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Comments by Captain_Carwash

Latymers, Hammersmith

Interesting pub. It's another Fuller's offering and they tend to be good. It's got one main pub room then another room for the restaurant which other posters have mentioned.

There are plasmas for football etc, they can show different channels on them but only have sound for one obviously.

Onto the important points, the drink is good, and not that expensive for the area, but also not cheap. The drinkers seemed to be a mix of locals and office workers.

The pub's nothing out of this world but it's not bad and good for sport.

18 Nov 2009 15:12

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

This is a top notch Fuller's pub. As you enter there's space on the left and right, and the pub extends a long way in front of you. At the end of it is a brilliant garden which is like a slice of the countryside in west London and has heaters for the winter at the end of it nearer the building itself too.

The decoration is as described by the last posters. The drink is on the expensive side but yet reasonable for the affluent area. I had a steak and my friend had a burger, these were both very good and with change from 10 good value again considering the area, and it came quickly.

The customers as CityGent said below are pretty well to do professionals, groups of posh youngsters and couples. It's a good mix and the atmosphere's nice. The service is efficient and friendly.

Taking all this into account as well as adding on being in pleasant Brook Green, this is a pub to recommend.

17 Nov 2009 21:22

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

Shame about the miserable large barmaid who should be on suicide watch

17 Apr 2009 10:43

The Dartmouth Castle, Hammersmith

Having last visited the Darthmouth Castle nearly three years ago and pre-revamp, I was very disappointed upon my recent return to see what had been done to it. I couldn't fault the staff, but the choice of beer was poor, and the modernisation painful to see. What a shame as it did used to be a nice pub.

18 Aug 2007 17:46

The Salutation, Hammersmith

The Salutation is an excellent pub, which has pretty much everything a pub should have to offer. It's got a traditional feel, the service is of top quality and the beer is very good. The food isn't particularly cheap but considering the quantity and quality the prices aren't extortionate. I add my hope to that of the previous commenter that this pub stays as it is, thankfully it's always seemed busy on my visits, particularly at lunch times, evenings and weekends, so logic, coupled with the fact that Fullers seem to be keener than most to keep their pubs 'proper' suggests it won't be changing.

18 Aug 2007 17:44

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

It's alright by the standard of Wetherspoons (which isn't saying a lot admittedly), during the day at least, but it's still not that good considering you can walk a little bit more and go to a 'proper' pub. The place still feels quite soul-less even if slightly less so than many other Wetherspoons pubs, yes it is very cheap but personally I'd rather pay a bit more for my beer and go to a 'real' pub like The Salutation, The Andover Arms or The Hope and Anchor, all quite close by.

16 Nov 2006 12:25

The Shakespeare, Victoria

It doesn't need another review for people to get the idea about this pub but it is poor. I'd even rather wait for my train at the Wetherspoon's in the station, at least you don't expect a pub in a train station to be any good.

16 Nov 2006 00:18

The William Morris, Hammersmith

I said a while ago I thought this was one of the better pubs in the area.

It isn't.

16 Nov 2006 00:15

The Salutation, Hammersmith

An excellent pub. The beer is always high quality and the atmosphere pleasant. It's definitely the best pub in Hammersmith and maintains the feel of a traditional boozer. It has a big screen for the football and I've always found the service to be very good. Might be an idea to get there reasonably early if you intend to watch a big game and want a seat as it can get crowded. Despite all it's good points the music can be a bit suspect at times! Still, a top class pub.

16 Nov 2006 00:05

The Adelphi, Leeds

Good proper pub, which seem to be fast disappearing in cities these days. I spend most of my time in either Leeds or London and this is one of the best pubs in either.

18 Apr 2005 11:15

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Surprisingly enough I think this is one of the better pubs in the area but still not worth going out of your way for.

18 Apr 2005 11:13

The George, Hammersmith

Everyone's said it but I thought I'd add, I was there on Saturday afternoon. The beer is rubbish and the pub is a dump (though not as bad as the pubs down in White City).

18 Apr 2005 11:13

The Trout, Hammersmith

There is no excuse for going here, went here for one pint while waiting for someone at Hammersmith on Saturday and couldn't get out quickly enough, maybe it's not the fault of the pub but drinking in a station is very depressing.

18 Apr 2005 11:11

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

Great pub with friendly staff. I can't comment on the food as I've never tried it bu the helpings are certainly big. I don't drink Guiness but my mate said they do the best pints of Guiness he's had in London here.

18 Apr 2005 11:09

The Red Lion, Barnes

This place isn't up to much but then again if anyone can tell me one place in Barnes which is actually worth going to I'd be surprised

18 Apr 2005 11:05

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon


18 Apr 2005 11:00

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