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Comments by Chris1976

Grand Central, Old Street

This pub has been reopened as Favela Chic.

12 Nov 2008 22:56

The Arena Tavern, Letchworth

Can anyone confirm whether the Tavern will be knocked down to make way for the improvements? My understanding was that the improvements were going to centre around 'The Wynd' area of the town centre, which would leave the pub untouched.

14 Dec 2007 18:18

The Wishing Well, New Barnet

I was wrong about it reopening, it seems builders who are doing work behind the pub are using it as a sort of base of operations.

13 Dec 2007 19:52

The Wishing Well, New Barnet

Recently the boards have been removed from the windows so may soon be reopening.

12 May 2007 04:46

Railway Bell, New Barnet

Still getting over the fact that I could buy a pint and a glass of wine for about £4!

12 May 2007 04:44

The Builders Arms, New Barnet

Having just moved into the area I decided to try this pub out with my finance, as it looked like a really nice country pub from the outside. However looks flattered to deceive, as soon as we stepped into the bar area (on the left side) about half a dozen old men locals gorped at us. I then ordered a few drinks and we made our way into the beer garden only to then have to listen to a group of chavs (male and female) talking about if they'd shag a pussy full of puss or a rotton knob, while one of them punched his pitbul every now and then. Nice!

12 May 2007 04:08

The Maynard Arms, Crouch End

This pub has undergone some major changes since its refurbishment and thankfully itís for the better.

This pub is huge its great for watching the World Cup games on the Plasma screens, during Englandís games they have a large projector screen they wheel out, even better!

The beer garden is really nice for sitting in during the hot summer and it even has an aviary for some strange reason.

Which brings me onto the restaurant area, at first they had a very expensive menu that wasn't drawing any people in, but now itís been redone with cheaper food and lots of bar snacks.

They've also started doing Jazz music on Sunday nights, this isn't going to be to everyoneís taste, and I had to stop myself from asking the Jazz band to stop playing when they asked if anyone had any requests. Well I was trying to watch the football!

This place for me is the best place to drink in Crouch End at the moment, plus I saw Sean Hughes in there the other week, watching Germany vs Poland, so that seals it for me.

Now if they'd just get some rock or indie bands in it'd be sorted.

22 Jun 2006 07:56

Ice, Crouch End

This place has been renamed The Star Bar, apart from that it looks exactly the same.

17 Feb 2006 21:30

La Concha Wine Bar, Letchworth Garden City

Letchworths latest drinking hole is a wine bar come restaurant. Haven't tried it yet, so can't comment any more.

1 Feb 2006 22:34

The Fox Inn, Willian

The Fox public house at Willian is under new ownership. The bar has been transformed into a smart, friendly drinking area and the dining area is being designed and refurbished into a 65 seat restaurant.

Listed in CAMRA.

30 Jan 2006 21:23

Mollie Malone's, Crouch End

Not sure if this pub is in Crouch End or Hornsey. It has a pool table, large screen for sport. Plus also live music.

22 Jan 2006 05:59

The Wilbury, Letchworth

This pub has alot of Discos,pub quizs and other activities. Its fairly big and has a childrens play area. Last time I went there was New Years Eve probably close to six years ago so I don't really know what its like now. However at the time it wasn't that great.

22 Jan 2006 05:10

The Queens Hotel, Crouch End

Went in there last week. It was full of the dregs of society. I thought the idea of increasing the prices of drinks and turning it into a bistro was to get rid of these undesirables, but their still all there.

Except now you get the privledge of paying £3 a pint while stood next to someone who smells of his own piss.

15 Dec 2005 20:07

The Maynard Arms, Crouch End

Like the Queens this pub is also closed for refurbishment. Hopefully it will inject some life back into it.

11 Nov 2005 18:37

The Queens Hotel, Crouch End

This pub is now closed for refurbishment, so maybe its going to get better...

11 Nov 2005 18:36

Bar Rocca, Crouch End

So is anyone going to write a comment about this or the Ice bar? Or are people to embarrassed to admit they drink in either of these chav hell holes.

11 Apr 2005 08:46

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