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Bar 38, York

Now a vodka revolution.

Vodka range is absolutely huge and theres a cocktail list with all the favourites plus a few specials. Nice outdoor terrace with great views over the river. Food is served at lunchtime, burgers, steaks, sandwiches etc...

Evenings it transforms into a bar/club atmosphere with a DJ playing chart/indie music.

Toilets are often filthy, stench of vomit is overpowering some nights too.

27 Feb 2009 23:53

Dusk, York

Popular bar in the middle of town with a late license. Usually full of students!
Theres often a DJ or live music on at weekends, tends to be a bit left-field though
More a cocktail bar than a beer drinkers' bar, although there were offers on bottles of stella. Food available during the day.

The main downside is cleanliness. The gents are filthy, broken locks on the doors, broken windows and graffiti. Tables and Bar surface don't seem to get cleaned that often either.

27 Feb 2009 23:39

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

Good place for sports. Food wasn't bad either, although there wasn't any cask ale, perhaps yard of extra smooth would be a more appropriate pub name! Although i've not been in for a while so havn't seen whether or not the rumours of cask coming to the yard are true.

The decor and atmosphere (it's underground!) won't suit everyone but I found it fairly comfortable. Convenient for New St. Station.

20 Feb 2009 04:53

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Rather good for a spoons. Lots of choice, good opening hours and clean and modern.

20 Feb 2009 04:49

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Very nice pub. Had a pint of GK IPA and a sandwich and both were excellent.

Lots of students combined with a few families and a few locals, friendly staff, outside drinking area perfect for a summer afternoon!

Slightly difficult to find, but well worth tracking down!

20 Feb 2009 04:46

The Artful Dodger, York

On the plus side, there's a decent choice of drinks (york brewery ales, good selection of bottled and draught lagers, alco-pops and a very good range of spirits) and opening hours are good. There was a poster advertising the super bowl, so must have stayed open til 3 at least!

Unfortunately the barman was unfriendly and intrusive. Didn't feel welcome in this bar at all. (I got the impression I was expected to purchase huge amounts of alcohol, as opposed to enjoying a pint slowly).

Despite being pretty much empty, the music was still very loud (heavy metal). Not quite sure what this bar is trying to be, a decent cocktail bar, a warm-up for the nearby clubs, or an 'alternative' establishment like cert18.

Probably the only place on micklegate that'll still serve you at 2am apart from the clubs though.

20 Feb 2009 04:42

The Marne Inn, Thorley

GK pub in Thorley well-known in the area for it's live bands and bank holiday rock festivals.

IPA, Speckled hen available plus the standard lagers.

Busiest periods are definately friday and saturday nights, when live bands play, usually classic rock covers bands who are pretty decent. Local feel to the place at most other times.

Easy to get to as it's in the Thorley Neighbourhood Centre (sainsburys) with a large free car park. Also on bus route 308 from stortford or bishops park. 333 bus from harlow or stansted airport stops about 5 mins walk away.

12 Jan 2009 16:32

The Harvest Moon, Thorley

Large, popular Greene King pub on the Thorley estate.

Serves the usual pub food, most meals under £10, don't expect high quality though. 2 meals for £8 before 8pm is probably the best deal they do. Waiting times for food may be quite long at peak periods.


Greene King IPA, Abbot Ale and Belhaven best are the bitters. Kronenburg and Fosters lager on sale too. Usual selection of spirits and softs. Strongbow, magners and kopparberg are the ciders.

Beer well-kept and well priced for the area at £2.40 a pint of IPA. Ale has been known to run out before, due to the volume of customers but this is very rare. Possibly the cheapest pub in the Stortford area, the Marne down the road might lay claim to this title too!

== Atmosphere ==

The Harvest moon is an old building with exposed beams, yet manages to get the old/modern balance just about right. Carpets and a modern floor by the bar compliment the historic features well.

This pub gets very busy in the summer, both daytime and evening. Clientèle are a mixed bunch, older people and families in the day, and often younger people from the local area at night. Staff are friendly and talkative.

No separate rooms but the pub is split up into different areas, with bar stools and a TV to the right, leather sofas near the main entrance and larger tables for eating to the right.

Clean and tidy appearance throughout. This pub is looked after well.

==Other Notes ==
Heated smoking courtyard to the rear.
Large car park to the front.
Opens at 12 midday, closes disappointingly at 11pm (somewhat limited by the residences surrounding the pub)

12 Jan 2009 16:23

Fromebridge Mill, Whitminster

Large converted building, mostly caters for families and groups. Good quality traditional food, carvery on sundays. Worth the drive.

16 Nov 2008 20:41

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

Greene King pub tucked away from the town centre. IPA and Speckled hen the regulars. Occasional Guest.

Old fashioned decor, has a certain nostalgic quality to the place.

Food served but I've never tried it. Small selection of books and games available. Beer garden, juke box (staff will turn up/down if requested), car park to the rear. Dartboard and darts for sale.

Never that busy, and it's supposedly closing down soon. Shame to see Stortford lose another pub.

9 Oct 2008 19:52

The Tanners Arms, Bishops Stortford

Large pub, tied to McMullen's Hertfordshire brewery, so several local ales available, often cheaper than most other town centre pubs too. Selection of bottled and draught lagers and ciders.

Seperate bar and lounge plus a seperate pool and darts room. Small beer garden to the rear and to the side of the pub. Large car park (useful as the pub isn't particularly close to the town or residential areas).

Quiz night once a week. Friendly staff. Not usually too busy.

9 Oct 2008 19:48

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Good beer guide listed pub towards the north of the town centre.

Several drinking areas along with a seperated room at the rear of the pub used for live music. Often very busy on music nights.

Food is available from a Chinese restaurant nearby, the bar staff will order food for you and you can eat it in the pub. Nice touch.

Hobgoblin, Deuchars regularly available plus a variety of guests. Old rosie cider available too.

9 Oct 2008 19:42

The Star, Bishops Stortford

Large pub with several drinking areas, pool room, fruit machines, decent yet old fashioned decor and quick service. It's never been that busy when I've been in. Prices fairly high.

9 Oct 2008 17:07

The Black Lion, Bishop's Stortford

Town centre pub occupying a period building, but with loud music and bouncers on the door. Courtyard smoking area with speakers and big screens. Can get busy at weekends. Crowd mainly under 30s, although an over 21s policy is in place on the door most nights.

9 Oct 2008 17:03

The Round Table, Leicester Square

Decent comfortable pub ideal for pre-theatre drinks. Has upstairs dining area, the food's not bad and prices are reasonable.
London Pride and GK IPA were the ales when I visited.

Can get busy but service was quick and you can take drinks out to the front of the pub where there is outdoor seating.

9 Oct 2008 16:56

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