friendly natives.

20 Apr 2011 19:22

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